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  1. TikiSooWhat is the title of the Shelley Winters book? I looked on Amazon and there were two different ones. I feel like I'm in a minority here but I really love Shelley and would enjoy reading her autobiography. She was great in A place in the Sun and Lolita. My favorite is A Patch of Blue. She commented on her role of Rosanne in it and she despised the bigoted character but she won an Academy award for it. ( I think- sorry I get the different awards mixed up.)
  2. So it was definitely worth it then? For you and your girlfriend? Don't you just love Mr. Winn and Mr. Kidd? Oh and the Mach I (I think)?
  3. Awww so adorable. I love those Clydesdale horses. Thank you for posting this.
  4. Here in the Susquehanna Valley in Pennsylvania it is bitterly cold with 15-25 mph sustained wind gusts. Up to 45 mph gusts. Temperatures down to 4° tonight. Wind chills 10-20 below zero. Frostbite to exposed skin in 30 minutes. Winter storm Sunday expected to bring 4-8" more snow. I really like snow but right now I'd rather be in Florida or California.
  5. Beautiful sign. The car isn't too shabby either.???? A restored Pontiac?
  6. I take it you are a big John Wayne fan. I used to get the magazine Horse and Rider years ago, as I am a big fan of horses. This one issue had an article about Yakima Canutt. He was a stuntman who met Wayne while doubling for him in The Shadow of the Eagle. He taught Wayne how to fall off a horse. He respected Wayne's willingness to learn and attempt his own stunts. According to Wikipedia, "Much of Wayne's on-screen persona was from Canutt. The characterizations associated with Wayne-the drawling speech and the hip-rolling walk were pure Canutt. A quote from Wayne "I spent weeks studying the wa
  7. Wal-Mart not only puts pressure on suppliers, in many cases they actually tell the company the price they will pay for a product. It is especially heinous when they know they are a large percentage of the factories business. They have them over a barrel and they know it.
  8. Don't feel bad, I was so thrilled when I found the movie in April's schedule...and then I write down the wrong date.Oh I love Bette Davis too. I like Eleanor Parker and Laurence Harvey, although those versions are not as good I take it. It's hard to top Bette.
  9. See now, your Mom had it right. Referring to the one that didn't work etc... as "he" and the one that she favored as "she".
  10. I have not hidden the fact that I am a female although I am a fairly new member. That being said, I can't say I remember much about the 70's feminist movement. I was too busy riding my "miss buzz bee" with a banana seat bicycle. I vaguely remember the "no-bra" thing though I have to say I'm sure it didn't upset most guys.☺ When my husband and I are particularly fond of a certain vehicle or lawn tractor we both tend to call them "she". The cars we loved were the ones that didn't break down, ran good, looked good and sometimes seemed to fix themselves. They didn't require much and always got us
  11. Oops. Sorry about that. I even had it wrote down. Oh brother. Thanks Andy. I never knew about the later versions. In your opinion, how do they rate compared to the original?
  12. Oh SansFin, what a treasure you are as well as My Fair Lady. ????
  13. Hope all goes well for you. It sounded like Long Island was going to be hit hard with wind. Hope you keep power. Keep posting.
  14. Kid_Dabb Are you sure you don't miss driving in the snow? Sounds like you had a grand time. I feel so bad for you having to brave out the almost 70° temps. ????I am☺I am thankful we are not in the blizzard path.
  15. Snow has started falling here in central Pa. Approx. 3-6" No blizzard warning although my noaa app states " an explosive secondary coastal storm will develop later monday and could bring moderate to heavy snow." Best to you up there in NYC. Have a great dinner tomorrow.
  16. I hear they are a very painful bite. I am thankful we have no fire ants here in Pa. The copperheads are bad enough. There are a lot of shale veins here and they tend to blend in with the color of the shale.
  17. Near our home there are a few hives that someone has. They are set up in a vacant field and these honeybees were behaving very strange. We have a pond and an above ground pool. These bees went to the pool and drowned. Almost anywhere there was water. In our neighbors pool also. They were slightly aggressive but didn't seem to know what they were doing. For the last approximately 20 years there's been no ringed-neck pheasants here anymore. We use to always hear them in the cornfields but no more. It's very sad to see the wildlife dwindling. There are people who will not eat any fish out of
  18. It's nice I'm not the only one who has a liking for the older, well-made items. I too have a can opener that my mom had as long as I can remember. It's a swing-a-way. I love it. I look for the older things and people think I want to display it because it's "vintage." We use everything we find. I love to find clothing. It's always better made and lasts. Plus it always has a made in USA label. So many people think "ewww-how can you wear used clothes?" I don't mind a bit. I know they will last longer and I paid a fraction of what it would cost new. We needed a coffee pot and wal-mart did not h
  19. So true! Another good one hamradio. These are so funny. Thank you.
  20. There was no way to resist. It was perfection and quite nice too. We have many mockingbirds in the summer and Atticus is right. They sing many beautiful melodies.
  21. [q.uote name=Kid_Dabb" post="1057705" timestamp="1422042612] Why Men Don't Listen to Women He really isn't listening to you! But you won't believe the reason why. When men and women speak, the human brain processes the sounds of those voices differently, Britain's Mirror and Agence France Presse report of a new study from the U.K.'s University of Sheffield. While most of us actually hear female voices more clearly, men's brains hear women's voices first as music. But it's not music. It's someone giving them a honey-do list. So the brain goes into overdrive trying to analyze w
  22. Oh SansFin, you make my day. It's good to laugh and smile. I always do when I see the images you post.I think I must get a pendant such as yours.
  23. Good one SansFin. Never saw anything more true. Speaking from my household, that is. I am sending this to my husband. We joke about this kind of thing all the time. Thank you again.
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