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  1. So what movie is that clip from? Looks like it took place in the 80's. John Cusack was very young. Geez all the kid wanted was his $2.00!
  2. When I was young and dumb a friend and I went into a pasture and sat on a Belgian Shire. Huge hooves on it but luckily was as gentle as a kitten. It was the pony that bucked me off! I had a Tennessee Walker when I was 16 and because of my stupidity she was hit by car. So in my case George Carlin was right about pets and tragedy especially when they have moron owners like I was then.
  3. You crack me up whenever I read that you are posting with your phone. I know exactly what your going through. I've been having to post on my phone as well. My computer cord has a short and can't seem to sign in on my tablet. I think my very first post I had to back and correct the word read. I had it as red. I was embarrassed because I'm not a bad speller. Just missed it. Oh wellAs for the Bon Ami mum's the word.
  4. So true. To me and fellow animal lovers it's worth it. Wasn't Carlin great?
  5. Thank you, LornaHansonForbes. So I had to google Robert Walker Sr. and oh my gosh you are absolutely right. He looks so much like his father who I can now place as "Bruno" the stranger on the train. Right? At first glance I thought Robert Jr. resembled Jim Hutton. I haven't seen Murder She Wrote in years. My Mom loved that show. Good one about the Bon Ami!
  6. Thank you markfp2. If you notice when it comes out on the schedule again would you please let me know?
  7. I couldn't place Robert Walker Jr. So I googled him and yes I can remember that he was a "hippie" in Easy Rider and he also was in See here, Private Hargrove. Correct?
  8. I second that.I had the dvr all set to record it. It looked like an interesting story.
  9. For me I would say Imitation of Life 1951. The ending when she realizes how she treated her Mother and now it's too late. That gets me every time.
  10. How about Elizabeth Hartman in A Patch of Blue? I read where Woody Allen was interested in having her in one of his films.
  11. Wow to be around all those wonderful books. I would have wanted to take so many home..but to keep.5 years ago I said "I don't need no stinkin' computer...and today lo and behold I have a computer, tablet and a cell phone. ????
  12. Cigar joe,I would have to say YES a "big, black fright wig". Maybe not so fright but looks like a wig to me. Thanks. Still would like to see it and I don't think it's out on dvd.
  13. Sounds like a great book to read. I really enjoy autobiographies. I find it hard to believe he did what he was accused of. So the jury felt the same way. Good luck with the house hunting.
  14. Sometimes I only have time for short stories. Have you ever read A Passage to India by E.M.Forster? I love the movie. I saw it first back in the 1980's. I finished for the second time Angela's Ashes by Frank McCourt. Very good. Heartbreaking as well as funny. He has a very different style of writing.
  15. Bette Davis is my favorite actress as well. I enjoy her in everything I have seen. I believe TCM has shown this in the past. I saw the beginning "what a dump" line,although hers in comparison with E.Taylor's was mild. I don't remember the "big, black fright wig" or the story line but would love to see it too. I was never able to see the ending in The Little Foxes. My disc skips. There are so many movies she was in that I'm not aware of many. I believe there's one coming up Cabin In The Cotton. What, if possible is your favorite?
  16. Thank you paroland. Sounds good. Like primos said hopefully we will be granted this movie.
  17. Primosprimos, Since I believe you like Warren William...???? have you seen Satan Met a Lady? If so,Was it good?
  18. Jamesjazzguitar Have you ever watched Beyond the Forest? Is it as bad as the reviews I've read? I would like to see it and Satan Met A Lady. Sorry I am new at this..
  19. Would anyone be able to tell me please who the person is in a picture tacked on George and Martha's closet door in their bedroom? When Martha says "phrase maker"that is when you can see it best. I'm sure I saw this picture before and it's been bugging me because I cannot remember.
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