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  1. Germany has been way ahead of us. In the early 80's they were already recycling all garbage/glass/paper.

    There is a village called Wildpoldsried that produces 321% more energy than they require. They use solar, biogas digesters, 7 windmills and hydro power plants. Germany doesn't see the sun daily and they've been using solar for years. They've dismantled all nuclear facilities.


    Thanks Ham for finding the photos of Centralia. Like Tiki said the winter is the most strange and eerie time with the steam pockets.


    I haven't read up on the keystone pipeline. I am told by family living in Nebraska that the ranchers are concerned because they rely on the aquifer and if it got contaminated in any way, their livelihood would be gone.

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  2. Fossil fuels are DIRTY, always have been and always will be. Extracting it from the earth, then transporting it and then burning it poisons the planet. The oil and coal barons put their own greed for wealth above the best interests of the general public. We have fought wars because of oil being in our "national interest" . In my "great" state of Pennsylvania we are still dealing with the scars of several centuries of mining coal. Yeah, it provided jobs, but at what cost to the public health and the long term damage to the environment? Clean, renewable energy development will provide good jobs too, it just won't put more dough in the Koch brothers' pockets. What about that little explosion in Texas City years ago? Right now "fracking" is the latest solution. Many people in my state where they are fracking are unable to get clean, potable drinking water . This crap is contaminating the ground water , getting into the streams and rivers. Most of Pennsylvania drains into the Chesapeake Bay, wait until that starts showing up down there. Jake, I wish you and yours good health living down there surrounded by the energy and chemical industries. I would never want to live and raise a family in such a place. And finally, I am really sick of hearing about the "great" state of Texas. I have traveled through a couple of times, it ain't any better than a lot of other places I've been. And the recent track record of the people electing some of the lamest politicians to represent them isn't anything to brag about.

    Hi mrroberts,

    Since you are a fellow Pennsylvanian, I was curious if you've ever heard of the Centralia mine fire? It started in 1962. A coal fire that has been burning at depths of 300ft over an 8 mile stretch of 3,700 acres. It's expected to burn for the next 250 years. As of 2013 there were only 7 people remaining. Population in 1890 was 2,761. A small town but is now an eerie place. It's 2 counties over from me. At the heart of the fire, temps easily exceeded 1000 degrees. Lethal clouds of carbon monoxide come through the rock. There are several ideas as to how the fire started, nothing conclusive. If I knew how I would post photos of whats left.

    It is also said this county-Columbia was a hotbed of activities for The Molly Maguires, which is another fascinating Pa. story as well.

    In our town we have no fracking, although a factory builds new train cars for the gas. I'm told these guys only make half of what the previous welders did at the plant.

    I've also heard some of the gas companies shut down because they can't compete with the low oil price.

    Good paying jobs are necessary but not if it ruins our mountains and rivers, well waters. There must be better, cleaner ways to supply our energy needs and create good jobs. Or free energy for all, like Nikola Tesla was working on.

  3. I finished up first two seasons of the Poldark (1975) series, but I have to steam the floor this weekend, so it will be my 50s chick movie extravaganza.


    Speaking of 1950's culture icons-

    Have any of you seen the Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio? I liked it.



    I saw The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio twice and I liked it too. Very entertaining. Julianne Moore was wonderful. I admired the way her character stayed so positive throughout all their struggles. What a wonder she truly was. I can see why their daughter Terry wrote about her.
  4. Future nominees will be interesting and those from the past who deserve to be there will now probably never have a chance.



    Interesting article Jake, thanks. Time will tell I suppose. If they are true music lovers hopefully they won't forget the artists from the 50's and 60's that are still not in. Just saw where Rush, after all these years, finally got on the cover of Rolling Stone.
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  5. My favorite is the shoes. Crawford and Davis always wore gorgeous shoes usually with a nice heel (not spikes or the skinny ankle benders). They had high straps and were sexy. Plus they could actually walk in them. The soles bent with the foot. No thick wedge soles. The first time I noticed the shoes was in Mildred Pierce, when she's sitting on the ladder.

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  6. I've just posted in another forum that today is Paul McCartney's 73rd birthday. AND that in spite of him being ONE YEAR OLDER than Keith Richards, he still looks 20 years YOUNGER! :D




    I think it's possible he would be dead today if not for the blood transfusions in Switzerland. They are touring this summer so I'm impressed.
  7. tracey, thanks for posting this. I haven't been to a theater in years but I would like to see this. Since I don't watch normal tv anymore, I had no idea they were making a movie about Dalton Trumbo. I agree with you, it is a story that needs told.

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  8. Believe it or not, I didn't even see Tikisoo's remark about your wife looking like Woodward, when I made my judgment. The two judgments were totally independent, so it MUST be true.

    When I first saw the picture I immediately thought Joanne Woodward as well, prior to yours and Tiki's post. Very pretty lady and Dargo's not too bad either. Very nice looking couple.☺
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  9. Thanks mockingbird!


    Your 'sunshine' statement made me think of a song from one of my favorite shows of all time...


    "I think I'll go for a walk outside now, the summer sun is callin' my name...everybody's smilin' Sunshine Day!"


    Sorry. I've been on a Brady Bunch OD recently. Yesterday, I found out that it takes 1 disc + 2 episodes of the show to paint the room in my basement where I'm going to store all my DVDs. Lol!

    I grew up with the Brady Bunch too. Every day after school I would watch re-runs. I'm sure I've seen each episode 10 times. Actually I have the first season and I still watch it from time to time. It's fun and nostalgic.

    Plus I'm sure it made painting your room a little more pleasant, enjoyable or just a bit easier. ☺

    I hope you had a great day!

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  10. A House Without a Christmas Tree, Jason Robards, Mildred Natwick, Lisa Lucas


    Maybe I'll Come Back in the Spring, Sally Field, David Carradine, Eleanor Parker


    Divorce His - Divorce Hers, Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, Carrie Nye


    The Girl Most LIkely To, Stockard Channing


    Do Not Fold, Spindle, or Mutilate, Helen Hayes, Myrna Loy, Mildred Natwick


    Sunstroke, Jane Seymour


    The Mermaid Chair, Kim Basinger


    Lace ("Which one of you bitches is my mother?"), Phoebe Cates, Brooke Adams, Arielle Dombasle, Bess Armstrong


    Wild Palms, Nick Mancuso, Angie Dickinson


    So many more I've forgotten. Great thread! Shouldn't there be a TV station to play such movies, or is there?

    I remember Lace. I actually liked it and it was fun trying to guess who her mother was.


    I wish Sally Field would have chosen Maybe I'll Come Back In The Spring for one of her picks.

    You mentioned many I forgot and would like to see again and for the first time.

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  11. Jenny Seagrove played the main character as a young woman while Kerr played her as the older version. I just looked at the cast list on IMDB and while there were some recognizable names. Barry Bostwick played the love interest and I noticed John Mills and Barry Morse appeared. Even Christopher Gable was in it. I remember watching back then and that I liked it.


    I go on a lot of cruises mainly Royal Caribbean and they have various TCM channels on their in cabin television. Last year I was on one that showed TCM Latin America and it showed a lot of old tv shows and very few classic movies. One of the things that was on during this cruise was the mini series Scruples starring Lindsey Wagner. Ooh, that was really bad!

    Thank you HelenBaby. I don't think I've seen Scruples or it was just not very memorable. I have the book although I haven't read that either.
  12. Oh, you missed the last 6 episodes of Man Men; well let me tell you how it ends,,,,


    NOT! I wouldn't do something like that. But I will say it was a great ride.

    Good one james, you got me. I almost wanted to kick some jazzguitar butt for one second there. ☺

    Can't wait until I see the final episodes. I just wanted it to go on and on forever.

  13. MM best show ever on tv- great finale. John Lithgow a favorite of mine. 3rd Rock was a very funny show. Haven't seen The World According To Garp on tv in a long time, watch out for it, such a good performance by Lithgow (actually the whole cast, excellent fim)

    I would like to see The World According To Garp. I really always thought of Lithgow as the guy from Terms of Endearment. Boy he really surprised me on 3rd Rock. Hilarious. I've definitely come to appreciate him more.
  14. Your post count appears under your avatar, even if you choose not to exhibit an avatar. The count also appears in your profile.


    In some cases, a poster's post count appears on his/her mirror, stationary, mailbox, and post-it notes stuck on appliances and furniture.

    Thanks. I found it. I had to click on full version and then my profile and yes quite embarrassing for me, I suppose.



  15. I still don't understand why posting a post count is important other than to gloat. Can a person see their own number of posts? I am sincere with that question since I use my phone and not a laptop. I would be mortified if someone were to mention my number of posts, views, likes etc...

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