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  1. Thank you misswonderly for the heads up about the new Brian Wilson movie. I usually form my own opinion about a movie. Yes, critics be damned. ☺
  2. Wow, haven't heard that in a long time. It's never played anymore. These guys are still touring. It's great. Have a great weekend.
  3. Swithin, I think your right, you definitely must be in the mood to watch it. Granted it is long and yes, watch it all through, if you can. The first time I saw it I thought it was just okay. I think every cast member did an outstanding job. Hepburn breaks my heart when she says to her husband "I tried so hard"(to overcome her morphine addiction.) They all have their own issues. I think it's an undervalued movie. Not everyone will like it but try to see it.
  4. Same here. Was hooked from the beginning. She was so wonderful and I would like to see her in something else. Sorry Nipkow, I do hope your movie is shown. There are at least two more that would like to see it.
  5. I know what you're saying. She reminded me of an innocent little girl and I felt sorry for her so much throughout the movie. She really stuck by him though. I've probably watched it 10 times. Guess you can tell it's a favorite.
  6. Holden I too really would love to see this movie. I've loved Shirley Booth ever since I saw Come Back Little Sheba. Wouldn't mind seeing About Mrs. Leslie as well.
  7. I saw him on YouTube with Buddy Rich, in a drum battle. He was a great drummer. No doubt about it. The energy they both had to drum like that is incredible. I love the big band music.
  8. As soon as I saw this photo I thought to myself I am so thankful my son is back home. Wish they were all home. This Memorial Day I will be at my dads grave. He was a WWII veteran and he would never discuss the war with me if I would ask. Have a great holiday weekend.
  9. One of my all time favorite songs. I just love it. A great band. They did not deserve the treatment they received.
  10. That is such a nice picture. Seeing they were together for 40 years is fantastic. I love that.
  11. I sure do remember the real MTV. It was one of the best things on TV and I was at the perfect age to love it. Video Killed the Radio Star. I watched it throughout the 80's. It was great to actually see so many groups whenever you felt like it. Now it's just idiotic, nor have I watched it in years. It's a little sad to see channels change. Obviously kids today have numerous other choices and many prefer "reality" shows. Hope that soon runs its course. I went off track there.
  12. He was wonderful in Almost Famous as editor of Creem magazine, Lester Bangs. It's my favorite. Based on a semi-autobiography of Cameron Crowe. Plus it has Frances McDormand and she is fantastic as the "overbearing mother" to William. Doubt was very good, as misswonderly said. Saw that for the first time on Tcm.
  13. You got me on those two. I guess I don't know as many Styx songs as I thought. I definitely never hear those on the radio here.
  14. Great song and great album. You know the "fued" between Young and Skynrd was, I think not a real fued. Many times Van Zant wore a Neil Young t-shirt. They both respected each other musically. Both incredibly gifted musicians.
  15. Great song misswonderly. Love it. I have it on my mp3 player and I never tire of it. Love the Kinks as well. I just heard Celluloid Heroes- live version from 1979. It's got a great intro. I can't figure out posting videos or I would. Haven't heard Who'll be the Next in Line for a long time. Thanks dark.
  16. The other day I was watching my vhs copy of the movie Mask with Eric Stoltz. It has a good soundtrack, although I saw the dvd release has the Springsteen soundtrack. Anyway during the movie there was a Steely Dan song I'd forgotten-"Dirty Work." It's nice to realize forgotten music.
  17. Now don't be superstitious. Lots of love for Stevie. Glad he's still around. ☺
  18. Beautiful German Shepherd. They are so intelligent. I had three of them. Loyal and brave. He is gorgeous.
  19. Maybe...but definitely no Captain Jack.
  20. My mom died in 1993, but if she were here today I would have made her a dinner. She would have preferred that, since there is no smoking in restaurants today. Every Sunday she made dinner and we all gathered at her home. I also would have went over to wash her hair. She loved that. It was easier for me to do it and she appreciated it. I also would have made sure she had a bouquet of Lilacs. Of all the flowers, they were her favorite. I would love to be able to do those small things for her. Whenever asked what she wanted, of course she said "nothing, save your money." To all Mothers, ha
  21. I clicked on it a while ago and wondered what it was really about. I found it to be pretty darn funny. Some of them made me laugh out loud. You all have a wonderful way with words and I see George in a new light. I also googled him in a bathing suit which definitely brought it to a new angle for me.
  22. I don't know many Loggin's and Messina songs. 3 to be exact. The radio only plays Your Momma Don't Dance. So Angry Eyes is new to me. I like when you find one I haven't heard. I do have to say, you could post anything from Creedence because in my eyes they are great.
  23. I think Feeling That Way/Anytime are the best Journey songs. Their earlier music was better. I like the vocals on Anytime.
  24. Just the other day I saw a few pictures of lakes in California which were so bad. Folsom, Shasta and Oroville. I couldn't believe how they were drying up.
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