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  1. Great bat story, Tom. I agree I would rather enjoy watching them outside. They come here every night, 2 or 3 of them. We have a lot of moths from a light near our pond. Many years ago we were riding our bikes past an old school house and a huge flock of bats were circling the chimney and a few would go in at a time. One or two would leave and come back with a few stragglers. This went on until they were all inside. It was quite a sight. They really are so beneficial. We walk around our property and they swoop down for bugs, sometimes a little too close for comfort. There's so much misinformat
  2. Haha. Is it possible that you are referring to, oh say, A Night at the Opera??Here's a jaw dropper for ya, I never seen any Marx Brothers movies. Not sure why. Saw Abbott and Costello, Three Stooges, Ma and Pa Kettle. When I was a kid our local tv station would run week long movies of them at 4pm. Next time they pop up on Tcm I will give it a whirl.
  3. Any movie with or about opera. It makes me grit my teeth until I want to scream. I can't listen to it more than a minute. A big thank you to speedracer, as I have become more of a musical fan. Mainly the dancing ones. Holiday Inn and Singing in the Rain, On the Town. Really like Gene Kelly.
  4. The Great Blue Herons are beautiful. They can stand still for long periods of time, patiently waiting to catch a fish. One comes to our pond every year, as well as a Green Heron. They have short legs. One thing I have noticed within the last 3-4 yrs is a huge number of seagulls at our Susquehanna River. This is unusual. We've never had them in our area. They even fly around and land in the wal mart parking lot. It is nice to see the wildlife. No Herons here yet. The bats are here at night. They are amazing creatures too. Right now it's too cold to go out and enjoy anything. 24° tonight. So
  5. Flea market. A couple years ago I found Abbey Road and Rubber Soul. They were 10. Apple label-not reissued. Also found their Yesterday and Today. I'm like a kid in a candy store when I come across great albums. Never find any Stones or Led Zeppelin though. BTO are great. I love Roll On Down The Highway. Such a great tune. Thanks.
  6. Severe thunderstorms and tornado watch with large hail until 10pm. In my life I don't remember so many tornado watch/warnings here in Pennsylvania.
  7. Totally agree. I have it on vinyl and play it now and then. Today I found the 3 record album of Woodstock for $5. The vinyl is beautiful.
  8. Absolutely it would be worth it, if I were looking for that particular genre of movies. Here are two movies listed on Amazon that I would like to have - Since You Went Away $74.15 new $27 for used. These are dvds. For Pete's Sake $44. Neither of those are on YouTube but for me those prices are insane. I recently viewed Tobacco Road and loved it. I couldn't find a dvd for it though.
  9. To everyone that posted movies, I appreciated having the chance to see the them. For me it is mainly because I will not purchase a movie I've never seen and it increases the chance of a purchase. The last one I viewed was My Cousin Rachel and I liked it. So thanks to all.
  10. My young tom, which of course, is a tiny fraction the size of this cat has a habit of wanting to lick my chin and then proceeds to bite. Not hard. Maybe it's a grooming thing. I don't know. I never encountered it with any other cat and definitely wouldn't want to with this one.
  11. Cats love to get into small spaces. We find them anywhere. On top of the greenhouse asleep, in an old baby buggy. The one had kittens under our old lawn tractor seat.
  12. Sad to hear this. I never knew he didn't receive royalties for his most famous song. That doesn't seem right at all. The articles about him and tribute was very nice. Yeah, I like his name too.
  13. I had practically forgotten this song. I don't hear it too often but when I do I never really listened to it. The song is beautiful.
  14. I never realized how handsome Charles Chaplin was. That was a very nice picture of him for his birthday tribute.
  15. Mr. Gorman, I have the exact same VHS tape you have and the "f*** off" is clear as a bell. Unfortunately, I missed Mirage. Forgot to set my dvr.
  16. Valleri is my favorite Monkees song. Definitely agree with you, they should have been inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame. It would have been nice to do before he died. I was incorrect about redoing the library. He bought a lovely old church and was in the process of turning it into a museum and for performing arts. He also had rescued 15 former racehorses. He kept a few of them in Beavertown. That just makes me like him all the more. His property is being sold to fund an equine memorial foundation his daughters founded-in his name. It will care for his 15 horses and provide equine th
  17. Davy Jones and his wife had a house about 30 miles from me in a very little town called Beavertown. He blended right in and many people I know met him. Just a regular guy. The last I knew, his wife put their home up for sale. If I remember correctly, before he died he was in the process of redoing the town library over. His death was such a shock to the community. As always, the music lives on. I am so glad for that. I'm sure i am not the only one that music brings happiness to.
  18. That is such a goofy looking statue. It looks half crazy up close. Who in their right mind thought that looked like Lucille Ball?
  19. He was in so many movies. I remember him in Thunderbolt and Lightfoot and Every Which Way But Loose. He was funny in that. I had no idea he was Juliette Lewis' father. It is always sad to see these people pass on. RIP Geoffrey Lewis.
  20. I just saw the Twilight Zone episode he was in not too long ago. I remember him the most as Roscoe P. Coltrane and I liked his character. He had a nice, pleasant face. Rest in Peace, James Best.
  21. I'm ashamed to say I don't know this one. I only know three of their songs. I did see them in concert back in the 80's and I can't remember it. Back then I thought they were country. Young and dumb I was. Hope you had a nice Easter.
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