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  1. I love the photos of London. The closest I got to see it was Heathrow Airport, for a stop over. I was 20 years old and new to flying and going through customs. So, I hesitated going through the line and the custom's agent looked at me, smiled and said in that lovely accent-"Ah, well, he who hesitates." Then he looked through my bag. But they were so pleasant and joking around that it made my experience better.
  2. Aww, that is cute. I wonder if he was that well trained or thought it was some sort of game. Yes, I hope too he gets a good home. Nice article GayDivorcee. Thank you.
  3. I probably should have clarified it a little better. What I meant to say was, whenever I heard "Turn Down Day", for some dumb reason Herman's Hermits always popped in my head. Maybe because I didn't know who the artist was. I appreciate all the info about these lesser known artists. I was born in 66 and always preferred music from the 60's and 70's. Still do.
  4. I heard on the radio the Stones are going to be in Pittsburgh this summer on tour. I have a hard time getting into U2. Don't know why. It's hard to list favorites, for me, but I narrowed it down to Stones, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Cream, Creedence, Boston, Neil Young and The Beatles. Yeah, I love the Who. Damn shame about Keith Moon. I can't even choose a favorite of theirs. I saw a documentary on Netflix called Beware of Mr. Baker, about Ginger, and Wow what a strange guy with a bad temper. But what a drummer and he loves his horses.
  5. My ex works as a correction officer in a federal prison and he said the staff showed this movie for the inmates.
  6. That is sad to hear. She was a very pretty lady. I didn't know about Ringo's wife Maureen, either. Rest in peace, dear Cynthia.
  7. 5" heavy wet snow today, from an Alberta clipper. Trees are sagging everywhere. Interstate 80 closed due to an accident. Saw a flock of geese flying right as storm was coming. No Spring yet, for Pa. This everlasting winter can't last much longer, I hope.
  8. Hey , I know that song. I had no idea who sang it. Always reminded me of Herman's Hermits. Don't ask me why. I hear it now and then on the radio.
  9. What a great photo. Such a shame that Stu Sutcliffe never got treated for his head injury.
  10. I saw that in the news about the children. People are snapping everywhere, it seems. I am going to give myself a break from the news for a while. It is madness I tell ya, madness.
  11. We have two classic rock stations and two "oldies." What classifies for oldies now goes into the 80's-which makes me feel old. Our stations play mainly 60's and 70's. Even some 50's. On Sunday evenings a countdown of a date in history. Midnight Hour is a good song. I have their Eat a Peach album. I always get the brothers mixed up. Duane is the one that died. I think. We have no rap stations. Glad for my classic rock and oldies.
  12. Thank you for the suggestion of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix. I never know what Netflix originals are good. I did see it was new one and since you like it I will watch it.
  13. Nice song. I never heard it before. Their sound was so different and I always like their album art. It is a shame radio stations don't play deeper cuts of music. They used to, or at least had time warp hours. Something. Have a great weekend.
  14. Fragile- definitely my favorite Yes album. Also the first one I acquired many years ago at a yard sale. I am so glad I kept all my records. Even a few old 78's. I guess I am a music nut.
  15. Yes, thanks for posting a reminder. I have this on my dvr timer. I have never seen it and i am very much looking forward to it.
  16. I just can't get over how beautiful these cats are. I mean to really look at their coat lines. The patterns are gorgeous.
  17. I like both versions misswonderly. I actually have a Lennon Sisters Christmas album. Lawrence Welk takes me back to Sunday evenings (I think). My mom watched it. Very nostalgic for me. I actually like big band music too. I got used to hearing it when I worked in a retirement home. Then it grew on me. James Taylor and Carly Simon version is a favorite, although I always think of the movie Vacation when I hear it. It's funny what sticks in a person's head. When I see lavenderblue, I hear Burl Ives singing it.
  18. I haven't heard that song in a while. I have that album and didn't recognize the song. Glad you shared it. Yes was another great band.
  19. To misswonderly and Dargo, I have to say THIS is definitely not a boring thread. You two are hilarious. Very enjoyable. I loved the Italian accent. ????
  20. I like misswonderly's view on not understanding a movie, in that it makes me feel dumb. There is a quote from a goofy movie Billy Madison, after Billy says some incoherent, word salad, jibberish, the principal states something to the effect of "Everyone in this room is now dumber after having listened to it." Kinda how I felt after watching it too. Besides 2001, which I still don't get, I had a hard time with Vanilla Sky. I didn't understand the ending. The contemplating of the jumping off the building. Was he inside some sort of life enhancing machine? I have no clue. What did the jump signi
  21. The Mojo Men. They had a nice sound. It's a shame they didn't go any further in their career. Thank you for sharing this.
  22. Cats are so agile. They can do amazing things, like this kitty. Looks like snow below.Cats can fumble too. My husband and I were standing by the pond when one of our cats tried to jump up on him and missed. He went right down in the pond. Never seen a cat move so fast to get out. I know they've brought me so much joy and amusement. Just like these pictures/videos.
  23. Oh my gosh, I forgot about that song- Mairzy Doats. My mom used to sing that when I was little and the first time I heard her I thought she was singing something in Pennsylvania Dutch. Both my parents spoke it fluently. Especially when they wanted to say something they didn't want me to know.
  24. He is wondrous, isn't he? Living well beyond the normal age. He is huge. I have to admit, I wasn't sure exactly what a Wombat was. The first time I ever saw a Hedgehog was in Germany. They are so little and it just curled up in a ball until we left, then went on his merry way. Funny how the size of animals in other countries differ. The deer in Germany are small and the rabbits are huge. This was a cute article GayD. Thank you.
  25. I just noticed the lovely Virginia Weidler picture and noticed she died so young- was she 39?? That is very sad. She was wonderful and funny in The Philadelphia Story.
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