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  1. One of my favorites- George Washington Slept Here. They move to the dilapidated house in the country because their lease is up and Rommy (sp) the dog kept ripping the carpet. Love Jack Benny, Ann Sheriden, Hattie McDaniel and Uncle Stanley- (I drew a blank on his name).

  2. What was the name of the second song, Jake? Sounds vaguely familiar. I've never heard the intro into Ride the Seesaw either and I have that album. I have quite a few of their albums. They were a great band and their music not always understood.

    First day of spring and we got around 4" of snow. It won't last. Rain tomorrow. Have a wonderful weekend.

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  3. I love James Mason. Unfortunately I missed this one. I've only seen him in a few movies: The Verdict, The Boys From Brazil, Georgy Girl, Lolita, North by Northwest. He has such a smooth way about him. Any recommendations for movies for me, I would greatly appreciate.

  4. I am sorry for your loss. I took care of many Alzheimer patients and it is a difficult and heartbreaking. My Grandmother had it and she didn't recognize me. Her temper was always kind but I saw many with even tempers change so much that their children didn't know how to deal with them. Many become violent.

    I am sure it is hard for you. I know for me it was bittersweet because I knew my Gram didn't have to be in that state anymore.

    Best to you Fedya. Take care.

  5. HUAC didn’t do anything to Robinson. He was called to testify because his name turned up on some Communist leaflets and letters saying he was among the Hollywood elite that supported various Communist causes.


    Robinson explained that his name, and the names of other actors, were constantly being used by people he didn’t know and without his permission, and he said he was a liberal democrat and not a danged Communist and did not in any way support those Communist organizations.


    The Congressmen believed him and thanked him for his testimony and congratulated him for being a loyal American.


    His lifetime lack of an Oscar nomination is still a mystery. Some say it was because he always played himself, i.e. the same type of character in most of his movies, and others say it was because he played so many gangster roles and actors who played gangsters almost never got any Oscar nominations.


    I think he should have received at least 3 or 4 nominations.

    I read at Wikipedia that Robinson had to sell his art collection for a divorce settlement, due to being underemployed, which I just assumed was because of being blacklisted. As you noted he had roles in the 1950's.

    Was it against the law to be a communist? Or looked down upon? I am asking because I don't know.

  6. I have a soft spot in my heart for Edward G. Robinson. He was so cultured. The man spoke seven languages and I agree that is a big "goof" that he was never nominated. I don't know near as much as the people on these boards about The Golden Age in Hollywood but I did read about the HUAC and what it did to people like Robinson, Garfield, Trumbo. To come through that and still hold onto ones beliefs is incredible. I know this is a comedy angled topic but I saw the last entry about Robinson and wanted to say I agree 100%.

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  7. I think there is a middle ground here as james suggested. I am always glad to see abuse stop. I have to say it breaks my heart when I read someone has beaten a baby child to death. Those stories I cannot even read anymore. There definitely are people that should not have children and don't realize this until the child suffers or its too late.

    I hate to see anything/anyone suffer. I understand that animals provide food/leather etc...

    I eat meat and I love it. I try to eat more chicken but I love a good steak as well. Unfortunately we all can't live where Dargp lives, so we could sample some of that "dee-licious" chicken.

    I don't know how PETA works and yes it is a shame many children will not be able to see an elephant. The only one I saw was at the Philadelphia Zoo, a long time ago. I don't know the solution but there is a difference, to me , regarding raising animals for food and using them for a business. Is PETA allowed to inspect the businesses? I don't know and I don't know if I made any sense here or not. I rattle on not knowing if I made my point or not. I'm not knocking anyone who wants to keep animals safe, and people. Nor am I knocking people who eat meat (me) or use leather products etc.. I bought a beautiful older coat at a thrift store and it has a fur collar(rabbit) and I wear it. I don't like to see anything hunted to the point of extinction, like never seeing pheasants here anymore. Ah well I rambled enough.

  8. One of my favorite Led Zeppelin songs! I have so many though, ranging from harder rock ie: Communication Breakdown to softer: Hey, Hey What Can I Do, Thank You. I even like Hot Dog. My all time, if I had to pick one is Misty Mountain Hop. There isn't much I don't like by them.

    I love classic movies but I think I love music more. To some people its just background noise.

  9. The movie Freaks was based on these performers.


    From a 1934 photo of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey sideshow performers


    Great picture, Kid. I like the movie. I guess I can understand that people weren't ready for it back then. I've often wondered where he found the elongated head people.
  10. Saw the first flock of geese go North. I love to see them although they seemed a little lost. They were in a V but somehow got messed up.

    It's 57 today. Snow almost gone. Can't wait until our forsythia's bloom and the wild cherry trees. I saw 3 praying mantis cocoons. 2 weeks until it's officially Spring.

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  11. I have the album Toulouse Street. I still play my records, although they are hard to find anymore, or people want an arm and a leg for them. Whenever I hear The Doobie Brothers I think of the movie Romancing the Stone when Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner are in the crashed plane and he finds an old Rolling Stone magazine and says "The Doobie Brothers broke up! When did that happen?"

    Oh, Capt'n Beefheart's song Hardworking Man was featured in the beginning of the movie A Civil Action. I guess it's more of a blues/avant-guarde. He worked with Frank Zappa sometimes.

  12. I had to look Wishbone Ash up. The song was vaguely familiar. They reminded me slightly of some of Uriah Heep songs. Melody Maker magazine said they were the most interesting guitarists since The Yardbirds -Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page. Thanks for introducing me to these bands because I was impressed with myself because I knew who Captain Beefheart was. Well only Hardworking Man.

    Have a great weekend. It's going to rain here but at least it's not snow. If you go fishing-good luck!


    Three Dog Night star Jimmy Greenspoon loses cancer battle


    Article here


    An iconic group. Whenever I hear one of their hit tunes I am instantly transported back to my youth.

    I didn't know this. Thank you for posting. I like many of their songs: Never Been to Spain, Out in the Country, Shambala and of course, Joy to the World. They were a great band. I was just listening to them on my mp3 this morning. Thanks, Kid.
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  14. A very touching story about the elephant. There are some people that think animals don't feel/have emotions. When I was 15 I got my first horse. She was in foal and when the little colt arrived my mom wouldn't let me keep him. We didn't have enough money or room for a second horse. After the new owner picked up the colt and left was so hard for me, but heartbreaking for his mother. She ran back and forth in the pasture looking for her baby. She had the loudest, most shrill whinny I ever heard. She looked frantic. This went on all night. She just wanted her baby back.

    I know this wasn't about elephants but I just wanted to share my experience about an animal feeling pain.

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