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  1. Thanks so much, GayDivorcee. The last time Tcm aired The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, I had my dvr scheduled to record it and I believe it was on late at night and sometimes when movies are scheduled late my dvr doesn't fully record. So I didn't watch it because I wouldn't see the ending/or beginning. I have The Chapman Report but haven't seen it yet. I usually can get over a dislike for an actor if I give myself enough chances to see them in different lights. So thanks to you and Bogie for your suggestions, I can hopefully say I am a fan of hers as well.
  2. Happy Birthday, Dargo! Hope you are having a great day.
  3. You got me. I've never heard of Bubble Puppy. I thought I was fairly familiar with music from the 50s-70s.
  4. Love The Kinks, Beatles, Stones, Led Zeppelin. Most all of classic rock. Free Bird "live" is great. My favorite by them is Tuesdays Gone. Do you know that one?
  5. There are two for me- Glynis Johns and Melanie Griffith. The only reason I can give is their voices must irritate me. I saw Johns in The Ref, All Mine To Give and an early role, Personal Affair-the movie itself was pretty good. Gene Tierney (hope I spelled that right) was in it. As for Griffith, I saw her in Joyride and then after the commercial for a product I can't remember now. The "don't lie about your age" one, I can't bring myself to watch anything of hers. I try to give everyone fair chance but how do I get past a voice? Maybe if there was an outstanding movie, I could ignore it.
  6. Gorgeous Amur Tigers. A beautiful family of five. I read the comment section as well and someone said Putin has made an effort to maintain the Amur. I hope so. They are exquisite. Thanks for sharing this, Jake.
  7. The video of the cats falling asleep are adorable. They reminded me of when my son was about two-years old. He was playing, then soon I hear nothing. So whenever kids are quiet, you investigate because frequently they are into something they shouldn't be. I found my son standing in front of the chair, head on the cushion, sound asleep. I guess kids play so hard they just fall asleep, wherever. Don't we wish we could take a quick nap, standing up?
  8. Sepiatone, When you said your Mom used your middle name, that made me laugh. True for me too but it also reminded me of times my Mom called for me. I had an older brother and sister. They were out on their own at the time but Mom would start out calling for me but starting with my older sisters name, then my brother, then finally she got my name right. By then she was pretty ticked off because she had yo go down through the names and my name came out louder and clearer. Did your Mom ever do that? Hope I explained it right. Just wanted to share that.
  9. Nice sunrise/sunset pictures, Jake. I never can tell which is which. The one with the Collie made me remember a stray when I was a kid. I begged my Mom to keep it but she would only let me keep it on the porch and during the morning it chased a certain car. Later that day Mom called an ad about a lost Collie. That evening a VW van came and they were a young couple crying because they found their dog up on helicopter landing on the mountain. Someone shot it. They had it in the back of their van. I looked at it briefly and ran. Even though I was a kid, I felt so bad for them. So hows the fishi
  10. Since last Sunday we've had two little snow storms equaling 3-4" each time. Then on top a lot of freezing rain. It's just compressed snow and ice. They are forecasting down to zero tonight and tomorrow night 10. After that a gradual warm up and by Saturday 50°!! This is one time I hope the weather man is right! The birds have been nibbling at our cat food for years. Mainly during winter. That's when food is harder for them to find. We have no robins yet. I hope they soon come back. Isn't Spring just around the corner ?
  11. As of now, The Best Years of Our Lives is on the schedule for May 12th at 12:15 AM. I hope you get to see it. This is one of my favorite movies.
  12. Hope you had a good day fishing. I can't wait till it's 70° here. Our high today was 26° and another small snow/ice storm coming tonight. I'd rather be fishing too. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.
  13. Very beautiful, Jake and thank you. Hopefully temps here go back up to normal. -2 tonight. Hope you have a great weekend too.
  14. Wow, I didn't know that. After I read your post I looked up how many she had. The article said 37 cats and she had a fox. It also said she claimed if she didn't have all the cats, she would have been compulsive. Her vet bills ran about 4,000 per month. I liked Sandy Dennis. She died too young and of ovarian cancer.
  15. Oh geez, I would be nuts if I had THAT many cats! I love animals but how in the world can anyone keep that many inside and give each one attention? I very much admire the people that rescue animals but, wow, I could never live with that many.
  16. I am looking forward to seeing this movie too. The only River Phoenix movie I saw was Stand By Me. I always wondered where he would be today, what type of roles he would have chosen. I read his biography and he definitely had an unusual upbringing. Living in poverty, he and his sister Rain sang on street corners for money to help support the family in Venezuela. He came so far and did so well. It's such a shame his life was so short. If you didn't read his biography at Wikipedia, it's very interesting. Thanks for the reminder for this movie.
  17. TikiSoo: I tried to like your post but I must have used my quota. I worked in health care at a retirement/personal care center and they had a cat for the residents. The cat had a perfect personality for there. They kept it until it got older, then gave it to an employee to take care of. Then they acquired a dog and the last I knew, a rabbit too. They gave that the rabbit to the same employee. The residents were feeding it a lot of lettuce, etc... and it couldn't tolerate the foods. They meant well though.
  18. As I mentioned earlier, we have numerous outdoor cats. Since we are in the country they tend to find us or are dropped off. We had no cats when we moved here 12 yrs ago. The ones we have now stemmed from 3 orphan kittens showing up. They had no idea how to drink from a dish, so of course I took milk out and they learned to drink. Then over the years they multiplied, some disappeared and others were strays. Then every Spring comes the incessant cat fights and sounds like a cat in agony (when I was a kid I thought they were in horrible pain). It drives me crazy if we are trying to sit outside on
  19. Good one! Probably even the three of us together couldn't afford the playhouse!
  20. Patsy Cline was great. I like Coal Miner's Daughter too. You mentioned Levon Helm and I really liked him in that, even though he had a small role. I love The Band. Did you ever see The Last Waltz? It's coming on hdnet this March and I plan on watching it. I've never seen it. That scene you mentioned where Levon is in the coffin, I cried like a baby at that part. I cried when he died and she saw him coming towards her in the field. Now whenever I see it, I hope I think of what you said.
  21. Right. I could comfortably live in Lloyd's daughter's "playhouse."
  22. Richard Sumner and Bunny Watson discussing his patented machine "EMMARAC"-the Electromagnetic Memory and Research Arithmetical Calculator. Richard Sumner: Did you ever see one of these electronic brains work? EMMARAC, for example? Bunny Watson: Yeah, yeah, just this morning as a matter of fact. I saw a demonstration at IBM. Richard Sumner: Did you see it translate Russian into Chinese? Bunny Watson: Yeah, I saw it do everything. Frightening. Gave me the feeling that maybe, just maybe, people were a little bit outmoded. Richard Sumner: Mmmm, wouldn't surprise me a bit if t
  23. When I was about 11 I pestered my Mom and Dad for a Siamese. Finally someone must have given me one because my parents would never pay for a cat. This was a male kitten and from the start he hated everyone except me. Needless to say, the feeling from them was mutual. He would scratch anyone that tried to hold him. Not only that, if you've never heard a Siamese meow, your in for an treat for the ears. From the time I left the house until I returned he would bawl for me. He was definitely a one person cat. My Dad didn't believe in keeping any of our animals restrained, nor would there be a litte
  24. traceyk65 These are very funny. I've only been through a few pages so far and I finally figured out how to use my like button on my phone. It's a great gift to make people laugh. I'm glad for these. Thank you.
  25. Sorry, Swithin, I should have wrote clearer. I mean I missed deadline to be eligible to vote. It is a very tough decision.
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