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  1. This time I went to the bottom and tapped on that "Reply" and this worked. Someone mentioned trying this but I can't remember who so I can thank them. I cannot vote as I just missed the deadline. I just wanted to say that I still can't believe all the effort you all put into your schedules. They are really wonderful. I can only comment on the movie titles as I don't quite follow all else that goes into it yet. So many titles I have not seen and I'm going to list some from everyone's schedule. lydecker Midnight Cowboy Obsession 20,000 Years in Sing Sing Satan Met A Lady Golden Boy s
  2. Is this a Great Dane? A real one? I thought Mastiff's were big...wow!
  3. Thank you for sharing the story about the German Shepherd. I've had 3 of them and they are very intelligent and brave, although any dog can be brave. A friend of mine was the chief of police and a trainer/breeder for the dept. I got my last shepherd from him. I've seen them being trained for drug sniffing and protection. When they are locked on the arm, they do not let go until commanded to do so. They are very loyal and protective by instinct. I love this thread. I look everyday for the photos. Thank you, again.
  4. I love the 60's and 70's, though I haven't seen this. I don't always like the recent movies but I am willing to give it a shot. Especially since it depicts the 70's.
  5. You reminded me about a Richard Pryor performance he did in New Orleans, I believe. He was talking about weather and how cold it gets in Chicago-that the wind waits around the corner for them. Then he razzed the crowd in New Orleans that-yeah it gets cold down here too like 50°. F***s up their whole day. Sorry, hope I explained that right. It was funny. Guess ya had to see it.
  6. Wow, I can't believe the temperature difference from Philly to central Pa. We just barely hit 40° and boy it sure feels like a heatwave, especially when the sun pops out. Back to the cold tomorrow night, 9 below they are forecasting.
  7. You are right. There is a big difference between a movie plot and harming/killing animals just for the screen shot. I have no problem with hunting for food. I've had delicious venison steak that tasted better than a restaurant. Killing an animal due to rabies or suffering is not the same to me as deliberate cruelty. Of course it's sad when Old Yeller dies but it's not the same. I am all for safety of the human and animal in making movie. I don't know if I said what I am trying to say-in the right way. I care about people and animals. I don't have a good way with words.
  8. They are the cutest puppies. Thank you Jake.
  9. Yes, your so right about cats being trainable. My boy is not a year old yet and we've only had him inside for a few months. We don't give him any table scraps and he learned quickly and easily to not to bother or beg while we are eating. We do not have a litter box and we trained him to go outdoors. Then we come to my biggest peeve -the counter tops/table. As much as I love animals, I still don't want no cats arse sitting on the counters. Some cats definitely learn more quickly. Some are a little persistent or bull-headed but they can do it. I like that about cats having "staff." Some do act
  10. I cannot believe how much snow they got up there. Like 3-4 ft still on the ground. Guess I shouldn't complain when we get snow but I'm still going to. Winter storm warning for 5-9" tomorrow. Then a heatwave on Sunday-40°.
  11. Gorgeous beagle. We had many beagles when I was a kid. My Dad trained them to hunt and one day my uncle wanted to borrow "speedy." He was a beagle mix. Dad told him he wasn't a good hunter and not to take him but they went. When my uncle got back he said he called and looked for the dog and after an hour he found her asleep under a pine tree. They are smart and faithful and some of them are just great companions.
  12. Oh no, I did not know that about "Clyde." I will never ever watch that movie again. Ever. It was amusing to me as a kid but knowing that just disgusts me. That was not even an "accidental" death. So yes, I guess knowing animals were hurt in a movie does influence whether or not I want to see that movie. In this day and with safety a big issue, I do not understand how even one animal is killed. It makes me furious.
  13. The water buffalo was slaughtered. It was slated for a ritual by the indigenous tribe in the movie. That is the argument there- the buffalo would have been slaughtered irregardless.
  14. Yakima Canutt, a stuntman perfected the "Running W." It was used in "Stagecoach." In the silent Ben-Hur many horses were killed and/or maimed. Even if they were maimed they usually had to be put down. Thankfully the running w was stopped and more safer methods were used. That is all I could remember off the top of my head. I cannot watch a movie where animals are hurt. There were many. Apocalypse Now and Cockfighter were two more.
  15. I did see that on the news. I'd be way too much of a chicken to try it. Plus you never really know just how soft the snow is below. Thank you GayDivorcee. I wish I was in The Golden State too right now. ????
  16. Aww kid, your going to have to get your long johns out for Thursday night. That is suppose to be our coldest night also but we are -7 with wind chills to -25. Ugh! Must be a big system if it's affecting from Pa. to Fla.
  17. I never saw this so I looked it up and it sounds very good. Plus I like both Shirleys. Also Eileen Heckert. Then again I never seen Harold and Maude either. I would like to see it as well since there are strong opinions in both directions.
  18. The sun is out today-for now anyway. High of 26 and snow squalls later. Tonight into Friday back to the same frigid cold and below zero temps at night. Wind chills -20. I'm going to visit one of the webcams. Anywhere warm.
  19. The kitten that thinks it's a goat is "chattering" to a fly or bug. The first time I saw my cat do it I couldn't figure it out until a friend told me. Not sure why its done. I'm thinking it's a snare method of sorts. Very comical. Oh and I love the videos. The ones where the cats stand up like a human are so funny and adorable. Thanks again so much.
  20. These are so wonderful. I love animals and I can understand why they say animals lower blood pressure. I felt myself smiling and laughing and thoroughly enjoying this. We have some outdoor cats and one indoor/outdoor cat. He has no name yet. Thank you so much for this lovely and heartwarming idea.
  21. I've tried posting on the challenge thread and it keeps timing out. Tried off and on for five hours. It only does this for that thread. All others work fine.
  22. I tried to post on the voting challenge thread at least six times and it won't go through. It just times out. So if I would like to comment on the schedules should I keep trying that thread or post here? I don't know what the problem is.
  23. Thank you SansFin. I missed the eligibility date so I will vote next time. I cannot imagine the time involved in creating these schedules. They are very good.
  24. misswonderlytoo, I read where the show was watched by 23 million viewers. Obviously it has fans out there. I think I will go onto netflix and watch SNL reruns. I haven't kept up with it but I love Tina Fey and the other lady (I totally lost track of her name and I just had it!). The later episodes were dissed by many but I'm going to give it a shot. Thank you for bringing this up and stating your opinion about the newer shows. ☺
  25. Your right. It is a sad movie too but believe it or not the book of Angela's Ashes is written with so much humor that it is funny throughout the entire novel. It has moments of sadness. After reading the book I was looking forward to seeing the movie. I don't know why it was made like it is but yes it should be released. I taped it off of tv a while back but my vhs tape went bad.
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