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  1. Especially if he looked like he did in the photo posted earlier. I see why Odets had John Garfield in mind for this. Too bad he didn't do the movie.
  2. Hey NipkowDisc, you might be on to something here. This could be the only way to escape the cold, if just for a while. Good idea and thank you!
  3. The snow always looks so pretty when it first falls. I like that time. It's always so quiet and beautiful-to me. We received an inch or so last night. It mainly stayed in southern Pennsylvania. They are calling for more wind chill warnings in the next few days.
  4. I have not seen Golden Boy yet. Was Holden good in it? Wasn't that role written especially for John Garfield?
  5. Oh, I always loved to hear her song. Very sad to hear about this. She was so pretty. Too young and taken by lung cancer.
  6. That is William Holden?? I never would have believed it. He is very handsome. He was in Sunset Blvd too but this picture- wow
  7. Ah, yes the outdoor critters need food. We have a very large feeder in which birds and squirrels both eat. Also a raccoon now and then. We try to put in seeds and shelled or ear corn. Sometimes possum, deer, or once in a while wild turkeys eat underneath the feeder. I must venture out tomorrow. I only wish the weather forecasters were wrong about the week long cold. We have -2° already.
  8. We made sure we had enough coffee. We love our coffee . The wind hasn't stopped yet. I only opened the door to let out cat in and out. That is the closest I got to the outdoors today. That was plenty for me. I sure am glad for the tv and dvr too. Did you get your snow yet? We are only to receive 1-3". You stay warm too.
  9. I used to watch it more in the earlier days but like you, I have followed it off and on through the years. I did not know she died. I must live under a rock.I think I saw her do a Nancy Reagan skit once and the Kathy Lee Gifford segment with the monkey singing about evolution-"I did not come from you"(or something along those lines) to the monkey. I am more familiar with the shows with Dan Aykroyd, Chevy Chase, Gilda Radner.
  10. I don't believe I've ever seen a movie with Louis Jourdan. Would someone be able to suggest a few non-musicals please?
  11. We are expected to break a record tonight. Our lowest was -5° back in 63. Tonight -7 and the nasty wind chills to feel like -25. I always thought I would like to live in Canada because I like snow. I just despise the wind. Oh and the ice. Stay warm up there. I am so thankful right now that I have a home with warm heat.
  12. I liked Vic Morrow. The first movie I saw him in was his last, The Twilight Zone Movie. Then later I saw him in Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry and The Bad News Bears. I had no idea he was estranged from his daughter, by her insistence I believe. Irregardless, that's very sad. I did see Blackboard Jungle just last year. Good movie.
  13. Please take care SansFin. I hope all stays well for you. It's very cold here in Pennsylvania too. Low of 4° with wind gusts up to 50 mph and wind chill factors to -30. This time we only received 1" snow. I really don't like the cold winds. Hope we all keep electricity through it. Best thoughts for you this weekend.
  14. If I was the owner of a limo company, I know I would check if any future employees had a good driving record. If someone wanted to hire a limo, do they have the right to look at driving records of the drivers?
  15. Wow! Thanks for sharing that, GayDivorcee. That's really incredible. I just read where his limo driver had his license suspended 9 times since 2011. How many chances do people get?Oh, yes I did see that about David Carr. I wasn't too familiar with his writing, other than he wrote for The New York Times. Thanks again, I hadn't seen that about his passport. Have a wonderful weekend.
  16. hamradio, thank you for the link to this article. He was with 60 Minutes a long time, starting out covering the Vietnam War from Saigon. He was on one of the last helicopters out of there. I saw a short segment about that on the History Channel called "History Rocks." What a nightmare just getting out of there from the top of our embassy. Mr.Simon was covering the 1991 Gulf War and was taken along with other correspondents and beaten with canes. What an incredible man. A very sad and heartbreaking ending. I do hope his story gets more attention. Thank you again.
  17. AL Jazeera America does seem very credible. Your right, like how CNN used to be. It's difficult to find good journalism here anymore.Ugh! The kardashian's. I don't get it. Any of it. What's the appeal of these stupid shows??
  18. Yes, I forgot about Dan Rather. I liked him very much. I don't watch ANY of the news stations either. I used to like CNN many years ago but they turned to crap. I am disgusted that news now consists of "reality show" stars. I can't stand calling them stars because they aren't, at least in my eyes. I just haven't figured out what to call them. Dan Rather was the last of the good reporters. An actual journalist.
  19. Okay, now I'm jealous! Even though it was a little hazy, I bet you had a great time. Thank you for all the information you provided in addition to Fred's. It is so enjoyable to hear everyone's stories.
  20. I recorded the Gimme Shelter documentary but have not watched it yet because I wasn't sure if that scene was in there. I just have a hard time with real violence/blood. Would you please let me know if it's graphic?
  21. It's impressive to me that you saw The Rolling Stones back in their heyday. I wanted to go see them back in the 80's when "Tattoo You" came out. They were playing in Philly but my Mom said no. I did see The Marshall Tucker Band at Bucknell University and later on Bruce Springsteen at an outdoor concert in Germany. It was a great concert. Plus there was plenty of room and we didn't get pushed at all.Thank You for all the information. I love The Stones.
  22. These are stunning posters. Absolutely gorgeous. My favorite is the one for Salome, although they are all unique. What a great artist who uses color so beautifully. Thank you for posting these.
  23. I read about that many years ago. His name was Meredith Hunter. Why would anyone hire the Hell's Angels? The Beatles had a problem with them leaving when George Harrison casually told them to stop in if they were ever in the country.
  24. Thank you Holden. I am looking forward to it. There is quite a lot in the May schedule I haven't seen yet. Then again, April is the only month where I saw most everything.
  25. Good question. I don't know either but whenever I have to go to walmart I always see guys walking around and they remind me of the duck dynasty crew.
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