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  1. It's kinda like a guilty pleasure to see these Quality actors like Ford, Fonda, Winters, Huston et al showing their acting chops in these Underground features.Were these movies ever reviewed by legit critics?They sure must have had limited releases.
  2. You are so right! That "Baby" has been popping up a lot. There is a trove of "underground" films out there. Films that have never seen the light of day for most fans. TCM should act as an Underground prospector and dig up some of these undiscovered nuggets.
  3. "So Evil, So Young" entertained in a strange and curious way. It really could not be compared to "Caged" for there were no real name stars.Jill Ireland was lovely and her boyfriend played by John Charlesworth committed suicide by gas at age 24 before the film was released.Sometimes the lives of the casts in these pictures are far more interesting than the movies themselves.The band in the film reminded me of the Beatles.
  4. It is a great idea to expand TCM Underground to two nights.Time can put a" Halo" on a lot of these Underground movies. These guilty pleasures can truly entertain, titilate, sometimes make you gasp and make you wonder did they ever see an audience before TCM airings.
  5. "Barricade" was a rousing good Western! Robert Douglas( with lighter hair) gave an impressive performance.I was used to seeing him in sinister-like roles.I liked the way he kept in character with his bad ankle. Roman never looked lovelier.Massey made the perfect nasty guy.
  6. "My Life as a Dog". Once seen, you will not forget. This charming film stays with you. There is much talk about the Ernst Lubitsch touch in Classic Hollywood.The Lasse Hallstrom touch in today's movies is pure magic.
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