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  1. Wesley Clark was a very bland host I truly doubt if he has ever viewed many of the pictures he introduced."King & Country" was a powerful and deeply moving WW1 film. Better than "Paths of Glory"
  2. It's kinda like a guilty pleasure to see these Quality actors like Ford, Fonda, Winters, Huston et al showing their acting chops in these Underground features.Were these movies ever reviewed by legit critics?They sure must have had limited releases.
  3. No fan of Silents. But if i see a few more like "The Trail of 98" I will be!It had everything. Stunning visuals. No words were needed.The amazing Cooper River Rapids scenes. No wonder they were so realistic. Four stuntmen were killed filming them...the climb up dangerous and snowyChikoot Pass where hundreds of the Gold Fever prospectors looked like tiny ants crawling...the avalanche...the fight between Forbes abd Carey. Now That was a brawl!This almost forgotten last of the MGM Silents will certainly be remembered by TCMers after viewing. And one more thing..Director Clarence Brown sure knew
  4. Janet Leigh as STOM is OK. I wish Terry Moore would be a future SOTM.She was a gifted child actress who grew up to be an Oscar nominated super star in dramas and musicals and westerns.
  5. You are so right! That "Baby" has been popping up a lot. There is a trove of "underground" films out there. Films that have never seen the light of day for most fans. TCM should act as an Underground prospector and dig up some of these undiscovered nuggets.
  6. Ahhhh...."Pandora's Box" on July 27. I will watch again. The kiss under the mistletoe is so memorable.Stays with you.
  7. "So Evil, So Young" entertained in a strange and curious way. It really could not be compared to "Caged" for there were no real name stars.Jill Ireland was lovely and her boyfriend played by John Charlesworth committed suicide by gas at age 24 before the film was released.Sometimes the lives of the casts in these pictures are far more interesting than the movies themselves.The band in the film reminded me of the Beatles.
  8. It is a great idea to expand TCM Underground to two nights.Time can put a" Halo" on a lot of these Underground movies. These guilty pleasures can truly entertain, titilate, sometimes make you gasp and make you wonder did they ever see an audience before TCM airings.
  9. It's about time for STOM for Douglas.As he matured, his performances also did with him. More depth as shown in his two Oscar winning roles.
  10. Valentino was at his best in "Conquering Power." He looked so modern..a today man, It is easy to see why so many thousands attended his funeral. He captivated.
  11. An awful movie.Already dated and not controversial
  12. What a surprise! The color! The music! The acting! That wonderful ending in the snow! All singing musicals like "Les Miz" are a turn off to me...but "Umbrellas"was different. There have been stage versions of this charmer.
  13. Altho his movie credits were quite sparse, he was quite good in the ones he did. Showed versatility.
  14. "The Burmese Harp". What a beautiful and moving film! It made me realize America for the most part is a caring and forgiving nation. Honoring Japanese films like "Roshoman" with Oscars a decade after Pearl Harbor."The Burmese Harp"with it's vivid and memorable black and white images...the footprints in the mud...the raindrops on the barbed wire fences...the parrot on the Monk's shoulder...and the faces of the Japanese soldiers dreaming of going home after the War....to a home that may never be....and the haunting music on the harp.
  15. Highly respected among his peers but I doubt if the general public knew who Mr. Hoffman was and would have a hard time naming his films even as a character actor in "Hunger Games".His starring roles like "Capote" and "Magnolia" did not set box office records. Seen by so few. And as for his character roles he looked like so many other character players.Beloved by his fellow actors. Not so by the masses.
  16. Every now and then, a screen character jumps out at you. It may be just a small part. Vernel Bagneris did just that in "Pennies from Heaven". He was billed just as the Accordian Man.Known now to audiences as the Judge on HBO's "Treme". Vernel was the best thing in "Pennies". I slugged through the prostitution the murder, the infidelity, the abortion, the wife wishing her husband would be castrated dialogue but Vernel is the one I remembered most of all.in this dreary some kind of a musical. Christopher Walken did a teriffic dance tho and that helped out a bit.
  17. Is "All Mine to Give" still giving?
  18. At the end, it read "Like Father, Like Son" and rolled the credits.Just how many names did this Duke Mitchell movie have? TCM had :Massacre Mafia Style", many blogs have" The Executioner". Now after seeing it there's "Like Father Like Son". TCM is to be congratulated with their TCM Underground for giving movie fans so many of these obscure and seldom seen productions. So many never knew exisited
  19. Those intros were bland and bad. TCM made a bad choice in selecting Broderick.
  20. Notes on "Mississippi Gambler"...This was Ty's first free lance film since leaving Fox. He had worked at no other studio since the disastrous "Marie Antoinette" at MGM in 1938.He knew no one at Universal and was indeed a stranger there even though he made his film debut at the old Universal studio in 1932's "Tom Brown of Culver" uttering one line For "Mississippi Gambler".Ty had a plush 5 room dressing room near the same spot he entered films!!The film was a huge success. Variety reported it made3 million dollars at the end of 1953. A nice sum in those years.For lovely Piper Laurie the thrill
  21. Ty made a fine host introducing the 3 stories in "The Rising of the Moon". He had a great voice. Looked handsome and fit. Hard to believe a few months later he would be gone from the screen scene.
  22. I thought the kiss under the Christmas mistletoe in "Pandora's Box"....that kiss from Jack the Ripper was a surprising shocker. Edited by: twtpark on Nov 18, 2013 3:20 PM
  23. It's hard to find a movie without someone using a coffee pot .a tea pot or something similar. .A movie without that kind of prop is rare indeed.Maybe a few sci-fi epics. Maybe.
  24. Has the 1953 UI drama "Girls in the Night" also known as "Night Flowers" ever been shown on TCM? It told of slum dwellers struggling to make a better life for themselves and featured many talented UI contract players most of whom sadly faded from the screens after short careers.
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