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  1. And she's a lot smaller than you might think. Bring binoculars if you're stuck behind the crowd...
  2. That's a funny, sad and incorrect statement all at the same time...
  3. Then there's this 39 year old actress that plays a 14 year old boy in an upcoming TV show...
  4. Griddy won't get that money. It's mostly a pass-through charge from the wholesalers. Griddy offers no protection from wholesale price increases, whereas most companies temporarily absorb the wholesale increase and will gradually raise their retail rates over the coming months/years to recover their short-term losses.
  5. There was also a short-lived TV show called The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles in 1992-3 that ran on ABC. That may be where some confusion arises. In that show, George Hall played a 93 year old Indy with flashback sequences bringing in a younger version of Indy. The show came about because of questions arising about Indy's origin story while making the feature films, and the decision in The Last Crusade to show a young Indy. The series grew out of that.
  6. You can hope re: the conspiracy theorists, but it's pretty much a lost cause with them. This morning I heard on the radio that there's a new one circulating: that the snow that fell from the sky last week was "fake" and created by either Bill Gates or "the government" or China (I guess you can choose the most convenient villain to suit your world view). https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/texas-snow-conspiracy-theory-tiktok-b1805616.html
  7. Spoiler alerts... I prefer the ending of The Birds over other Hitchcock films due to its ambiguity. A lot of his films end with a twist of humor. This one doesn't. We don't really know if they are escaping or not. Is it the end of the siege on Bodega Bay, or just the beginning of the end of the world? Everyone has to finish the story in their head. Hitchcock paragraph from the Vulture article: Hitchcock knew how to send audiences out on a big note: Judy jumping from the bell tower in Vertigo, the reveal of Norman’s mother in Psycho. (We will not discuss the scene with the
  8. Glad I'm in an income bracket where I don't have to worry about living near a politician or celebrity.
  9. Griddy did contact all of its 29,000 customers to inform them that the rates would be going up. From what I've heard, though, they didn't mention that the rate could hit the $9000 cap. That tidbit is probably buried in their fine print, which we all know few of us ever read. As far as changing, it's done via the web, and it takes minutes for a customer to change. How long it takes to complete the switch depends on the speed of the back office operations of the REP. It's really just a paperwork operation. There's no rewiring or physical change required. Some people switched from Gri
  10. And this snippet explains how the crazy deregulated market is set up (from the same website above). The company charging consumers the outrageous rates (passing along the wholesale prices) is a retail electricity provider (REP). Note that the transmission/distribution utilities are more heavily regulated than the REPs and generators, and their charges are billed to REPs and passed along to the consumer by the REPs. Their fees are by and large set by tariffs established by the Texas Public Utility Commission. There are far fewer transmission companies (5 or 6) and they have established te
  11. Per the Texas State Comptroller's website... Source of electricity generation (2019): Natural gas: 47.4% Coal: 20.3% Wind: 20.0% Nuclear: 10.8% Solar: 1.1% Hydro: 0.2% Biomass: 0.1% Note this is for the region of Texas covered by ERCOT. Parts of the state (panhandle, far west Texas, east Texas) are actually on the national grid, and not ERCOT's. But all of the large cities, except El Paso, are on ERCOT's grid. https://comptroller.texas.gov/economy/fiscal-notes/2020/august/ercot.php
  12. Again, all forms of power generation failed, and the larger players were traditional fuel sources (natural gas, coal, nuclear). Natural gas supply lines were frozen and natural gas power plants went offline. Even a nuclear plant had to shut down one reactor due to a cooling tower pump failing. 185 generating plants representing 46000 MW went offline in the storm. 28,000 MW came from coal, gas and nuclear plants. 18,000 MW came from solar and wind. As far as the ridiculous bills go, these folks are the victim of unbridled, unregulated capitalism. In Texas, your billing compan
  13. ?? Texas leaders were just bragging about being independent of any federal oversight in the management of the ERCOT grid. Politicians and talking heads will say anything to get noticed.
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