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  1. I remember seeing it when it aired originally. It was a Hallmark Hall of Fame presentation, and those were always appointment television in our house until the mid-70s. I'm sure Hallmark has it locked up in their vaults somewhere...
  2. I've only seen this film once, but this set has been stuck in my head (from Marriage on the Rocks)
  3. The Van Damm house would be my #1, followed closely by Bacall's apartment in Dark Passage, which sort of exists. As I understand it, the apartment interiors were recreated on a soundstage, but they used the building interiors and exteriors as well.
  4. It is. It's a slight modification of an icon they've used for the past decade. When the refresh was rolled out, some were wondering why they didn't use something like this instead of the seemingly random symbols for the C.
  5. TCM just announced the 2022 festival dates today, and in the e-mail I received, I noticed the festival has a new logo to go along with the channel's recent "refresh." They just can't leave that C alone...
  6. Thankfully, it looks like there will be an in-person event in 2022. The dates for next year's festival have been announced. TCM CLASSIC FILM FESTIVAL RETURNS TO HOLLYWOOD APRIL 21-24, 2022 ALL TOGETHER NOW: BACK TO THE BIG SCREEN Reunite with fellow film fans, the movies, the memories, the stars, and the glamour. It's all back live and in person, just as it should be and where it all began in Hollywood. Join us for the 2022 TCM Classic Film Festival. From high school reunions to homecomings, celebrate milestones from the past as we look forward to making new memories togethe
  7. Agree that I am, and as I said, I state that I am when asked. But, I don't really identify as Native American in my day-to-day life. It has little meaning to me, other than the historical aspects.
  8. Perhaps because she's from a country that has a very short history of democracy...
  9. Depends on what you mean by "identify." I'm part native American from my father's family. My grandmother was part Cherokee and Osage. My grandfather was part Chickasaw. Some of my ancestors were on the Trail of Tears. Intermarriage between Indians and Europeans goes back in our family tree to the 1700s. When I had hair, it was blonde, and I have blue eyes and a very fair complexion. No one would suspect I was part Native American by looks. My brothers have darker complexion, brown eyes and black or brown hair. Legally, I am mixed race, and state so when asked for that information
  10. What's sad is their followers got caught up in the whole "prosperity gospel" mantra they were preaching back in the 80s. If you send us money, God will reward you! The people living next door to me growing up were members of the same church as the Bakkers, and watched PTL constantly. They got wrapped up in their economic philosophy, sent them money (which they could not afford to do) and sent their kids to an expensive Christian college. In order to keep up the pretense while deep in debt, the mother of the family started embezzling funds from a local charity. She was their bookkeeper,
  11. You just aren't looking in the right places...
  12. I haven't seen it, but from what I read the new PM series on HBO had a much darker tone, and a more morally ambiguous Mason, and set it back in the early 1930s, a darker/grittier time in US history than the post-war 50s and 60s, most would say. I suppose they're closer to the tone found in the books.
  13. Are you stating that the photos I posted aren't of Rod LaRocque, or that it's not the same person as posted in the OP? The photos I grabbed were identified as LaRocque; the source for the second one is from a movie fan magazine back in the day that has been scanned in and is held by the Library of Congress, with LaRocque's name printed on the magazine page. I can see that there can be some doubt (I am not 100% certain myself); my main thought was that the hairline is slightly different between the two. My understanding on the alphanumeric codes on these photos, from posts in similar
  14. I'd bet there is quite a large overlap in the Venn diagram between televangelist supporters/donors and Trump supporters.
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