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  1. Yes, the musical is fairly obscure, having only one full production, AFAIK, at Fort Worth's Casa Mañana, starring Hal Linden and Dee ****. It was workshopped in NYC later. Stephen Cole wrote the book and lyrics, and is responsible for another classic film adaptation into a musical: The Night of the Hunter. Alfred Uhry (Driving Miss Daisy, etc) penned an updated screenplay of Dodsworth for WB back in the 1990s, and it was to have starred Harrison Ford. Warners picked it up after Gregory Peck gave up on the project and sold the rights. It appears that the effort is dormant. htt
  2. People just looked older for their age back in the 1950s and 1960s...
  3. This is the song her gay hubby-of-the-day, Peter Allen, wrote for the film, but was not used for it in the end.
  4. Agree re: the unevenness. The middle third wanders a bit, and Howard's dream/flashback sequence goes on a bit too long, IMO. The camp bit is, I think, appropriate, because a character like Moore's would almost assuredly relate his story in a campy manner. Large parts of the dialogue for the scenes in the dilapidated rental home had to be dubbed, and even the parts that weren't dubbed are of poor technical quality. I wonder why they had such issues recording dialogue inside that house? (and it looked like it was done on location, rather than in a studio) I never knew until last night
  5. Judy Knaiz from Hello, Dolly! Olivia Colman from The Favourite
  6. He stated in that quoted post why he's glad Trump was elected: his 3 Supreme Court appointees. I presume he hopes the current court composition would overturn the Roe v. Wade decision if and when a case challenging it arises. This is one reason why a lot of conservative states are passing laws now which appear to violate previous Court decisions - so that they'll get to a Supreme Court hearing, knowing that they will lose initial cases, but through appeals work their way up the ladder. I suppose to Nip all the bad stuff you get with Trump is worth it as long as Roe v. Wade is overt
  7. One person's Dreyfuss is another person's Hanks... 🙂
  8. Are you suggesting the legal mail-in votes should not have been counted? Those places where mail-in votes were counted after Election Day had to do so because their state legislatures passed laws mandating that they could not be counted until the polls were closed. In most places, this means that they could not have been opened until the polls were closed. The ballots then had to be hand-verified before being counted. Lots of jurisdictions do this in real-time as the ballots arrive in the mail. But for some reason, some states chose to do it last.
  9. India's population is growing at a much faster rate than China's, and is now estimated to be 1.366 B people, growing from just over 1B in the mid 1990s (equivalent to adding the entire population of today's U.S., and then some, in fewer than 30 years). India should pass China in population sometime in this decade. Some population estimation models show both countries peaking sometime between 2050 and 2075 and then starting to fall off. It appears this projection is based on birth rates declining below the point of replacement and net migration out of those countries. Most develop
  10. Hopefully... We haven't degenerated into a full Banana Republic yet.
  11. I believe unless you renounce you're citizenship, you are allowed back into the US, provided you can substantiate your citizenship claim. But, there's nothing stopping authorities from arresting you upon arrival (if there is a warrant for your arrest, for example). Also, a local or state police force doesn't have jurisdiction in these matters.
  12. This is probably because it was a TV movie produced by Screen Gems Television (a subsidiary of Columbia), which made a bunch of sitcoms in the 60s. Some of the sets used in the movie were (slightly) redressed sets from the Stephens' living room from Bewitched.
  13. The "generic" furniture was more realistic for the era. NFLers were middle class to upper middle class in terms of salaries, while they were in the league, at least. NFL football players made an average of around $23,000 in 1970, which is equivalent to about $150,000 today. It was not uncommon for players to have separate off-season jobs back then, to either supplement their incomes, or to prepare for a future career, as the shelf life of most NFL players is incredibly short. The big payouts for football would come years later. Today's average salary is about $860,000 (nearly 6X 197
  14. LOL. He's just as advertised, as transparent as a piece of glass. If his "allies" couldn't see that before attaching themselves to his coattails, that's entirely on them.
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