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  1. How does that compare with using an IRIG receiver?
  2. He and his fiancee were waiting a year to see what side effects people had before getting vaccinated. His fiancee and their oldest child are now vaccinated.
  3. There's a last bit of that note not captured here. ".. + leave the rest to me and the R. Congressmen"
  4. Even Congress members can't just waltz in anywhere they want...
  5. Not quite. The motion of the planets and rotation of the earth used to define time. No longer. Atomic clocks' timekeeping mechanism is based on changes in energy levels of electrons, and establishes TAI (International Atomic Time). TAI is more accurate than civil time. The variability of Earth's rotation is why we have to add leap seconds occasionally to our clocks. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leap_second
  6. It was a big deal, at least through the mid 70s, as it was the only air-conditioned domed stadium until the Superdome opened in New Orleans. The movie was a big deal to Houston, too, at the time. We would go to Astros games nearly every summer (though we lived 350 miles away and drove past the Texas Rangers home to do so) and the Astros programs would always have at least a page or two about the stadium beyond the typical "here's where the concessions and restrooms are". They had photos from Brewster McCloud in there for a year or two, as they liked to brag about all the different events
  7. Their published schedule window shortened some time ago. It's been this way at least since January 2021.
  8. But it's a Genie Production, released by Emerson Film Enterprises! Somebody ponied up the money for Eastman Color, though, which gets top billing over any of the actors.
  9. Coincidentally (or not), the Criterion Channel is also featuring neo Noirs at the moment. https://www.criterionchannel.com/neonoir
  10. You're correct. The "Vern" character was who he was speaking to, and was unseen in the ads I saw.
  11. The Vern character (Jim Varney) spawned a short-lived TV series... And Baby Bob was a short-lived CBS sitcom that was based on an ad character for several campaigns of different companies.
  12. Except dogs weren't created with those qualities. They were bred to be that way...
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