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  1. If all acceptance speeches were this humble and short (!), I might start watching the Oscar ceremonies again.
  2. That's a generational thing, I think. My grandparents on both sides did the same w.r.t. the years. It might also be a regionalism. I've also heard a slight variation on your LA pronunciation. I've heard "Los/Lahs Angle-leees" in films (and cartoons [Bugs Bunny]) up through the late 40s. I think I found the reason why these variants disappeared in the 1950s. According to the link below, the city of LA came out with an official announcement on how it is to be pronounced in 1952: http://www.laalmanac.com/geography/ge13c.php#:~:text=There was once heated debate,by the U.S. Board on
  3. I suppose the reason they're dancing with each other is that none of the native Brits know how to jitterbug yet, it being new to them? According to this article in Billboard, from 1945, just after the end of the war, the British powers-that-be wanted to eradicate the "rude American dancing" that had infiltrated their shores. https://books.google.com/books?id=kRgEAAAAMBAJ&pg=PT75&dq=billboard+magazine&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwig6KKv447rAhVJaq0KHZkYBLQQ6AEwAnoECAIQAg#v=onepage&q=jitterbug&f=false
  4. That does put a different spin on it then. I haven't seen the film before.
  5. It's been awhile, but I seem to recall that the prisoners in Stalag 17 danced together too. I think it was pretty common in times of war for those seeing action, and the folks back home, as the gender imbalance of those populations was significant.
  6. I don't think such a policy was actually written down, was it? Fellow forum member MovieCollectorOH maintains a fairly extensive TCM schedule database, as you may know. One of the reports published from this is a count of TCM premieres by broadcast year. TCM started in 1994. By the "25 years" definition/policy above, that means TCM shouldn't have shown any films made after 1969. The report from MovieCollectorOh groups films by half-decades, so 1970 is a convenient cutoff point. According to this list, in 1994, TCM's first year, TCM showed 45 films made from 1970 onward, apparently violating the "25 year policy" from the beginning of the network. The next year, the count of post-1970 film premieres is 69. http://www.moviecollectoroh.com/reports/5)movies-only_Historical-Premieres.htm
  7. Even ska punk band Sublime covered/sampled Summertime in their song Doin' Time, which also might be a good candidate. They use part of the melody and lyrics for their hook, and also have a couple of different samples of Summertime in the song, but it's not a straight cover. They originally changed the word summertime to doin' time in the lyric, but had to change it back to the original if they wanted to use it. The title was retained, but a lot of people still call it Summertime.
  8. Just about any torch song fits the bill here, I think. Here's one that's definitely not from a noir picture:
  9. Doesn't surprise me at all. Corporations are generally greedy in order to satisfy Wall Street prognosticators, so they can meet their numbers. It does get tiring being in the middle of the back-and-forth battles between corporate giants over carriage rights, though. My main concern is that we seem to be headed to a vertically integrated world that isn't much different than the studio oligopoly system that was struck down by the Supreme Court in 1948 in U.S. v. Paramount Pictures, Inc, where the studios controlled virtually all aspects of the production, distribution and exhibition of their product. BTW, just yesterday, the Department of Justice was granted a motion to lift the Paramount Decrees, which starts a two year sunset termination period. That means the studios will once again, if desired, be able to create vertically integrated organizations after the decrees are terminated.
  10. It's not on Roku or Amazon Firestick, the top 2 streaming devices in the U.S (about 70% of streaming users). It's no wonder they've only signed up 10M subscribers in their first month (compared to Disney+ which attained that benchmark in 24 hours). They have a free tier, which is unusual, but of course it's ad-supported/interrupted, content limited (about 2/3 of the catalog), and has an upper limit on amount you can stream. There's two paid tiers, a cheaper one with ads, and the more expensive one which eliminates ads. The sticking point with Roku is apparently NBCUniversal's refusal to share their ad model with them, which apparently is the model used on other Roku streaming apps. Seems that the same issues that plague cable/satellite distribution services (a fight over a piece of the pie) has carried over to streaming devices...
  11. The man is 89 years old. Even if he were to reprise his Kirk role, it wouldn't be the same. Time to move on. Nothing lasts forever.
  12. Depends on the time period for me. Up until the early 80s, it was CBS. Then NBC. I stopped watching network television by and large sometime after 2000, with the exception of 2 or 3 sitcoms. I currently only watch one single legacy network program, usually on DVR.
  13. Billy Wilder wanted it to look fake. She was playing a woman of dubious character with a past, after all, but we only learn this later in the film. Then there's the famous "George Washington" quote about the wig: Buddy DeSylva, who was better known as a songwriter, supposedly quipped: "We hired Barbara Stanwyck and here we get George Washington."
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