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  1. You'd only be missing 6 or 7 telecasts if the kinescopes aren't available, as the first telecast was in 1953. Did any organization film the awards from start to finish before TV coverage started? I know newsreel clips and the like are available. Of course, the early awards were true awards ceremonies, and not a commercial-laden variety show wrapped around an awards presentation. The first ceremony took all of 5 minutes (and the winners were already known).
  2. Thankfully we have early voting here for a couple of weeks in advance of any election. No reason is needed to vote early. There's rarely a line when you vote early. In my particular county, you can vote at any polling location within the county. Previously, you had to go to a place specific to a precinct, as they held the ballots particular to your area. This changed about 10 years ago. Some counties in Texas may still have this restriction. Is there not a buffer zone around your polling places there? Here, electioneering and campaign signs are forbidden within 100 feet of the d
  3. According to the Pension Rights Center, 56% of American workers participate in a workplace retirement plan of some sort. From Vanguard's data: The average 401(k) balance was $92K in 2019 The median 401(k) balance was $22K in 2019. As a refresher, the median is the point where half the samples are above this value, and half the samples are below this value. The discrepancy between the median and average indicates that people at the top end are skewing the average higher (same thing happens with income data and net worth data), and is an indicator of wealth disparity.
  4. True, but there was an extended family, some of whom live in the DFW area, that gathered in St. Louis for their father/grandfather's 99th birthday in the past week or two. They all took tests and tested negative before they travelled. Some came from SF by air, others by car. They all stayed either at a family member's house or a hotel. All arrived at nearly the same time. All left at the same time. When they got home, everyone in that group (about 12-15 people) had contracted COVID within 3 hours of arriving home. The 99 year old man also contracted COVID. They tried to be as safe
  5. Criticize all you want. It's a free country. Criticism of the president comes with the job, and whoever sits in the Oval Office needs to have a thick skin and take it without lashing out. Biden doesn't need me or anyone else to defend him.
  6. You need a refresher on what actually happened on Election Night. Florida (and the overall election ) was initially called by the networks for Gore. The networks had to reverse that call, moving Florida as "too close to call" and then later giving it to Bush, and then retracting that, going back to "too close to call." So no one was decisively the winner between Election Night and when the whole mess finally ended in December. Thus, there was no need for either Bush or Gore to concede until the final Supreme Court ruling.
  7. This ain't a golf course (no mulligans) or the playground (no do-overs).
  8. May Company was a large chain founded in the 1870s in Molly Brown's old stomping grounds of Leadville, CO. It became a chain of various department stores across the country through acquisitions over the years. Some stores that were part of The May Co. at one time or another include: Famous-Barr May Co. Kaufmann's Strouss May-Daniels & Fisher Hecht Meier & Frank Robinson's Loehmann's Lord & Taylor Foley's (which had already acquired Sanger Harris) Filene's Marshall Field's May was bought out by Feder
  9. She also played, in a voice role, the matriarch of the futuristic family in EPCOT Center's Horizons attraction at Walt Disney World.
  10. Always skipped over the soap opera and adventure comics in the paper, so my only cultural point of reference is this Mary Worthless sketch from the old Carol Burnett show. It's one of those sketches that goes off the rails, wobbly sets and all...
  11. Best case scenario is that the Trumpians split off from the Republican party and fade away into 3rd party status...
  12. Wouldn't be the first time... One of his many business failures... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trump_Shuttle
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