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  1. Sad news. I was just thinking about him today as I was listening to "Opening Doors" from Merrily We Roll Along, because I realized he wouldn't live to see it make the transition to the screen (I might neither - you never know what will happen). Merrily... takes place in reverse, starting with character in their 40s and working its way back to their high school graduation. In the original stage musical, a notorious flop, the characters were played by teens and 20-somethings. The film, in production now, is filming it in real-time, letting the actors age naturally into their 40-somethi
  2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Topaze_(1933_American_film)
  3. Quite a few have had families and continued to dance. I know Maria Tallchief, for one, did. She was an Osage prima ballerina (one of the 5 Moons - Native American ballerinas from Oklahoma) and danced with the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo. She later married George Balanchine and danced with his company, the New York City Ballet, becoming its first star. She was the first American to dance at the Bolshoi. At any rate, she had a daughter by her 3rd husband, at age 33 or 34, and was still dancing at the time, and continued to dance for a few years more before leaving the stage to teach.
  4. That interpretation of Mahler 4 is likely because the last movement incorporates an earlier song Mahler wrote called "Das himmlische Leben" which means The Heavenly Life, and it's intended to be a child's vision of what heaven would be like.
  5. Hmm. Same menu, same price, on the same block, but one has Gilbert, your very Italian Maitre D', dancing and Anton at the piano. I'm guessing somebody who knows the restaurant business got the stars involved (as part-owners?) to pull in customers? But it's pretty clear these two were in some way connected.
  6. Definitely 1961, since Gene Autry was Grand Marshal and the fire reference. The camera was opposite the Hollywood Pantages theatre (the adjacent Frolic Room is still there) but the Pantages now presents theatrical productions rather than showing films. The camera was placed where the W Hollywood hotel now sits. Interesting that Spartacus (in Super-Technirama!) was still playing at first-run houses more than a year after its October 1960 release.
  7. It's odd. When I was living in London about 15 years ago, one of the Sunday newspapers included an all-region DVD of Notorious in the paper for free. Yet, now we have it tied up in some type of rights issue. I still have that DVD...
  8. Well, Omaha was larger than LA back at the turn of the 20th century and larger than any city in Texas at the time, and in the top 20 in population in the late 1800s - it was a fairly major city in its early life. And unlike other cities in the region (KC, St. Louis, Chicago, etc.), it's still growing while many others are stagnating. Omaha got a lot of mentions too, once SAC moved their HQ there after WWII. It was mentioned in a lot of war movies in the Cold War era.
  9. Was going to suggest this one too, but I didn't know if Monty Woolley had too much of the limelight to qualify as an ensemble (even though he's billed 3rd, due to name recognition and the WB star/oomph power of Ms. Davis and Ms. Sheridan). But lots of the supporting players get a fair amount of screen time as they orbit around the bearded one. I looked up SAG's current qualifications for their ensemble award. If I understood it, the actors that qualify for this award are simply those who have a single-card credit (i.e., credited at the beginning of the film). Even so, apparently all
  10. The owners sold it 2 years ago to HGTV for the reality show mentioned above (A Very Brady Renovation). The exterior was made to look like it did in the establishing shots on the original TV show and the interior was gutted and rebuilt to look like the soundstage set at Paramount. The house was on the market for $1.8M. HGTV bought it for $3.5M. The owners paid $61K for it in 1973. Per Zillow, the taxes on it every year run about $50K. Here's what it looked like after the renovation:
  11. There have been automated carillons for many decades as well, usually connected to timers. In the old days, these were mechanisms that actually played the carillon's bells. Today, they tend to be electronic. My hometown's largest Presbyterian church had an old-fashioned mechanical one that played the Westminster Quarters every 15 minutes during the daylight hours, and played other songs at noon, every day. Unfortunately it's no longer working. Many churches and universities have moved to all electronic carillons, as they are less expensive to maintain, and can be programmed and played
  12. You can find this TCM synopsis quoted on message boards going back to at least 2010, which shows you how often they revisit their "database" entries...
  13. I don't think I've seen Night of the Hunter mentioned, with Robert Mitchum's creepy false prophet .
  14. She was also in a few others, like Funny Girl, if you've seen that...
  15. ?? Niagara was filmed in 3-strip Technicolor, and one of the last to be filmed in the format at 20th Century-Fox. It wasn't colorized.
  16. Per Wikipedia, AMC started running ads in 1998. They started running them during movies in 2001. The big rebrand happened in 2002.
  17. I just wonder how many cans of hairspray it took to hold up Ms. Pleshette's beehive. It's a close call which is higher, her hair, or their wedding cake...
  18. LOL. Even further back than that. I just went back to look, and it seems the first fears were raised on this forum almost 20 years ago, right after AMC made their big change. I also found complaints about AMC and TCM being "too PC"!
  19. Depends on the time of day, currently. When they're in "retro" mode in the mornings, they don't interrupt the movie with ads. Once they switch over to more modern films in the afternoon, they start running ads.
  20. It's been a while since I read the story it's based upon, but I enjoyed All About Eve much more than the story "The Wisdom of Eve." I read it in a collection of short stories that were adapted into films. The book was entitled "No, But I Saw the Movie", and it contains 18 short stories. I've pulled the book off my shelf and think I'll revisit it...
  21. Both of those have been shown on TCM before, along with The Deer Hunter and Apocalypse Now...
  22. They were sold out within an hour at most. I checked at 12 CST and they were already sold out.
  23. School police officers aren't going to have the capability to book someone in a county jail. Here are their arrest records. https://judicialrecords.wilco.org/PublicAccess/JailingDetail.aspx?JailingID=385123 https://judicialrecords.wilco.org/PublicAccess/JailingDetail.aspx?JailingID=385121 The last news reports I saw on this indicated that they had not yet been charged.
  24. They were arrested on a warrant by the Williamson County sheriff's office, not the school board or district... https://www.kxan.com/news/2-men-arrested-in-connection-to-disrupted-round-rock-isd-board-meeting/
  25. It's been advertised as a film that will be shown... https://filmfestival.tcm.com/programs/
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