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  1. That reminds me of a blog my girlfriend was following at the time of some Hollywood columnist, she showed me a few posts. I thought it was pretty funny and in good taste. The author of the blog was reading Scotty's book (original plan was probably to go from cover to cover), and he attempted to trace Bowers' steps and connect some dots, presumably to see if Bowers could tell a straight story. As I recall he didn't get that far into it. Not sure what the outcome of that ever was, though he probably just got bored with it. I know I would.
  2. I had his CD and used to play it for everyone! That particular joke didn't happen to cross my mind above though. Plagiarism! 😁
  3. The opposite of Scotty Bowers! Though I think he was just an opportunistic liar.
  4. Hell, for about the same price just get a pack of self-heating MREs, bring them in under your Winter coats and cook it on the floor in the theater. Bring some aluminum foil to contain it while cooking, and to wrap it up and dispose of when finished. https://www.thereadystore.com/mre-self-heating-emergency-meal-case-of-12
  5. I thought that was quite good. The guy that did that is actually a visual effect artist. https://www.imdb.com/name/nm2613282/
  6. Q: "What movie would you live in?" A: The Man Who Came To Dinner. (I'll have to give this one some thought and come back.)
  7. I managed to pick this one up somewhere along the way, probably Reddit, but who knows.
  8. Before WiFi there were network cables, a little bit healthier to be around. Plus I'd do something about the overgrowth against the house as it will eventually cause problems with rodents and insects. For the same reason I'd limit the decorative ivy to the outer perimeter of the porch. Hope none of this ruins the allure of the house. 😁
  9. It's sad to know Jane Powell is gone. One more of the stars from the golden era. RIP. I don't know if anyone mentioned Holiday In Mexico. One of her smaller films that also stars Walter Pidgeon as her father and US ambassador to Mexico (a perfect role for him), Xavier Cugat, Jose and Amparo Iturbi, and Roddy McDowall. It's a cute little story that revolves around her putting on her own party in Mexico with Jose Iturbi in mind, and Iturbi not being able to attend, much to her disappointment as he is her big secret crush. Pidgeon and Iturbi gain an understanding of the situation and am
  10. What were they thinking with that logo change.
  11. Bela Lugosi? Is it even meant for human consumption? Brings to mind horrific images of an old bottle of Chlordane. All jokes aside though, it's probably very good wine to begin with.
  12. White = big chips of white paint and chunks of rust left behind on my vehicle where it was bashed in. (Mine isn't white and it wasn't rusted) Truck = bottom corner of door caving in the middle area (about halfway up) on one of my doors, and making a "bottom corner"-shaped dent. Not hitting somewhere along the lower part of the door or even making a straight-shaped dent somewhere in the middle. I didn't get around to answering your entire question, but those are the evident parts. 😁 Market price for stolen plastic hubcaps is a free used hubcap for her, and the opportunity for her to
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