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  1. Disregard the colorful happy banner at the top, that only ever applies to the current month... Irrelevant for our uses here. In fact it kind of gets in the way. Instead, look at the web page to see what day of the week the first of the month falls on, and compare that to a calendar. (i.e. January starts on a Wed and February starts on a Sat - this web link you provided starts on a Sat, so it cannot be the schedule for January) That isn't 100%, as there have been consecutive months that start on the same day of the week, but usually a good way to see if you are doing this right. In the end I just look more than once and verify the numbers I entered in the URL are correct. That part of it at least works consistently.
  2. Not an issue with Firefox though, other than possibly caching a page for a while. The non-blank but empty cached page (table shows up but has no schedule entries) is indeed sometimes sent that way by the server.
  3. Pay attention to the URL the guy on that website is reusing. Copy it to a text file, just so you have it. Or bookmark that guy's page in your browser if you think you need to. It is exactly the same URL for all three months, just the month (middle number) gets changed, and sometimes the year. This is one of those things that don't change around there. It was published without any hard links, then "leaked" sort of as an in-joke, years ago when that part of the site was first put together. Various long-term posters have passed that down over the years. Most don't know what is going on, so don't feel bad. This April's initial schedule first appeared sometime yesterday, as I captured it last night. P.S. Sometimes when they first show up, they don't remain up consistently, and that's as far as I'll go here because I am in a good mood today.
  4. The most simple explanation for bars all the way around like that is the result of a widescreen or 16:9 picture, formatted for 4:3, then reformatted for 16:9. Since TCM HD originates as 16:9, it is likely someone else is taking that, formatting that for their TCM 4:3 SD channel, then also showing that on their HD channel - rather than the actual TCM HD feed. An occasional movie I can understand - in terms of source material they can use. A widescreen movie scanned in as widescreen, then formatted to fit onto SD (bars added on top and bottom), then played on HD (top and bottom bars carried over from SD and side bars added). But since you are even seeing the hosts this way, it sounds like a misconfigured provider system.
  5. That wouldn't be relevant for interference between multiple devices on a shared connection in your own home. I would look at the Internet router, maybe there is a higher priority port for video streaming these days? Or maybe one that is dedicated for gaming? I would start there. At least in theory you would want a port that would choke off or slow down the other connections in your home, in favor of the connection used for streaming. The other users just surfing the net probably wouldn't notice any difference, unless the service to your house is too slow to accommodate.
  6. Those operating this forum bring this upon themselves, with the ability now (since the forum upgrade) to arbitrarily post here without even creating an account.
  7. That's one way to breach their gated communities, host an awards show.
  8. Sepia: Probably just your AOL browser again. Some further detail (Sepia, you might as well ignore this): I was playing around with uploading an image the other day and it looks as if they have included a new package along with the recent forum upgrade: https://github.com/willnorris/imageproxy If not this, then something with a very similar name. This is just an image handler. It appears to produce a static cached version of the image that stays there, unless the filename at the source is changed or removed, or the link to the picture edited at the forum. So if you want to make improvements to an image after posting it here, as I have done with my help diagrams, just editing it on your end and overwriting the previously uploaded file won't do it. You would need to save it as a different file name, then link to that instead on this forum. Anyhow it kind of had me baffled until I saw what was going on.
  9. For future reference (because it will otherwise be promptly forgotten here), Every. Single. One. Played.
  10. I know, after reading your post, I was kind of hoping for more myself.
  11. Beyond The Time Barrier was a false alarm. I just checked, it is sitting there waiting for me on my PC DVR, recorded this morning. I played the start of it and saw the opening titles. If I had a penny for every false alarm these days, I'd be rich! If anyone was going to record these, keep your machine set to record it. As it stands, I don't consider any of these so-called late schedule retractions legit, until proven otherwise.
  12. Being a physical phenomenon, it wouldn't be rational for GW to require any sort of belief system. It is either there or it isn't.
  13. Heck, I have seen the Hope diamond in person and wasn't that impressed. There is only so much they can do. Leaving more to the imagination can work wonders.
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