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  1. Hmm I just checked and it's in my linked schedule, though it updates a few times a day. Maybe you saw it before it updated? P.S. nevermind. I see it has been in my schedule for a while, so you must have been mentioning something else.
  2. Favorites? Definitely Rhubarb and The Cat From Outer Space. Some other selections for your consideration: Disney: That Darn Cat (1965) After a kidnapped bank teller uses a neighbor's wandering cat to send an SOS, the FBI assigns a cat-allergic agent to the case. Hayley Mills • Dean Jones • Dorothy Provine • Roddy McDowall • Neville Brand • Elsa Lanchester • William Demarest Gay Purr-ee (1962) A starry-eyed cat grows weary of life on a French farm and heads for the excitement of 1890s Paris, followed by her tomcat suitor, Jaune-Tom (Robert Goulet), and his furry cohort,
  3. Also the US was taken off the gold standard in 1971, which eventually correlated to no more decent cars for $6000, among other things. Some people in Europe are already looking forward to something called Basel III, which would initially put Europe onto some sort of a gold standard. I personally don't trust anything that the powerbrokers say who have a vested interest in keeping everyone except themselves in debt. I think it would be better if it came from a different source... Stay tuned.
  4. Cool thread. I might come back to this later tonight, but for now here are a couple links. US Debt Clock. In particular, try the "Time Machine" link in the upper right hand corner. https://usdebtclock.org/ Also for anyone interested in precious metals as a hedge against inflation, here is a link to someone else's project for best dealer prices on silver. https://no-bs-silver.com/
  5. I've had dreams like this. Maybe this artist has too.
  6. I wonder if Umo is getting that from one of those "helpful" scripted dialog boxes. As for you, just the url alone worked perfectly for me.
  7. For such a big operation they have been more inept across all the bases than I could have ever imagined. But yes it has not been updated for about a month now. Ixnay. I saw this coming as there was a bit of redundancy to it. Except they chopped off the wrong part! Now we are down to whatever they pipe at us through the new prototype downstream feed for their website, rather than use the perfectly good mature feed. Enjoy...
  8. Here I forgot to include this. Firefox ended its support for XP back at version 52.9 (June 26, 2018). So that is probably the version you are running right now. Any newly patched vulnerabilities (not including "Windows viruses"), web "technologies" or new ways of doing things on the internet, and it will be left behind. https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/end-support-windows-xp-and-vista And M$ support for XP officially ended in 2014: "After 12 years, support for Windows XP ended April 8, 2014" https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-365/windows/end-of-windows-xp-support
  9. That one in your picture looks like it has a capacitive sensor, just like a standard NCVT. The PF5 mentioned above has two sensors for two modes - a 2" directional coil inside for measuring EMF, and also a capacitive sensor for voltage. The focus on these is targeted at real-world safety levels. Hence the color coded LEDs. The safety levels were correlated with actual electronic noise levels based on much research over time. The other meter, the acousticom, is for measuring RF from cell phones, wifi, microwave ovens, radio towers, etc. (you may know this, but somebody else may n
  10. My happy little mess, as described above, the result of becoming a covidiot... Yes, at least for now this is the infamous MCOH work area. Probably not what some of you might have expected. It's probably compulsory to say it's not as grungy as it looks with the flash. In the foreground is "the laptop", just an old Dell Latitude with the functional copy of my database that is also backed up in many different places (my main computer - running on Linux Mint). In the background are my Windows 7 and Linux Mint internet video computer - mainly for some background noise while I work. On th
  11. I remember the GX280 and similar form-factors from Dell. Very nice models back in the day, I saw lots of them in use. I take it yours didn't suffer from the notorious "capacitor plague"? That was a thing back then. Also it looks like you like to keep older computers going. I used to have a TI-994a. Probably not in the same league, but that was my first home computer. Was mostly a gaming console with built-in BASIC and word processing capability with added software cartridges. Not a whole lot more. My original is lost but I managed to get a replacement on Ebay years ago. Only prob
  12. Each to his own. In my case it was a combination of simplifying and staying up to date. As I understand, Windows 7 is now no longer supported. I actually have 4 different computers. One laptop at my table (my principal computer which I do most things). Two HP 8300 ultra-small desktops at my table (one running Windows 7 for VideoRedo - a processor-intensive video recoding program), the other a Linux Mint box for watching Internet videos and so forth off to the side while I work on my laptop doing something else. That computer also runs my schedules that I generate and auto-upload, si
  13. Last time I went to a Wal-Mart was sometime near the start of the Scam-Demic last year. I needed something unusual I knew they had. They had 25 or so unused cash registers, and a little "room" on the way to the exit, boxed in with partitions. Inside of that were about 6-8 self-checkout stations and an attendant. Last time I ever went in there. It is in an okay part of town, but that Wal-Mart is the main thing that makes news in our weekly police blotter, for people trying to steal stuff at night. They usually make it out the door and then the cops catch them in the parking lot or on the
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