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  1. πŸ˜„ Well I don't have any particular order of preference, other than Gojo being in town for me (about an hour or so), so I could literally drop in there and talk to some of them during their smoke breaks, pick their brains a bit, and report back here on what they are smoking. Don't get any pumice in your eyes.
  2. Just saw The War With Grandpa (2020), starring Robert DeNiro, over at my neighbors. That started off with DeNiro, as a crotchety-crotch old grandpa, gratuitously harassing/ physically assaulting a black guy. No problems with that, right? No I didn't think so. BTW, we immediately thought of that Coming To America scene too. 😁
  3. This reminds me of DL Hand Cleaner, which I used to use many years ago after working on the car or out and around the house. It is a soft lanolin-based hand cleaner. They've apparently changed their can from a dark blue cardboard can with metal top and bottom and plastic lid, to this. https://www.permatex.com/products/hand-care/hand-cleaners/dl-permatex-blue-label-cream-hand-cleaner/ In more recent years I have used either Zep or Gojo after working on the car. Both of these companies offer an Orange-scented product with pumice, for thicker grime (one of my friends who used t
  4. Or maybe something revealing happened at The Mouse that changed their perspective on things, which wouldn't surprise me the least. Which reminds me, I need to check my traps around the house. P.S. what a title for a thread.
  5. klicken Sie hier: https://pluto.tv/live-tv/johnny-carson-tv?utm_source=homepage
  6. May not be there to speak "ex-cathedra" - i.e. Could be there to troll?? (just a possible scenario, no matter how unlikely)
  7. If those tea lights are the real thing, they can burn for at least a good three hours. That is a significant amount of movie discussion. Real or Energizer though, I'd put them into proper glass holders.
  8. Yeah, the online schedules can differ from the on-screen schedules. I don't put much thought into the shorts on the online schedule, other than to document the times they actually do show up on it.
  9. There were a few back and forth exchanges, could have been more. One or two posters mouthed off at him or something. Conversation was asymmetrical and lopsided, as well as one might expect anything to go on here without any moderator presence (all online conversations with celebrities that I have ever seen always have an active moderator). It looked like he was testing the waters and thought "nah, I don't think so".
  10. This is probably it, Traffic With The Devil (1946).
  11. Whether intentional or not, at least for one song these younger guys seem to get it
  12. Hey, here's one. No, I wasn't in that crowd, I was at the square dance the next tent over. 😁
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