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  1. Just playing around with the TOR browser here, currently some implementation of Firefox. Not to be confused with my beloved VPN connection which I normally use to access around the US. Nothing meaningful in mind. Other than the fact that I don't have a Dish connection. Kind of cute... Is this from a movie?? I'm kind of thinking about putting this on my home page. Click twice or thrice or cuatro to properly expand picture.
  2. Yes. I just haven't looked at your work yet, my eyes are killing me right now. I'll post back. P.S. There are just slightly under 10,000 different feature films they have shown in their history (most repeating, some not). So the numbers have to be less than that. Unless I am not following, which is also a likelihood here.
  3. I was looking at your post in another thread, Just to clarify, "no repeats" means per TCM broadcast year. So that statistic gets reset for each broadcast year. Let's say North By Northwest is shown 100x in 2015 and 100x in 2016. In the unique column of my tabulation page, that would count as 1 unit in 2015 and 1 unit in 2016. So these numbers are not unique in the history of TCM, just per year. I hope that didn't throw you off.
  4. From the bottom of my home page, this is a running tally of what I don't actually have. Apr-May-Jun 1994 Jun-Dec 1998 Jan-Oct 1999 Nov 2000 It continues to dwindle, cmovieviewer recently sent me November 1998.
  5. 4) The void on March 31 between Hotel and Adam's Rib has been filled out with creature features.
  6. Thanks for starting a thread, I've been in conferences all day. It looks like my schedule flipped on its own without any issue this time.
  7. Please, close the door gently. Unless of course if you might be channeling Fred Astaire's upside-down set designer from Royal Wedding and all those bits and pieces of curio and other crap are solidly attached to the moving frame.
  8. It looks like this place is set up for entertaining. Wide open spaces and room for at least 30-40 to congregate. I would I find that half-bath off the kitchen a bit disturbing though if I were invited to dinner as a guest. Just bad logistics all around, including when the kitchen exhaust fan is used and someone is in there. I've visited plenty of older homes though that never had a bath on the first floor (you'd have to go upstairs). I'd have to see the layout of this home to be sure, but maybe seal up that kitchen wall and open it up to another room. Or else undo that half-bath altog
  9. Here, try this. A clip of approximately the time OP mentioned. Anyone with the intelligence level of at least a gnat (and an up-to-date browser) should be able to see this. Click full screen for best results. Maybe download the file first, then play, if there are bandwidth issues. I am just too lazy to downsize. https://moviecollectoroh.com/tmp/Its in the Bag (1945) clip.mp4
  10. My expectation, not that many people are going to have that many original ideas. So after they exhaust their own concepts, they go on to editing each other's ideas, then they come up with an internal boilerplate approach to writing their episodes. Every now and then I have seen old movies referenced, sometimes even acknowledged in the title of the episode. I've mostly just seen this with older sitcoms. Then there is non-fiction or current events passed under the guise of fiction or sci-fi. Or social engineering passed off as comedy or drama. At that point it is not so much about original
  11. Sounds about right, being that it isn't the other way around. One of my buddies is an over the top consumer-tech junkie, though he became this way by attempting to relate to his kids.
  12. Here's a YT link. All I did was I search for "Sound Effects Show at Universal Studios" and that returned some links to crowd-sourced videos of guest shows at Universal. In particular, ones where audience members were invited up front to make noise with acoustic noisemakers on demand "when the red light goes on", cues that went along with a movie scene that the audience saw, and in some cases later played back for the volunteers to see as well. So click on this link and look at some of the videos. It seems to be a multi-part question based on research/personal experiences of those who vis
  13. LOL I'm thinking some people on here post by talking into their cell phones. I have a buddy that finds stores that way. Me, I have a stand-alone GPS in the car, all the maps are stored in it. That way when the cell service craps out, and I am out of town, it still works perfectly. Each to their own.
  14. It is probably safe to say that most people alive today have never seen "great cinema". Classic movies streamed over an ipad type of device, sure.
  15. He sort of strikes me as an Andy Rooney type, except that Rooney might have declared movies from certain years to be terrible because that is when the stock market went down, the price of gas and food went way up, Texas froze over, people walked around with cardboard stuffed in their shoes to plug up the holes, and nobody thought to get out to the theaters and finance the studios. But that is why they gave Rooney the last minutes of each show.
  16. Pulling up his show summaries on my computer's free podcast player (uses iTunes data), his last show was on Feb 2. They have had guest hosts since. Cancer sucks, and politics aside, I know this firsthand. RIP
  17. It might be an interesting exercise though for a music dept somewhere to run a grad project to deconstruct Holly's musical elements versus linguistic and semantic cues in his lyrics, using his finished songs as case studies. Then use that as a guide to produce let's say an album's worth of interpretations. Then gather up some session performers and track it at this purpose-built recording studio: That would be more feasible overall anyhow I think than trying to reimagine Welles' visual composition using CGI (or animation) as a crutch to fill out some missing movie
  18. Somehting to do with Crayola crayons and meat hooks?
  19. I recall you were in an area where the schedule didn't line up. Post back with feedback, but only if you feel like it. You have been a big help around here already. P.S. Now I see someone posted an issue in the technical complaint forums just this past Wednesday that the times on the schedules are still not correct for her. So while a new mechanism may have been put in place just a week ago (this much is for certain), maybe it is not fully implemented or tuned in yet.
  20. Not exactly nuclear secrets from the early cold war era, but like anything else coming out of there, it is an NDA wrapped up in an enigma wrapped up in an NDA..
  21. Just above some of the chatter here, I noticed back on Sunday that the schedule page actually loads in a different way now, for the better. I can assure you that this change has been made, as it affected my own "new feed" schedule until I fixed it by redirecting to a newer address. In doing so, I noticed there are now separate data feeds for EST, CST, and so forth. This change looks like it happened last Saturday. This is actually a good change, no matter how you might look at their updated website. Think of it as being a bit more complete. It now sends each time zone a different dat
  22. And I was trying to make it feasible on my end. One unit = one feature-length movie. Easy peasy.
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