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  1. Less is often more though. I like Stagecoach too, so I found it at least interesting to see these numbers.
  2. It's been a while since I posted this, Lloyd Price performing Personality live in the 1980s with the Huey Lewis & The News band. I'm guessing it is from about 1985, around the time they did the music for Back To The Future. A I hadn't made that connection in the past, with the intro chopped off on previous uploads. Also most likely a few guys from Tower Of Power in the back, as they toured with them that year. Just a great session all around. How many times does he sing the word "over". Well, one drinking game calls for another. Or not... 😁 Dedicated to the hosts.
  3. In addition to what slayonf addresses: Due to the reduced audio resolution of the film soundtrack on older movies, there is a tighter audio dynamic range (less difference between louds and softs). This works out to our benefit with the older films as we can listen and hear everything without it getting too loud. Accordingly the audio engineers back at that time needed to be diligent and carefully balance everything so it all fit comfortably within that envelope. Think of the Abbey Road Studio engineers during the Beatles era and before. For newer movie soundtracks, the digital audio technology has allowed for bigger differences in dynamic range - just like a CD player. That and it has been common practice since about the early 1990s for movie audio producers to exploit these capabilities with loud explosions and special effects noises. That often leaves the spoken dialog much softer, when played back at a reasonable level, unless one brings the volume up to first-run theater levels, which would be intolerable for many in their homes. One solution here might be to have a TV or audio receiver with features that "compress" or "normalize" the audio levels as the movie plays back. This may be a non-standard audio feature which is built-in on some newer TV or audio equipment, or maybe as an add-on inline or external audio device. In some other cases it may also work out to one's benefit to have insufficient or cheap built in TV speakers which are just incapable of reproducing the loud peaks... 😁 P.S. I have good hearing, and I hate that about newer movie soundtracks too.
  4. A hasty job by the original developers/system integrators and/or a hasty implementation of an older preexisting software system on a newer platform. That and not enough time to perform the necessary quality control to suss out these types of issues that can and do come up. This is an organizational issue. In short, nothing that the people who put together the schedule each month would be doing or have any control over.
  5. Dropped in the middle of last month but not yet replaced, so I wouldn't rule it out. (Currently just a void in the schedule) The online schedule monster might be acting up again.
  6. Here it is for free on Youtube. I probably should have posted it above. Enough to match your points from your first post which I did above.
  7. My World Dies Screaming (1958) young married couple - check one "black sheep" character -- I think a fairly young blonde-haired guy - check regarding the ownership of the estate - check house had two stories - check the bride and groom or engaged couple are separated, with the man perhaps giving the woman a gun and telling her not to leave her room - check maybe the car has been sabotaged - check
  8. "Old Man Of The Mountain", before and after. Niagara Falls temporarily diverted, for maintenance
  9. Precisely. Though there is nothing "new" or "novel" about it. Just abnormal. It is your typical frenzy.
  10. Think of all the missed opportunities to watch Just Imagine...or Hot Spell.
  11. Nothing can compare to a good cryogenic frost.
  12. I'm sure you will let us know when it gets to the point where it seems like a pharmacist dispensing medication, or maybe forced vaccinations.
  13. I'm more of a Decoration Day "visit our family and friends monuments" type of guy than a Fourth Of July "Lite 'Em Up BANG BANG BANG" type of guy, but am planning a nice quiet time with family. My family members who served in WWII are gone, but not forgotten. My one humble storyteller of an old uncle who served would probably just chuckle and say "what do you want to watch that old junk for". Must be a generation gap thing, plus he is no longer around to tell us stories. 😁
  14. As per my last post, I've added the "percentage repeat" calculations to just this one report, as an ongoing feature. I just needed some down time to get into "the zone", fellow keyboard warriors can probably relate. http://www.moviecollectoroh.com/reports/1)movies-only.htm Personally I like to see bigger numbers in the "unique" column, that insures best variety in production date ranges of interest over anything else. The percentage repeated is another indicator of scheduling activity, though it might just indicate filler for other production date ranges you are not as interested in nonetheless.
  15. Yes. http://www.moviecollectoroh.com/reports/TCM_SCHEDULES_SUMMARY_alpha.htm What, no links?? Oddly enough I was just thinking of that post, which seemed like a tedious idea at the time. Here it is: https://forums.tcm.com/topic/263940-how-do-we-complain-about-the-programming-it-is-happening-more-and-more-where-i-have-to-change-the-channel-from-tcm-to-anything-intelligent-that-i-can-find-as-there-are-no-classic-movies-showing-anywhere-why-is-that-happening-more-and-more/?do=findComment&comment=2193636 What we are interested now is the percentage of 'repeats' for feature-length movies during a year. E.g. take all the unique feature-length movies shown during a year (for ease, lets say that is 1,000). Then how many of these 1000 unique movies were shown more than 5 times during the year; say that is 20. That would be 0.02% Repeat for shown 5 times, 4 times, 3 times or 2 times. This way we could tell if there were more repeats in, say 2019, than there were in prior years. Thanks This is the report in question: http://www.moviecollectoroh.com/reports/1)movies-only.htm As it stands, per your question, one can already derive from this report a "lump sum" percent of all the time slots (per year) which are repeats: ("including repeats" - "unique") / "including repeats" Or just visually compare the two sets of numbers ("unique" vs. "including repeats"). I can understand adding another column to perform the math above, but is there any common sense purpose in further breaking that down into various different numbers of repetition? That just looks like a tangent and extra work to me. That is about the extent of what I had in mind here. Nothing fancy, just some quick numbers, not a "mutant ninja" spreadsheet to cross-examine TCM's scheduling practices.
  16. Data integrity issues with the on-screen guides are definitely something to keep in mind, just the same as with their online schedules.
  17. Very nice! When their software glitches happen to not affect you, that is.
  18. I just looked into my records and... Until The End Of The World first appeared on my on-screen guide (Schedules Direct) on June 2, that's the maximum of 13 days ahead that they list anything. The TCM website first listed Salvatore Giuliano on March 30, but never changed it. So this isn't exactly a last-minute change for them, but is rather a last-minute realization for us.
  19. Here's the original design. The jet engines are shaped like a cigar and fit neatly under the wing, as designed. Now here's the "upgrade". The engines are shaped more like a can of tuna and won't fit under the wing. So the whole thing is naturally unbalanced. They didn't want to redesign and recertify certain parts of the airframe to meet the needs of this different engine (a different landing gear I think). So it can't fly straight on its own, without flight computers and two small sensors on the front (the second one an option) being operational. Don't you think a big jet aircraft like that should be capable of flying straight as an arrow, as per mechanical design alone and without any computer assistance?? What frame of mind were they in. It was crippled out of the gate.
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