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  1. Looks to be a bit less comfortable for a "daily driver". I'll bet somebody somewhere has a car with a steering wheel shaped like bicycle handlebars, but that doesn't make it a good idea.
  2. Ding ding ding. We have a winner! P.S. Hope being "the bachelor" is part of it, he was just a guy who wanted to be left alone. The other part was the silly generic 1960s housing and the hordes of unsatisfied housewives living in "paradise". Within the first few minutes I was hooked. Mmm. Cheese.
  3. I'll bet there is someone out there who wondered how long it would be until somebody else posted this. With baseball games now going on in empty stadiums, they got that part wrong. Some other parts are spot-on. Not bad for a 45 year old film. Warning, use of this corporate product may cause sleepiness, delirium, anxiety, suicidal thoughts or intestinal blockage.
  4. What you see on my website is just the end result, which is all most wish to see. Unlike a blog though, none of it is based on opinion. Behind the scenes there's a very intricate relational database which generates everything, fed by carefully vetted schedule data, assembled and managed by computer professionals, each with different interests and specialties who are also fellow TCM viewers. This is another table which does a good job at tabulating TCM's history, with the dropouts in the mid to late 1990s explained by the missing months listed on bottom of the home page. http://www.moviecollectoroh.com/reports/1)movies-only.htm Wikipedia, in comparison, is rather irrelevant to our cause here - as I'm sure our work would be to them. I wouldn't even want my project mentioned there, due to the potential for our work to be misrepresented and misunderstood without my knowledge.
  5. I've long theorized that anything played in a minor key would correlate with Noir. Some better than others.
  6. Since the 1990s, various touring pop stars who like to be seen playing a grand piano on stage bring one with the keyboard and action (all the hammers) removed and left behind. That all slides out in one piece just like a drawer, and a then a high end digital keyboard is pushed into its place, with the back of it sitting underneath the strings where the piano hammers would be. They use keyboards this way for consistency. Also a digital keyboard doesn't need to be tuned each time it is moved. The piano otherwise wouldn't necessarily need to be modified and can often be returned to normal configuration just by sliding out the digital keyboard and sliding the mechanical action back in. This is a simple mod - sometimes just one screw on each side of the action holds it in place. Piano movers and piano tuners remove them all the time. Cool clip BTW
  7. A deleted remake? Future plans for a remake that have been scrapped? I presume deleted originals are off the table here.
  8. Youtube schmootube. I'd start with using the search function on his own website. Holy crap!! Brad Garrett on June 29. Must listen!! https://www.gilbertpodcast.com/ Oh yeah, here's the Robert Osborne episode. https://www.gilbertpodcast.com/robert-osborne/?highlight=Robert Osborne I'ma gunna listen ta both.,.. 😁
  9. We definitely have some overlap in our interests. In my corner it would be vintage stage and production equipment. I have in fact noticed those very lights on Ebay before. There is nothing like those, I have contemplated getting a couple myself, in addition to an RCA BX-44 and some other cool things like that. But there is one problem...back in the 1960s, as you point out, this stuff was just old leftovers. Now it is collectors items. I have looked at the prices of these over the last 20 years or so, and they have only gone up. Same exact thing goes for the gigantic old Goldberg film projection reels, except that was a more recent thing. Should have purchased that stuff back then, but who would have known.
  10. For me, and I haven't done it yet, I need to get TOS on Bluray just because it has both the new CGI-restored version (as does the DVD), but more importantly it also has the UNRESTORED version where you can see some of the prop wires, gaff tape, and other implements that earlier TV couldn't clearly show.
  11. Geez louise that Dustin Hoffman movie looks bad. At least They Shoot Horses looks like a movie. 😁
  12. There's a winding section of country road a couple towns away from me where cars often veer off the road. One homeowner, just after the crest of one of the curves, put up big heavy concrete blocks, set back about 50 feet or so in his yard. Then he planted some foliage around that to make it look better, obscuring the concrete blocks. If you look carefully on a sunny day, you can see broken pieces of cars all around that. It was either that or his house. P.S. @lydecker Just some free association, based on the premise of your post being due to inattentive drivers.
  13. You talking about searching for a title on the TCBDB page? That is just a bit slow, I use it at the end of each month to verify a few titles myself, and it still works. It might seem like it is dead, but it just needs a few seconds. Also it helps to not put the year into it, even if the year matches whatever year they have for it (whether their year is actually correct or not, it doesn't matter). Using this method, you may need to scroll through a few pages of listings just to get to the movie you are looking for.
  14. Agree on Dick Cavett. He's got to be getting up there in years.
  15. I wouldn't know. I'm just a big hunk of cheese.
  16. This thread would be worthless without pathetic jokes.
  17. HDD recording using a PC. An average of 800 titles per volume for me, and just now I am rounding out volume #8. Nice compromise if you can figure out how to do it.
  18. Hmm... did Etsy go away and then come back? Their domain registration records indicate otherwise, but I could swear they publicly signed off at one point. Their home page used to just have a pretty brunette wearing sunglasses, but now she is gone. Then for a while nothing but a "farewell" message. Maybe they decided to reboot due to the shutdown, so they could claim what is theirs and is sitting at home all around the country waiting for them? P.S. never mind, after thinking about this some more, I think I was remembering iOffer.com https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IOffer
  19. "The flexibility of the Holodeck program is limited to the Dixon Hill novels" Actually this isn't the particular Holodeck scene I was looking for.
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