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  1. 1 minute ago, UMO1982 said:

    The IMDb home web is 100% difference than it was before the recent change....  It happened soon after they went thru another iteration of their WEIGHTED rating system that dumped the ratings of most silent films.

    Stating facts is not necessarily complaining.... it's stating facts



    I'm just talking about the structure of the site itself.  My personal IMDB scraping program that I put together back around 2012 or so still works perfectly, with very few actual changes on my end, which would reflect changes on their end.

  2. 1 minute ago, jamesjazzguitar said:

    Really?  What's so funny about it.     I sincerely respect your POV so I what is so "odd' about what I'm laying down.

    Granted maybe MOVIE-TV programmers don't visit this forum.   Maybe they just hired folks that are into noir and iconic noir actors.   Maybe that took that Ball State course (ha ha).     But my overall point is valid (I believe);   MOVIES-TV programming has been overlapping a lot in the last year or so.    I don't think that is just a coincidence. 



    No, I'm just taking what you said at face value.  You are probably right.

  3. 10 hours ago, Curtis DeHaven said:

    I'm a computer software developer.  Until yesterday, I had a computer program that would access TCM's programming schedule via its API and then send me a notification of any films I might be interested in.  This morning I noticed it failing.   Upon investigation I see the web site is also way different than the last time I looked.  I guess the new look included getting rid of their API.  : (

    Does anyone else use the API or have any information as to whether it might come back?




    Not on this side of their iron curtain.  Good luck with that "API",  I didn't even know there was such a thing - unless you are just talking about the same thing the rest of us are - the ability to view "future months" that is no longer there. 

    Like this:


    Or this:



  4. 4 minutes ago, jamesjazzguitar said:

    There is a lot more completion for TCM now;  multiple stations that feature American studio-era movies.      E.g. Last week after I saw that MOVIES-TV was spotlighting "iconic actor Dan Duryea",  I made a joke that MOVIES-TV programmers must visit this forum (since there is a lot of love for Duryea at this forum and I doubt few others).   

    My point here is that stations like MOVIES-TV are looking at TCM schedules and adjusting their own based on this: e.g.  leasing films associated with actors,  directors etc... that are favorites of American studio-era movie fans.      I.e. they are using TCM's  schedule like one uses a focus group.      I'm sure MOVIES-TV is doing this;   E.g. they will feature an actor or certain films a week or so before TCM does.


    That's some funny stuff right there.

  5. 56 minutes ago, UMO1982 said:

    This seems aligned with IMDb's recent design change that now advertises movies in theaters, streaming, etc. The very design works against its being a database. It's now a PLATFORM and a bunch a stuff got dumped so they can hawk NOW PLAYING.

    The SHOP also seems beefed up (but still very limited).

    And the search function is now GLACIAL

    As for IMDB, the basic layout of their site hasn't changed much at all over the years.  They have just been stacking more and more advertising and incentives onto it without really redefining anything else, which is good for guys like me.

    In contrast, the main issue with the schedules was the glitchy software.  Now that they have replaced it, it seems they could go down one of two paths.  Either it hasn't been completed yet, or else this is the end product.  Since nobody from there is allowed to establish dialog on this message board, we are only left to guess.

    Keep posting complaints here, and on Facebook/Twitter/Zillow/etc.

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  6. 4 hours ago, skimpole said:

    Peggy Sue got Married can't be a premiere.  I saw it on TCM two weeks ago. 

    Correct.  Both instances show up in my premieres list, which are there because the first time is also there (Sept).  After Sept rolls off, then they will no longer be listed.  Just a quirk I didn't bother to work out. 

    Without any more future months, it isn't going to matter anymore anyhow.

    I have been retooling a few things on my end to work with the different Jscript/JSON stuff on this new site, as it works differently from the plain HTML on the old site.  So far so good on my end.  If they decide to restore or make available the "future months" again, then I can use that too.

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  7. 3 hours ago, cmovieviewer said:

    I'm trying to bite my tongue, but requirement #1 of a TCM web-based schedule is to list the films that are being shown at their correct start times.

    The fact that the times are not correct for the major U.S. time zones on switchover shows a tremendous lack of care and/or oversight on the part of the people making the change.

    Don't bleed out too hard.

    I think I've found the culprit here:  😁


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  8. 52 minutes ago, Fedya said:

    I don't get the option to save as PDF.  (Firefox on Linux Mint)

    I have the same, and just to make sure, I just checked both the Linux Mint 19.3 and 20 USB live sessions.  I'm pretty sure this is just default Firefox:

    In Firefox, when I click Print, I get the option to "Print to file".  Then the default Linux file location for that is "~/mozilla.pdf" (~ being the base home folder on the hard drive for the current user - same as "/home/{username}".

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  9. x

    4 minutes ago, Athos said:

    Right, but it does list showings beyond October 29th, the farthest we can look ahead in the Daily Schedules tab. So the content for November and December is still there on the new website, just not viewable to us. 

    Well I am heading out for the night.  Keep posting on this.  Make a bunch of new threads, keep the moderator busy.  Post on Facebook/Twitter, put them into damage control mode.  Anything to get through to them about this.

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  10. 2 hours ago, Fedya said:

    Trying to copy the monthly schedule and paste it into a word processor doesn't seem to be working, either.  It's brought LibreOffice to a screeching halt and won't paste anything.  And those thumbnails serve no purpose if you want to save stuff.  (And I couldn't get October's schedule.)

    At least pasting it into a text editor works.

    No, I don't want to print it out, at least not formatted the way they have it on the web page.  Four or five movies per page?  Ridiculous.

    I am investigating these options as we speak.  Click on button on monthly page to print/save as PDF, then open that in a PDF viewer and copy and paste to a plain text editor is one way to go here.  It doesn't try to interpret the other binary junk associated with the PDF file.  Just the plain text.

    As far as Libreoffice goes, Libreoffice Draw is the program that can open PDF files for editing.  I just tried, and it worked for me.  It takes a while to open them though, and not really much point in opening it there...

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  11. Wonder if this fixes the problem with the intermittent blank time slots.   $5 says "no".

    It looks as if they just changed it over to some generic "one size fits all" web package.  All default settings.

    It looks as if they tried to appeal to the "why can't I get the Now Playing guide" crowd.  Lots of pretty pictures (sorry, not really my thing at the expense of future months gone).  Maybe it is still in a state of flux. 

    I'd like to see them at least restore the "hidden future months" pages, or point out how we can access them, before they completely abandon it again for another 10-15 years.

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  12. 3 hours ago, hamradio said:


    someone watched video....too bad.




    I have found these things to work rather well to move air around a room, or an entire floor of a house, for cooling.  No wall mounting necessary, or likely.


    Just put a block of wood under the front of it to point it up a bit. 

    Ironically, they also make ridiculously good consumer-market forced draft fans (like what boilers use), for getting a bonfire going outside when there isn't any breeze.  But unlike that scary wiring, these won't do anything to cause a fire.

  13. Hmm...  I found my bit of theory above quite interesting, as I hadn't previously thought of how well those two principles line up.  It's not intended to be a complete thesis, not any more than my database for this network was when I first started working on it, but rather it just branches off in an unfamiliar and new direction that I myself don't know where it will end up.  A "hmm, that's interesting" moment.  All I do is connect the dots and see where it takes me.

    P.S. I think that bright splashes of color used for blood and gore, and loud sound effects are just work-arounds, whereas the B&W can afford to be more subtle and sublime - that was my whole point of interest.

    The thought about the Blair Witch Project with both B&W (presumably exposed for B&W in the traditional sense) and color segments just sounds like a multi-vector approach, assaulting the senses (and sensibilities) from different angles as so many modern movies do, sometimes to the point where you are left feeling numb when it is over.

  14. On 9/26/2020 at 10:38 PM, NipkowDisc said:


    That reminds me, there's a good bit out there with Richard Kline (Larry on Threes Company), being a not-so-good (actually sucky) lounge singer.  This reminded me of that, though this seems vastly longer.  😁

  15. I am posting this after a few wines.

    I realize they don't go by the NEC (US national electric code) - especially outside of the US, no electrical junction box behind the switches on the wall (that is a real POS wiring job BTW), but holy crap...  Is this "good times" for them?


  16. Okay I'll bite, no pun intended.

    Color may look more modern for certain things, but...

    I think it comes back to the main reasons why B&W movies overall cannot be realistically colorized.  The lighting techniques are different.  Also B&W is exposed for the darkest parts - it is most important to keep the darkest parts dark, whereas color is exposed for highlights.  So apples and oranges.  One is fundamentally different from the other.  Those are just starting points though.

    The human eye has about 20x as many rods as cones.  Also the cones are spaced more closely together in the center.  So realize it or not, most of our vision is in the B&W domain in real life (rods), even though we may attribute the world we see in terms of color (cones).


    Not much perception is lost with B&W films.  In fact I think certain things are gained with B&W, as our B&W senses (rods) are more acute and finely tuned for seeing in the dark.  So that, combined with the aforementioned correct exposure for B&W film, provides for a more immersive experience.  Color films often look "flat" to me in comparison.

    I think this goes beyond horror though.  It draws me in and conveys better emotion in all genres.  My thoughts?  B&W, correctly exposed, correlates well to the wider range that we see in B&W, resulting in a more immersive experience.

    Chew on that for a while.   😁

  17. Here's a scary one.  This girl's dad is helping her wire up a vanity mirror with lights.  Except her dad, as helpful as he tries to be,  doesn't have a clue about electrical code.  Initially he somehow gets the wire nuts right, but then it is all downhill from there.  And what is it with cutting up a silly little 18 gauge white extension cord to power up all those lights?  (apparently a case of bad example going around on Youtube among all the non technical people making these things)

    If you are like me you will want to mute the soundtrack.


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  18. 4 hours ago, Bogie56 said:

    You used to be able to type ...


    .... and then everything that followed would be hidden only to be revealed by a toggle.

    That function does not seem to be available any longer?

    I haven't tested and verified, but...going with the flow...  Same deal as with other tags.  It looks/sounds as if external tags are stripped off, for the sake of posters who indiscriminately copy and paste in a bunch of randomly formatted  junk directly from other websites (this part I agree with). 

    The reply box though wouldn't know the difference between something you typed in or something you pasted in from another web page. 
    If it's a tag, it's gone. https://moviecollectoroh.com/pics_to_hotlink_on_TCM/forum-wine-drinker.gif

    Now maybe one of the nameless faceless people out there could be sweet-talked into putting a "spoiler" button onto that cutesy little text formatting toolbar that so many people had trouble with.  But you probably wouldn't want to upset that apple cart.  https://moviecollectoroh.com/pics_to_hotlink_on_TCM/forum-twisted.gif

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