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  1. Mike and Frank from American Pickers paid him a visit, so I had a chance to meet him through their eyes. I have always wondered what he was like. So there is a memorable episode from about a few years ago that may be getting reaired on the History Channel.
  2. My favorites were the "Munster Coach" and the "Pea Green Family Roadster" from National Lampoon's Vacation, with its double row headlights.
  3. This may not be enough notice for some, but Here are a few Wheeler & Woolsey films tomorrow morning. I don't know if these are "rare", but these are lesser played and I didn't have any of them in any form yet. Half Shot at Sunrise [this is only the second airing scheduled since 2001] MPs in Paris chase two AWOL doughboys (Bert Wheeler, Robert Woolsey) posing as officers with the colonel's daughter (Dorothy Lee). Movie Rating: NR Star Rating: 2/4 Movie Release Year: 1930 Genre: Comedy Monday, November 09, 2015 6:00 AM - 7:30 AM Cracked Nuts [fourth airing] Two rich Americans (Bert Whe
  4. That's very close to a recent idea I had, "Star of the Week." The SOTWs can be integrated among SOTM for "filler material" instead of playing NXNW a dozen more times. That may or may not be a good thing though, as the very rare stuff might get pushed back even further to the bottom of the stack. So I'l go on record and correct myself any say let's either have SOTM or SOTW, but not both in the same month. If there were both, then there wouldn't be much time to get to the rarities after they get done showing everything else on their clock.
  5. Hmm. The two pictures at least have an authentic look to them, which can be hard to do if they decide not to go too general and glaze over the details. The people wearing solid-colored outfits, presumably coming out of a church with a stone facade. The shoes, the hairstyles, the purses, the two carrying blankets. The blue button-up sweater worn over a white blouse. These are all specific things I either remember from when I was younger, or have seen in older pictures. Now I know where all the surplus items like that have gone. Maybe just out-of-frame there might have been people with T-
  6. LOL actually I was thinking of another movie in that list as I was typing that, Cloverfield (2008). I saw that one in the theaters and it is full of scenes where someone holding a camera is getting chased by monsters. So those parts are all jittery and hard on the eyes to look at. As it presumably is with other movies like that, the victim gets killed and the camera gets recovered, and you are watching the footage that was found.
  7. Meh... A "like" is either just a "post" command, or a "submit" command. Not too much different from just sending the code to pull up a webpage, which can be done using an automated process. In English, I am saying that any baboon with a 6th grade education can figure out how to copy some sample source code from web pages, copy some user names, and then incorporate that into something bigger that randomly make posts, likes, or anything else that a real human could do. They are not very clever, and there is nothing interesting, useful, or of any intrinsic value about it.
  8. The worst of those in my opinion are the more recent "found footage" types of movies, such as The Blair Witch Project. http://www.imdb.com/list/ls052694809/
  9. I have a love for technical side of things too. I never joined IATSE, but that would have been the way to go for me.
  10. I am posting this here because I don't know where else to put it, since you have an interest in vintage technical equipment and techniques. I just happened to come across it. It is from Show Girl in Hollywood (1930) - said to be available from WB archives. In this clip you can see the studio orchestra facing the sound stage (in what might look like an audience area at first), early camera isolation booths, the actual noise from the cameras, the sound mixing board - with only a few huge knurled-grip knobs, and if you look for it, a technician in a backroom carefully watching the sound-on-dis
  11. After about 23 pages of it, I would say it is similar to a denial-of-service type of attack. Basically rendering the board inaccessible or useless.
  12. Wow, as of this morning the General Discussions thread is about 23 pages deep in spam. Maybe it is time to rethink the posting policies for new or inactive users, in particular the permissions granted on creating new threads and number of posts allowed per day, until a probationary period has passed where account holders have proven themselves. It looks like these spam accounts have been registered shortly before they start hammering away.
  13. Okay here's one more of these things. Previously I have accounted for TV TIME SLOTS. Here is a different and new take on it for me - UNIQUE FEATURES. So if you are playing along, the numbers will be smaller here since everything is only accounted for only once for each TCM Schedule Year. Of particular interest to me, and worthy of mention IMO, is that TCM's inventory seems to have grown in the last 15 years. And I think that is a very good thing. Jan 2001 - Dec 2015. (schedule believed to be complete except for month of June 2001) [TCM schedule year] [(movie production year)] = [co
  14. I looked for Botany Bay and Two Years Before The Mast, and didn't see any sign of them being scheduled since mid-2001. I use that as a point of reference because I have that contiguous span of schedules. So taking that into account, it looks as if neither of those movies have been scheduled to air in the last 15 years. In addition I also have some fragments of the schedule going back to 1997, and there is no sign of those movies there either. Not saying it never aired on TCM (that would be jumping to conclusions), but unlikely in the last 15 years. This is a good example of why I have
  15. Yes, this accounts for everything in the raw data. It is just looking at total numbers of entries, everything with a 4-digit yearly date at the end, and not attampting to distinguish content. So it is looking at movies, TV shows, TCM original content from the 90s and 2000s, and everything else. They played their own original content more in certain years than others. Some minor exceptions are that I removed the older Now Playing episodes and the MGM Parade entries from the DB, since the titles were either non-descript or just repetitive. I just took a look and it also doesn't take
  16. As far as I know, no connection. Just a young Ethan Hawke, going out on a date beyond his wildest dreams, and then having murders attributed to him in the same night - while they are still on their first date. Also, the theatrical heavy metal band GWAR makes an appearance at one of the clubs they drop in on when they are "on the run". P.S. The MGMHD channel shows newer movies, and a few older ones. Sort of the opposite of TCM. HDNET shows mostly newer movies and SONYHD shows a handful of older Columbia movies. TCM is much more focused on the older movies than anyone else. It would b
  17. I have gathered many of the schedules from the past, and have done some interesting things with them, which I will probably be posting more info on in the Information Now section next month. For now, here is a machine-generated statistical yearly breakdown of the last fifteen years, Jan 2001 - Dec 2015. (schedule believed to be complete except for month of June 2001) format: [TCM schedule year] [(movie production year)] = [count of TV time slots] 2001 (1920 - 1924) = 17 2001 (1925 - 1929) = 52 2001 (1930 - 1934) = 320 2001 (1935 - 1939) = 560 2001 (1940 - 1944) = 583 2001 (
  18. I wonder how it was remastered without the original negatives, unless someone just found a print in good enough condition. I guess I'd like to have this one too.
  19. I have DirecTV, and the past few days they have left the HDNET/MGMHD/SONYHD/UHD block open. Usually I just see Seth Rogan types of films turn up - which is why I don't spend the additional five bucks for the package, but with this being late October, they are having some better stuff than the usual this time. I saw Mystery Date (1991). It was actually interesting enough to keep my attention, as in it wasn't just background noise (as far as newer movies go). I'm open to watching just about anything, usually from the 30s to the 80s, and early 90s movies can be "ok". This was a fun MGM-br
  20. Very cool topic. I hope this trend really gets somewhere. The vaulted movies are not getting any younger, and neither are we.
  21. I could make a report and post it, but wouldn't have the patience to redo it as many times as they edit it.
  22. It looks to me like they forgot to sort on hierarchy, or even worse maybe they didn't have that in its own field - and things got shuffled around, and now it looks like they could use it.
  23. In Hollywood Canteen, Robert Hutton got a chance to meet his dream girl Joan Leslie (starring as herself) for a few minutes, and then later on he won a date with her. Only to sit outdoors at her home with her on a yard swing for a couple minutes, just in time for her father to get home.
  24. As others have said, January looks like it will be a good month. Upon skimming through it, I already have about 1/3 of the entries. But in my case that is a good thing, because I have been saving what I consider to be good or interesting movies on an aggressive routine for the past 4 years or so. In any case I am always up for movies I haven't seen or heard of before, and I think I see a few of those here. I'll have to have a closer look.
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