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  1. Now yer talkin'. Throw in the aesthetics of a cheesy cabaret show (just not Chuck E. Cheese), and I'd be all in.
  2. Click on the link to see our work on the premieres. It is far better than using the online schedule alone, which contains all kinds of transient issues. As far as Steamship Round The Bend, take a look at the 9:30 PM slot for August 25 on the schedule. As I type this, it doesn't exist. You are most likely just seeing a false negative, as there is no evidence it has been replaced with something else yet. So for now we are saying it is still on, and using this approach we have been correct most of the time. As far as declaring Mary Burns Fugitive a premiere, that is a false positive. A human mistake. https://forums.tcm.com/topic/48504-tcm-premieres/?do=findComment&comment=2245527
  3. Thanks again for your attention to these schedule developments. You And Me (1938) already disappeared and reappeared. I kind of rolled my eyes and chuckled at that. This is one I am looking forward to.
  4. Very true. In the past I did receive some microcontroller evaluation boards from companies like Analog Devices and a couple others for a side project. We ended up bringing on a microcontroller specialist just to meet project deadlines, someone who was fluent in assembly. In the end it all worked out, but barely. Lesson learned.
  5. But you can control a dial to select a radio station. 😁 This all sounds like a good hobby, and a long term one at that. Basically you have been thinking about this in earnest terms about as long as I have been thinking about audio, and that is saying something. Hopefully everything works for you and yours with your housing search and we get past all this nonsense inflicted upon us that is 2020.
  6. The Arduino and Raspberry Pi are definitely "gateway drugs". I've mainly worked on analog filters (various resistor/inductor/capacitor circuits), and as they go together in professional sound systems and live production - past work for me. When life on the road got to be too much, I switched fields and went into computer programming - a more cushy job at the time, but looking back production was more fun.
  7. Interesting background...sounds like a lot of fun! There used to be an audio amplifier that had an unconventional (for its time) pulse width modulated output stage, the Crown K1 & K2. IIRC, the amplifier had a low-power PWM generator section, which fed into the high power output section. The output used small high-speed transistors for "PWM" audio output. Then there was an impedance-matched coil across the audio output rails which "integrated" or smoothed the rough output from a bunch of nasty full-power spikes to an otherwise loudspeaker-friendly sine wave. Oddly enough it didn't also have a switched-mode power supply. I remember those worked well. In any case, similar enough in concept to the analog meter in how a coil reacts to spikes. Just a random PWM graph I found. The first two graphs representing the two different sets of output transistors, the positive and negative rails, and the third an integrated output.
  8. I haven't seen this in a while, even though it remains one of my all time favorites. IIRC, there were also some incomplete scene cuts, with the audio just being chopped off. That happens at least once in the very beginning. I think he is talking into his microphone one moment, and no longer the next. It is due to them getting such applause with the rough edit in the test screenings, that they just went with that for release. In any case, that captain's microphone was easily the least thought out part of the whole movie. Makes me gag, I mean his crew members are all within speaking distance. What do they need to hear his voice ringing around that small ship for, it's as if that makes it "ex cathedra" or something. "Attention shoppers, as part of our Covid/ID program you are now required to hear me reminding you about it through this microphone". Ruby Rod from Fifth Element was completely wireless, yet had nothing on him though. 😁 P.S. Another memorable part was during the initial landing scene, when one of the crew members was hunched over and looking into a range finder of sorts, right about at the moment when the ship touched down. Ouch!
  9. Yet Morbius communicated with them when they were approaching. Oops now I see some are also talking about Trek.
  10. Analog meters with mechanical movements need to sit still, they wouldn't be as convenient to use for a hand-held unit for instance. Since the Krell power meters were built into the wall, it is not an issue.
  11. The best option for a digital readout that I have seen shows a slow-moving "true RMS" readout and also includes extra indicators for peaks, maybe also with "peak hold" capability and event logging. All of that costs more money though.
  12. Underplay of George Raft features? 😁
  13. Like this?? Though I'm sure all these people who compare George Raft to wood are thinking of deadwood in the forests or cheap pine packing crates that splinter all over the place when you touch them.
  14. Modesty Mix ® 😁 In reality, probably includes some really nasty stuff you wouldn't want to come into contact with.
  15. Ahh the modern wonders of living out of a suitcase and telecommuting.
  16. Good-natured back and forth can't be a bad thing. If the hosts are up to it, it can be more entertaining. But then for a while I worked in an era, in circles where I was, where radio and TV hosts who would crash each other's shows on air just for fun. Every once in a while that would get out of hand, and a few would challenge and call each other out in extended rants, on air and off, but everyone knew that was just an act and in good fun. I like the promos where it shows the hosts together communicating with each other. It looks a bit uncomfortable, but it's a start. At the end of the day though this is still all about showing movies commercial-free and in their entirety.
  17. Looking at the pics you linked to, it actually "could" be De Carlo, though with different makeup and lighting than I had in mind. Leigh comes to mind for certain wonderful features. Probably something I can't be very objective about. So yeah, never mind. 😁
  18. I don't think that's Yvonne De Carlo. Not with my eyes. More Hedy Lamarr than Yvonne. Both probably would have made great dinner guests. On second thought that kind of looks like Vivien Leigh. Vivien Leigh
  19. I asked the waiter for Iodine but I dined alone.
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