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  1. 7 hours ago, yanceycravat said:

    Got my Now Playing Guide this morning and was teased with TCM Slumberground on YouTube!

    Sounds verrrrry interesting!



    To take a "stab" at it, an earthy form of entertainment.  Probably not up to daytime standards.  Though they often play hell knows what in the middle of the night anyway, when most are asleep, so that says just about all that you might need or want to know.  😁

    I too shall at least follow this thread with morbid curiosity and a sense of foreboding.

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  2. Just posting to mention that I have updated my diagram a bit, as time permits.  Perhaps only a matter of semantics, but I added "#2" to fill it out a bit more.  There is no difference in aspect ratio or screen size between #2 and #4 - just resolution.  So #1 remains the "ugly duckling" of AR.

    (all aspect ratios drawn to scale)








  3. 19 hours ago, txfilmfan said:

    I think Weigel does it because they run networks of independently-run television stations, each of which operates differently, and it's a compromise to accommodate various broadcasters, cable companies and television sets.  There are still folks using their old analog CRTs (especially when you consider their networks' demographics)!   

    When I had cable, Verizon (and later, Frontier) FiOS would only distribute TCM in 4:3 SD.  For widescreen movies that TCM transmitted in letterbox format, that meant on my 16:9 televisions, I ended up with a picture surrounded by both letterbox banding and pillarbox banding (film's image completely surrounded by black bars).   Typically, I had to set my TV to stretch the picture, which results in distortion.  When you viewed it on an old 4:3 CRT set, though, it appeared as just a letterboxed film.  


    Gee, that second paragraph sounds just like what I diagrammed above...  😁


    1 hour ago, txfilmfan said:

    Some broadcasters in the U.S. use a 14:9 aspect ratio for material originally shot in 4:3.  As an example the Weigel Broadcasting networks (MeTV, Decades, etc.) use it, especially for filmed (as opposed to videotaped) 4:3 content.    I think this is what you're seeing in your second example.  There should be no stretching, but the top and bottom of the 4:3 source are cropped to give a wider appearing aspect ratio.  I've noticed it on reruns of M*A*S*H and The Andy Griffith Show on MeTV, where the source material has been remastered.


    I've never noticed that TCM uses it.

    Hmm...  I think I've seen this somewhere before too, I just can't place it.  Maybe a movie somewhere.  Not TCM.

    I saw the image on wikipedia, this is to scale too, just easier to look at.


    I can't say I'd be a fan.  Most people who want to see it that way can already do things like that with their smart TVs, so what's the point.  Broadcast that way it's irreversible.

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  5. @cmovieviewer  In addition, there is an AR distortion scenario which happens often enough on certain movie channels during their free weekends, that I saved it as an alternate recoding preset on my video editor.  This alternate preset takes 16:9 (full screen HD TV) and crushes it down to 2.40:1.  The corrected outcome looks just like the end result in the second to last row of my diagram.  It's a subtle difference that messes with my head.

    I don't remember if I have recorded anything on other channels that matches your scenario of a 4:3 movie zoomed or stretched to fit 16:9, but that may just be because I probably already recorded it when it was properly aligned on TCM.

    The scenario on the first two rows of my diagram happens on TCM, and there is sometimes no point in "zooming" it to correct it, as the original SD resolution is low to begin with, and then it has been compressed on top of that just to fit the widescreen movie into the SD frame, so there is often not much image left to work with in the HD space.  This happens in varying degrees though, based on original film AR, so sometimes it is fixable.  The less change required, the more pixels you have to work with and the better the outcome.  I sometimes just ignore it and imagine I am sitting way far back in a projection booth. 😁

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  6. On 9/12/2020 at 8:41 AM, TikiSoo said:

    I am extremely annoyed with channels that stream old TV shows in "letterbox" format due to the screen resolution. I watch on a Sony TV and will change my viewing format to suit whatever I'm watching, for example B&W movies I set the TV to "theater mode" which softens the contrast using a sepiatone.

    When I watch broadcast TV, there are 4 format choices offered: normal/full/zoom & full zoom. When I watch streaming the "normal" option is not offered, so unless the show was uploaded in correct (square TV) format, it's stretched to fit. Unwatchable.

    For example: I was binging CYBILL on TUBI-TV and loving seasons 1,2 & 3. Then all of a sudden Season 4 was stretched out. I may have to endure Netflix's bad editing to see the rest of the series.

    So now that we have a la carte viewing, our choices are between how we view, not what we view.

    Here's my pet peeve, sounds like the same as yours.   I drew this up out of boredom just to make the point.  These are (updated - now four) different examples I come across.  The first is obviously the worst case scenario, the only one that really irks me.

    (all aspect ratios drawn to scale)








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  7. It looks as if Cox doesn't publish their error codes, rather they intentionally hide them.  Presumably in a vain effort to slow down the inevitable customer reverse-engineering process, aided in part by open source information that can be found on the Internet. 😁

  8. 11 hours ago, Brrrcold said:

    I cut the cable cord about a year ago, having hesitated for a year or more because I liked TCM. But the OP is right: TCM is not a classic movies channel any longer, and while I miss what it once was I no longer wanted to watch what it had become. 

    I notice that no one truly wants to address OP's charges - but rather to justify the ditching of classic films, and more frequently to trash the OP's character based on some  personal or character qualities that are presumed about her (or him.) 

    That's enough for me. Since I cut the cord I have read the boards and occasionally commented when I thought I might make a pertinent point. But the boards are for ridicule and trash talking now. I won't be around as it all grows worse.

    That's what you get with faceless no-name moderation and a hands-off approach to running a forum.  An open invitation to those who will abuse it, a handful of self-appointed "gatekeepers", and a yawn from those who won't.  It just is whatever it is...

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  9. 2 hours ago, Swithin said:

    Perhaps the greatest and most outrageous of British farces is Joe Orton's brilliant play, What the Butler Saw.  One of the subplots involves the missing private part of a statue of Sir Winston Churchill. At the end of the play, a policeman demands the return of the missing member:

    Sergeant Match: "Would someone produce, or cause to be produced, the missing parts of Sir Winston Churchill?"

    Dr. Rance: "We have no knowledge of such things."

    Sergeant Match: "I'm asking your cooperation in a matter of vital importance to this country." (A large box is produced and handed to the sergeant.)

    Sergeant Match, opens the box, holds up a huge metal p hal lus: "The great man can once again take his place in the High Street, as an example to us all of  the spirit that won the Battle of Britain."

    Dr. Rance:  "How much more inspiring, if in those dark days we'd seen what we see now. Instead we had to be content with a cigar, a symbol falling far short, we now realize, of the object itself."


    There was a BBC4 production of the play in 1987, which is now on YouTube. In this montage of photos, the photo on the bottom right is the sergeant as he holds the box with the p hal  lus:


    Sounds like a programming request.  https://moviecollectoroh.com/pics_to_hotlink_on_TCM/forum-wine-drinker.gif




  10. 4 hours ago, Livrefemme said:


    It says "Error 45" I believe.  I was told by a Cox customer service rep that TCM allows one "access" which is the cable company.  My "access" which is my attempt to record, results in the error message.  I also ned to clarify that I do not have a cable box that records the movies.  Thank you for your help.  Please advise.n

    Okay, you didn't exactly answer my questions, so I will have to infer from what you did say.

    You did mention that you have a regular cable box without DVR.

    It sounds like you have more than one device connected to your cable box at the same time, and that might now be a problem.  I will assume you have your TV plugged into the cable box with a HDMI cable, and the recorder plugged into the cable box - with an RCA cable going to the YELLOW jack at each end (and also a couple RCA audio cables).  Just a hunch.

    quick test: Try unplugging either end of the cable that goes between your cable box and TV.

    (there could be one of two reasons, if not both, and this will help determine which course to take)

  11. 7 hours ago, Livrefemme said:

    It says "Error 45" I believe.  I was told by a Cox customer service rep that TCM allows one "access" which is the cable company.  My "access" which is my attempt to record, results in the error message.  I also ned to clarify that I do not have a cable box that records the movies.  Thank you for your help.  Please advise.

    Does you unit have its own built-in tuner, like an HD Homerun? (essentially a legal 3rd party cable box or cable box/recorder...these sometimes work and sometimes don't, depending on arbitrary cable co settings) 

    Or are you using a regular cable box, and then recording from the video outputs?  And if you are doing this, which video outputs?  (HDMI?  RCA?  What color RCA jacks are you plugging into on the cable box?)

    Answering these questions will help clue us in to where your problem is, as there are a few different things that could happen.   As it is people will just be guessing, based on their own situation.

  12. 33 minutes ago, Allhallowsday said:

    Good remarks, but I don't agree with this part.  IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE was shown because of its public domain status on many networks and independent stations for decades, particularly in the '50s and '60s, the '70s is getting late for that.  An entire generation of baby boomers grew up with it.   I don't think it would have been forgotten; aside from JIMMY STEWART, it does have the beloved DONNA REED which many TV viewers watched or grew up with because of her TV series. 

    I distinctly remember Andy Rooney saying this about It's A Wonderful Life in his segment on 60 Minutes, in a disparaging way.  Maybe someone uploaded it.

  13. 1 hour ago, txfilmfan said:

    It was taken just a minute or two before that post, when TCM was showing Entre Nous.

    It's interesting that on those OTA networks that broadcast in 720p (ABC, for example), YouTubeTV retains the 720p60 formatting.   

    YouTubeTV allows you to select the resolution to lower your bandwidth needs, but the HD choices are only 1080p60 and 720p60.


    It really wouldn't surprise me, since YT has enough resources to blow, that they could afford to be lazy and screw everyone else over downstream from them with their payload, and just use those two choices as a "catch all" for everything HD... 

    P.S. Or maybe it doesn't matter as much as I think.  It's been a while since I have looked at the MPEG spec, but 1080p/30 >> 1080p/60 may just add a placeholder (potentially a "B" video frame or "P" video frame that doesn't do anything) for every preexisting frame.

  14. 2 hours ago, txfilmfan said:

    When I stream TCM via YouTubeTV on either my desktop or TVs, it claims it is 1080p60, which I doubt because I don't believe the source feed from TCM is 60 fps.  I have no hardware diagnostic equipment so I can't verify independently.  I have to trust the software stats:


    That's interesting.  Was that reading taken during an actual movie? 

    Consider that all they would need for film would be 1080p/24 (or maybe 720p/24).  That would give you a 1:1 frame rate with an actual film transfer.  It would also take up less space and use much less bandwidth than any of the other options.  I believe 1080p/24 is also the format for movies on Blu-Ray.

    1080p/60 is essentially only needed for direct-to-video applications where a higher frame rate is desirable.  Big networks that do sports have mostly been airing at 720p/60 to better capture the motion (incidentally that is very similar in bandwidth requirements to 1080i/30, by design, so those two have been easily substituted for TV broadcast use the past 10-15 years or so).

    Now I don't have any reason to not believe the 1080p/60 reading that you see, that could go towards justifying some of the technical glitches so many people have been having.  Just overkill on the shared bandwidth requirements and end-to-end equipment performance needs.  It would really only be able to get fully realized for their bumpers and wine club commercials.

    P.S. In retrospect, maybe Youtube TV just formats everything that way, regardless of whatever TCM might be sending.  (I was approaching this exclusively from the theoretical standpoint of using TCM's website to watch it.  So many things to consider!)

  15. 9 hours ago, speedracer5 said:

    We also have idiots throwing Molotov cocktails into the streets in downtown Portland.  So there's that.

    Oregon is in shambles right now.  My blue sky is turning orange, so I suppose that means that the smoke from the nearby fire is coming over here.  These are shots of the sky around my parents' house in South Salem, OR.  These photos were taken at about 9am.  The fire in Santiam Canyon is about 30-35 minutes east of them.  This fire has devastated this community that is about 30 miles long and contains tons of small towns.  Thousands of people have been displaced and are currently waiting at the Oregon State Fairgrounds in Salem waiting to find out if their house is still standing.

    fire.jpg    fire1.jpg

    Hey, stay safe out there!!

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  16. Likely so.  Have you tried it?  (I haven't)

    TCMHD originates as 1080i/30 format, or 1920x1080.  I used to get it in full resolution on Spectrum Cable 5-6 years ago before I switched to Directv which now does the same. 

    Depending on carrier, it may be reduced in some cases to preserve bandwidth.  For instance, in the distant past this has been the case for Directv, and also more recently for Dish - which delivered an "HD-lite" for all their programming. 

    For Internet streaming to work on a large scale, it generally needs to be scaled down some.  So far I think I have only seen 1280x720 or 720p30 (30FPS) for HD streaming (cases other than Youtube where I have actually gone to the effort to verify).  This seems to be a compromise to maximize use of finite server bandwidth and still "technically" deliver an HD picture.  There may be other exceptions to this on higher end services, I definitely haven't seen everything that is out there, but since a lot of what they show is still upscaled SD - I wouldn't expect it.

  17. 5 hours ago, scsu1975 said:

    Damn,  I missed that. I am so sick and tired of watching lesbians making out in black and white.

    4 hours ago, Dargo said:


    Well Rich, then maybe consider typing into your porn search something OTHER than "VINTAGE lesbian scenes"!

    (...those do tend to be in B&W primarily, ya know)

    Looks like I picked the wrong week to stop drinking.

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  18. 9 hours ago, Fedya said:

    Yes, I get that bar at the top with all the formatting, but it used to be you could manually type out the code which is more or less HTML but in square brackets instead of greater and less than signs.  As you can see in my above post, doing either HTML or the square brackets has no effect.  You have to take your mouse and highlight the text you want to format, and then click on the appropriate formatting option.  This is a lot tougher when you're trying to highlight text on a tablet.  Yes, on the PC you could highlight the text and select Ctrl+B or Ctrl+I for bold/italic, but again, that option doesn't work on a tablet.

    (Or, if you're one of those people who writes out longer posts in a separate text editor.  If anybody uses bold or italics for movie titles in the Programming Challenge, the next one is going to be fun getting all that text to format properly..)

    I haven't tested this for myself, and it would only take me a few seconds to do so (I just don't care to), but if this were true then it might be there to remove extraneous formatting from being copied and pasted in from other websites.  As an alternative, you might try formatting text in MS Word or Libre Office, then copying and pasting into this forum, as that used to work in the past too.

  19. 10 hours ago, laffite said:

    I can't wait for TCM to air 24 hours straight of recorded operas. How will folks feel about that? They might just change their tune.


    I can only speak for myself here, but since our favorite network has been binging on the classic content of about 4-5 other cable networks, have they by any chance binged on classic A&E Channel content yet?  (from back in the days when they used to show classical music?)

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