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  1. 36 minutes ago, sagebrush said:

    It would be nice if a Moderator would come along and extract all the instructional advice posters have provided thus far and perhaps put them in their own forum topic. We all seem to be experiencing different sets of issues but advice on how to fix them is now splattered throughout 11 pages worth of posts.

    Yes.  In a read-only format to prevent more clutter.  Only problem is, they are admittedly incompetent in this area.

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  2. 7 hours ago, sagebrush said:

    Thanks; that still didn't work for me. 😕

    Some other interesting points ( at least from my desktop): I can react/quote to people's posts with Firefox and the forum format looks exactly as it did before the update, but I have no notification or user icons in the "dark area."  On Internet Explorer/Chrome, I can't react/quote to people's posts, the forum format is cluttered but all the user icons are there at the top of the page.

    Why should different browsers make such a difference?



    Different brands of competing proprietary technology.  It used to be more of an issue (i.e. "This page best viewed with Netscape Navigator").  There are essentially only two browser engines in development today, not including Apple's Safari, not sure if that is still going on.   Chrome and its "Blink" engine - also available as "Chromium", an open source version,  and Firefox (which also has an open source available for further development). 

    I don't see this as a good trend that other companies have capitulated and mostly turned over to becoming downstream variants of Chrome, but it is mostly for financial reasons.  Google produces both Chrome (a proprietary browser with many concealed secrets and spyware), and Chromium, an open-source browser supposedly with much of their spyware stripped away.  It is Chromium that other developers are free to use as a base package to develop further things on top of, or strip away as much as they like.

    Microsoft stopped developing a browser, now it is just a rebranded variant of Chromium with some other things tacked on.  So did Opera (the original brand, which was sold to the Chinese), Vivaldi (the "newer" Opera, from the founders of Opera - although it really has a hell of a lot of features for a browser), and Brave (a newer privacy-focused browser).

    If anything were to happen to Firefox, that would leave us in the situation we were in back in the early 2000s, when Microsoft had a monopoly on browsers.  It is always good to have a viable "plan B" for a core web browser.  Only the technically ignorant would not see this coming and realize this.

    So despite some minor differences, about 20 years later much of the way browsers interpret a webpage is consistent.  That is to say you are not comparing obsolete versions to newer versions (I see that from time to time on this forum).

    The consistency is mostly due to outside standards committees and anti-trust lawsuits, which helped to defeat Microsoft's "incompatibility wars", warmly referred to as "Embrace, Extend, Extinguish" (the "extend" part is them intentionally adding on proprietary junk to already well functioning software in an effort to redefine things and snuff out the rest of the industry).  Today it is more a case of Google having all the money it needs to do whatever they want.  Hey, they are more powerful than many governments - as are several other tech giants.  That is another topic for another day.

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  3. 18 hours ago, misswonderly3 said:

    Exactly.  Exactly !    (I agree so much I had to say it twice.)

    What do we care what the most  "popular" post is, or how many days the thread is on page 1?  (if that's what it is...  I can't even figure it out, nor can I be bothered to try...)  There's something a bit childish and/or egotistical about paying attention to what's "the most popular".     What is this, high school ?


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  4. 41 minutes ago, misswonderly3 said:

    Well, clearly they didn't apply any market research to solicit  our insights.

    As creepy as it might sound, these days it is down to tracking page views, scrolling and mouse clicks, not straightforward inquiries.  Very passive-aggressive of that industry.

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  5. 5 hours ago, TopBilled said:

    I am not bothered by the data. But I do think they've allotted too much webpage space for it. The gray column on the right hand side could easily be cut in half.

    It ought to at least have an "X" in the corner so it can be closed.  That is about how important it is.

    Right now there is a caret [^] at the top of that section that folds it up when clicked, but that space still goes unused.  So totally useless.

    Same disappearing act goes for that caret as with hamradio's search link and some of the aforementioned text formatting tools.  I think I'm getting the hang of this.

  6. 4 hours ago, cmovieviewer said:

    (I posted this earlier but it seems to have been ignored in the flood of posts)

    Sorry about that.  I just don't multitask that well.

    4 hours ago, cmovieviewer said:

    Not sure why it isn't visible for different browsers. 

    I realize this is a poor solution, but here is the URL for the search function:


    That's quite an extensive search page for such a broken little link that most people can't see...

    Does the search page work though?  :P

    P.S. I can actually see the link icons now in Firefox - but only within about a 1" deviation of width across my whole monitor, at quite a narrow aspect ratio.  More narrow than anything I would adjust for a modern 16:9 monitor.  So the likelihood that I would have come across that is about zero.

    I think I can see how hamradio probably discovered it.  Last I read, he was still running Windows XP on an older computer, probably still with a 4:3 monitor.

    This thing still needs work.  I won't hold my breath.

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  7. Ahh, peace at last!  I found a way to get rid of the startling and ugly reaction emojis which I despise (and you can too).

    I added the AdBlock Plus add-on to Firefox.  Then I copied and pasted these strings into the ABP "Advanced/My Filter List" config options:


    It might also help to deselect the checkbox for "Advanced/Customizations/Show Useful Notifications.  (just an annoyance thing for that add-on)

    Here is the end result, where both of these nuisance factors are effectively banished from the same post in my browser:



    Three people "reacted" to a post of mine, and if any of you care to drop me a line and actually say something,  you are most welcome.  Otherwise, from now on, this is all I am going to see.


    And here is what my reaction palette looks like now:



    Just right.

  8. 5 minutes ago, Sepiatone said:

    Oh, and too, I've noticed('cause I needed to use it) that the "edit" option is gone.  I noticed a gaffe after I submitted a post and went to edit it for correction reasons and noticed just the "quote" option at the bottom of the post!  :angry: :huh:


    It's still there, just incorporated into a newfangled social media fad thing.  Look for the three dots in the upper right area of your post, and click on that.

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  9. 14 minutes ago, ElCid said:

    Don't know if I have heard this forum mentioned on TCM, the channel.   So, you may be correct.  I originally found it by going to TCM Home page for info.  on daily schedule and noticed a link for Forums or Discussions or something.

    I do not use Twitter, Facebook, etc. and only use my phone for a phone.  So, not familiar with how all that works.  I am on a couple of other forums and they have periodically been revised (for no good reason), but NONE of them have shrunk the posts so that they can have almost have the screen for useless information.  Also, none of them required you to click on "expand" to read a full post.

    Only positive I see is that it may drive more people to watching TCM and not(i.e. a red-headed step child).  I'm not putting the forum down, but just observing that coming to this site.

    It also doesn't really help that they treat the forum like a liability, rather than an asset.  In recent years it seems more like a perfunctory addition for those who seek out forums.  It is not part of their core business.  Thankfully.

  10. 7 minutes ago, Bogie56 said:

    There used to be a way to get to the TCM main page and schedule from the discussion forums.  Those links have been gone for some time now.

    Those links would have been a customization above and beyond a simple software "upgrade".  At one time they used to do things like this.  Now it has either become too complex to, or else they just decided to simplify.  I think it's odd that there isn't at least a link back to the TCM home page.  But really it's two different websites in two different locations.

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  11. 22 minutes ago, MovieCollectorOH said:

    Blah blah blah blah blah Blah blah blah blah blah Blah blah blah blah blah Blah blah1 blah blah2 blah

    Blah blah blah blah blah

    Blah blah blah blah blah

    Okay all those blah blah options seem to work on my end.  I just needed to maximize the window on my screen in order to see them all.  Although I don't ordinarily see a need to format my text, as plain text is a beautiful thing.


  12. 7 hours ago, TikiSoo said:

    El Yukko. Again. Seems like this has been optimized for phone viewing since the majority of people have their faces stuck to their phones. Thankfully more people are drifting back to larger monitors with all this zooming.


    My ordinary-sized monitors never went away.  I've watched people zoom in on their cell phones with a small degree of amusement, just like flicking a b o o ger  With all the recent dumbing down of society, this is really the least of my worries right now.


    5 hours ago, TopBilled said:

    Yes, that's one way. Or you can create a new thread in the Technical Issues forum. Under Problems with the Message Boards.


    Also you can also click on the Moderator's profile, if you find one of his/her posts. And from there, you should be able to find an option to send a private message.



    5 hours ago, LornaHansonForbes said:



    There is a good chance none of this even happened at TCM, and the old ladies there didn't even know it happened, but rather at a Forum Provider.  This redesign has all the evidence that it happened at the forum package upgrade level, like going from Windows XP to Windows 7.  Or Mac OS8 to Mac OSX.  I just wish they hadn't left those god-awful stupid reaction emojis.

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  13. 8 hours ago, sewhite2000 said:

    Been gone for a while. I see this thread now also has all that dumb stuff over on the right side crowding out actual content. I guess it does have something to do with how popular or large a thread gets.

    I don't think there is anything about that in particular, that I can find any joy in or be happy about.

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  14. 6 hours ago, TopBilled said:

    But what if someone accidentally deleted a post they didn't mean to post? How would they restore it? Or would they permanently lose the text after they've saved the changes without any way of getting it back?

    It's all about self control - a lost art.  Not once has any of this ever crossed my mind.

  15. Now uploaded pictures need to come from HTTPS sites, and no longer support HTTP sites.  On my own website, that was a simple setting to change.  Those who use a picture site that doesn't use HTTPS yet may not show the embedded pictures on here, just links.

    Also there is a setting in the profile manager to either show your activity or hide your activity.  That is a setting that the site remembers, an improvement over the checkbox on the logon dialog to "log in anonymously".

  16. quick youtube multi-video test
    (Tony Burrows songs - one of the greatest session singers ever)

    First Class - Beach Baby


    The Flower Pot Men - Let's Go To San Francisco

    Edison Lighthouse - Love Grows


    Brotherhood Of Man - United We Stand

    This one cuts in after a brief introduction, to test Youtube's "copy URL at current time" function


    So far so good.

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