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  1. Good story. That sort of reminds me of a guy who was a friend of a coworker, except he was 6'7", about 300, and white. He came out to the bars with us here and there. It was funny to see some of the regulars who were normally full of themselves and didn't have much regard for others physical space, mostly weak beta male types, backing off and creating a space around us. Not just comfortable breathing room, but about a 5' diameter or more, and before there was a Covid frenzy... 😁
  2. Now they are down to just handling redundant/misplaced threads and reported posts. Nothing more, nothing less.
  3. A bottle of economy grocery store GWTW Reisling from the MCOH dungeon. Don't worry, I drink it myself. EDIT: okay I was way off on this one, but since we are so busy rewriting history and all... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cuisine_of_Antebellum_America#Alcohol_in_the_antebellum_United_States
  4. This isn't Just Imagine. Just Imagine only has a big parting celebration aboard an airship for the two men picked to be the first human test cases to go into outer space and to Mars. This airship appears to hold maybe 100 people or so, and as such was more or less seen as a posh venue to host parties in 1980 (from the perspective of 1930). It doesn't actually take them anywhere, perhaps akin to a hosted party aboard the Queen Mary ship, permanently moored at Long Beach today. The experimental spaceship was a much smaller thing that was only meant to hold two people. IIRC, the spaceship prop from Just Imagine would later be used in Flash Gordon (as well as effects and footage), Buck Rogers used effects and footage, and Frankenstein used the laboratory effects.
  5. I never used the (now removed) times shown on-air. I have always used the online info (TCM website, etc) to manually schedule. There is zero difference for me. Above in my last post I detail my additional use of padding to eliminate these issues. So I can only deduce that the on-air times might have been a bit more accurate here and there. Maybe, maybe not... Not everyone approaches recording/viewing exactly the same way. It is mostly trial and error. So there is that.
  6. It looks as if this feature was allowed to overrun by about 5 min beyond scheduled time. That is because I recorded it too, using online schedule information to schedule it. I know it went 5 min over because I already had padding set up on my recorder to start 4 min early and end 6 min late (out of previous trial and error), and this movie only had about a minute remaining on my recording after the end credits. (The DVR padding typically only has to be set once, it then applies to all recordings - except it doesn't apply to the middle of a double feature, though it still captures everything,. Your DVR features may vary here.) So right now I just went over and readjusted mine to 5 minutes pre-padding and 10 minutes post-padding, which seems a bit silly, but I like to have at least 3-5 min padding on each side of the actual feature, and this condition doesn't seem to be improving. In my case the most recent padding extension was to add a minute or two at the end to get the entire 1 hour Western they show on their Saturday matinee, as that consistently didn't fit into the allotted time on their schedule. So my suggestion to you and anyone else out there would be to investigate (RTFM - read the fine manual) and see if you have the option to set pre/post padding on your DVR's scheduled recordings. It is better to have some expected gack you can ignore or cut out later, rather than miss part of the movie...
  7. Forbidden Planet rocks. Welcome!
  8. Hmm. This is a tough one. While I figure this one out, here's an actual "endless loop" film mechanism being threaded and used. These were used only in special circumstances, like showing trailers in the lobby while people waited in line, or repeating exhibits in trade shows or amusement parks. 1) The first thing you see here are 2000' shipping reels of film (cores), about 20 min of playtime each, being spliced onto a larger reel, likely a 6000' reel. 2) Then you see the film being transferred from that reel to a regular platter. A single platter could hold just about any movie, in its entirety, with all its segments spliced together and trailers added. The "platter tree" you see here has three platters, and is characteristic of what multiplex projection booths used up until digital cinema replaced film. Three platters gives you a supply, a take-up, and a spare for a second movie that is ready to be threaded and shown at alternate times. A platter needs to be re-threaded by the projectionist for each showing, but never needs to be rewound. Platters are capable of both take-up and supply (they always turn in the same direction). For take-up, a large ring is placed in the middle, and the film is wound around it. For supply, the large take-up ring is removed and a smaller supply mechanism is placed in the center, and that directs the film up and away from the center of the platter. 3) Next you see the film transferred from the conventional platter, through the projector, and to a special "endless loop" platter. 4) After the supply platter runs out, with the film still threaded in the endless loop platter and projector, the ends are spliced together. Genius.,,though I admit it's kind of "out there". P.S. At the very end, I'm thinking there was a time lapse and he might already be breaking it down, as a regular take-up platter is shown again for the take-up.
  9. Just to elaborate, the thoughts and whims of the TCM programming dept are not my own. I just don't approach watching movies in a thematic way like that. Never have. That is why I have a DVR and collect movies. Hey, at least they don't do a Hallmark Christmas thing. I do appreciate the variety though, enough to inspire me to put together a database and share the results. Having dispensed with that, the idea of focusing on more character actors, whateverthehellmonth it may be, seems a neat thing at the moment. I'd definitely add Charles Coburn to that list.
  10. S.Z. Sakall kind of breaks that mold though. P.S. Bear in mind that I don't follow these thematic schedules as strictly as most.
  11. I think there could probably be an Edward Arnold month... Definitely an Edward Brophy day, maybe a Harry Davenport day. Some of these character actors have enough credits that you could just spend an entire month going through their credits, you'd probably come up with some interesting inventory...
  12. It seems to be an overflow/underflow problem with the weekly and monthly templates at times, based either on a relative offset with regards to number of days this month versus following months, or perhaps absolute number of days divided by some constant, or something similar. Your basic CS type of riddle. So just keep doing that to get at the schedule entries.
  13. That reminds me of a fellow engineer about 15 years ago (an older visiting British guy who we all got along well with). I had been mildly annoying him by picking up his car keys and tools with a telescopic magnet, which made loud clattering noises as I fumbled with with and dropped some of his tools in front of him on his desk, ala "Wallace & Grommit", complete with poor imitation of W&G dialog ("Good heavens, Grawmit, you think my apparatus here can pick this one up? How would I ever get this done otherwise? It would be a marvel to be able to pick all of these up at once")... He looked up at me indirectly with a restrained smile and told me "You have your uses". 😁
  14. Great format this month, love many of the actors. MCOH pick: You And Me (1938). That is listed under the Sylvia Sidney day, though it would fit just as well under the George Raft day, I don't care - as long as they actually play the damn thing... Most impressive part for me is the immersive visuals using lines, lighting, shadow, prop design, and even Raft's angular facial profile while wearing a hat, as he walks down a carefully backlit fire escape at night. With Fritz Lang behind the wheel, how can you go wrong. The rest is just icing on the cake. Music by Kurt Weil, with a weird jail number. Includes a generous cast of sidekicks and character actors as Raft's gang, and Sidney as his interest. This is a unique, somewhat different take on the "bad guy going straight" story. If you are only interested in the usual cadence stuff of this genre, then don't bother, it wasn't meant for you. If you like offbeat and unusual, then go ahead and watch. I mentioned this one on this forum years ago, interesting to see it scheduled.
  15. At the very least, it makes sense for the cases where they show blocks of consecutive shorts. Shorts blocks are never able to stay on schedule. Of course normal length features are a different story.
  16. That distantly reminds me of this. https://www.britannica.com/topic/Scheherazade-by-Rimsky-Korsakov In response to crummy recordings of folklore, here's a good way to spend almost an hour. With a glass of wine. Everything is perfect about this recording and performance. There are a couple sea themes in here, and in particular at 44 minutes in (4th movement) a boat hits an iceberg and the "sailors" literally yell out (unique to this conductor and performance).
  17. Okay I have downloaded and removed the unnecessary game show audio and associated BS. Here is just the video clip in question. http://moviecollectoroh.com/tmp/Whose Line Is It Anyway S16EP6_edit.mp4 Edit: here is a second clip from the OP, possibly another question/a different movie?? Somebody ought to know these... http://moviecollectoroh.com/tmp/Whose Line Is It Anyway S16EP3_edit.mp4
  18. What clip? Where? Are you able post a direct link to either that clip, or where you harvested these images from?
  19. Okay, maybe earlier posts from this OP did. As in one or more of those pics may have had direct links to an actual website (i.e. pic was "hotlinked"). The OP pics on this thread are just hosted on TCM's partner website for this forum.
  20. Umm ok... I don't get Txfilmfan's apparently telepathic connection to Whose Line, but proceed...
  21. Cmovieviewer is providing an added service to us all. Please allow him to work at his own pace here. If he were to put it out much sooner, it wouldn't be up to date with TCM's changes. No harm no foul. I only take my reports up to a certain point, then it is up to others to interpret them from there.* As I have mentioned before, Cmovieviewer adds to my info during each month, his premieres are more up to date. * I use tables (grids) because in most cases a giant amount of information needs to neatly be conveyed in a basic computer format that anyone can read, and tables are practical for me to work with. Anyhow it isn't about presentation, for me it's just about getting the information out there. No additional software or licensing is required. You don't even need an up-to-date web browser, the standards to view HTML Tables go back at least 25 years. So it has its upsides.
  22. These are IMDB entries up to 1970, known to have a location of "Fontainebleau". These are just the most likely. The search also brought up a bunch of less likely stuff shot in France which I didn't post, but could if need be. I didn't consider any of the other details. 1955 "The Colgate Comedy Hour" (1950) {(#5.14)} 1959 A Hole in the Head (1959) USA 1960 Frank Sinatra's Welcome Home Party for Elvis Presley (1960) (TV) USA 1960 The Bellboy (1960) USA 1964 Goldfinger (1964) UK 1965 The Aqua Varities (1965) (TV) USA 1967 Tony Rome (1967) USA
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