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  1. ^^^ This. ^^^ About once every 6 months or so I catalog all the movies I recently recorded into a master list, just to keep my movie collection "ISO-compliant", so I know what I have and where I can find it. Oddly enough this was shown just this past January! Imagine that... Looks interesting though, I think I'll watch it soon.
  2. The first one sounds like The Gamma People (1956).
  3. It looks as if his departure from Leave It To Beaver had more to do with his getting out of a binding contract and living on the set, rather than quit altogether. He just wanted to get back to living life like everybody else. They did eventually get out of the Hollywood scene and his family moved across the country.
  4. To the OP, I'd be flattered that someone took the time to think of me in this way, even if they were mistaken. No harm, no foul. Certainly no need for an apology, so much as a retraction.
  5. Here's an account of what happened to Robert "Rusty" Stevens which I had read in the past and had to dig up again just now. It is interesting, but unless it is written by Stevens himself, there isn't any certainty. https://rewindback.blogspot.com/2007/01/whatever-happened-to-robert-rusty.html The part about him not telling his wife about his involvement on Leave It To Beaver, until a detective came to his house in an attempt to locate him for a reunion of sorts, is what stuck in my mind - but oddly enough I didn't see on IMDB or Wikipedia: Many years after Leave It To Beaver had ended, when they were trying to locate Rusty to reprise his role as Larry in Still the Beaver, a detective had to be employed to try to find him. The detective found the right house and knocked on the door. Rusty's wife answered and the detective asked her if it was the residence of the former child star. She replied that he had the wrong house. When she later told this to Rusty, he told her the man did have the right house. He did indeed play Larry Mondello, he just never told his wife about it before! Apparently, in recent years, Rusty has been purposely staying out of the limelight and has declined offers for TV appearances. That and some discrepancy in stories between his mom pulling him off of the production all on her own, versus other accounts of his own disinterest in leading an atypical "Hollywood" life and his mom stepping in and interceding for him by pulling him out.
  6. I already have an ongoing set of reports for that. You will need to go to the homepage of my website and scroll about halfway down. Look for the "MovieCollector's X-Files" section (I don't see the need to manually list all those links here). These, like all the other things you can get to from there, are updated each month. http://www.moviecollectoroh.com
  7. To provide more in-depth info as to what the actual content is... https://warnerbros.fandom.com/wiki/List_of_libraries_and_catalogs_owned_by_Warner_Bros. For stuff that gets played over and over, you get the idea. A couple years ago I used to have some reports which counted TCM's airplay of "non-library" films. I removed them because I didn't really care for the outcome (still not organized enough due to external rights issues and other silly "shell games"). That and it slowed my project runtime down quite a bit. http://www.moviecollectoroh.com
  8. I "was" thinking of trailers... There is no public consensus of course at that point. Not a trick answer.
  9. Anyone see the video footage of empty hospitals and dancing nurses from during this lockdown yet? I thought this Busby Berkeley-influenced short would fit right in.
  10. As you already know, I had a similar issue with monthly underrun/overrun. The solution to that was to use the 15th of each month for everything, being that my script was using strict monthly definitions. For example the 31st of month A + 1 month, where month B has 30 days, would kick you into month C (thereby skipping month B). Anyhow I already tried that approach on the URLs for this website, and that just made it worse. So they have something different going on. The exact case here isn't as obvious so as to script a URL in a predictable way, though I could probably get to the bottom of it if I ran it through a number of different likely CS scenarios. A waste of an exercise for me though because it is not mine to fix, and nobody is at home on the other end. So yes, just keep plugging away by modifying the day in the URL until you get something satisfactory, and I will do the same.
  11. Glad you found it helpful. The aesthetics of the HTML tables were the biggest factor in sticking with the two recent airings per movie. In most cases two airings allow for others to at least see the last previous airing - even in the case there is an upcoming scheduled airing, there will still be one from the past.
  12. In addition, here is a list based on frequency shown, ordered from shown 1x to many x: http://www.moviecollectoroh.com/reports/Movies-Only_times-shown-&-last-scheduled.htm To add, I don't put any importance on the amount of times a particular movie is shown, other than the annoyance factor, if you don't like a particular movie. (In fact, I couldn't care less, and I am the one who came up with it.) I just list it as a raw statistic. My only objective in beginning of this project was to look for movies I didn't already have. The figure of Casablanca shown 150x, back at the time that article came out, seems to be a nice roundabout number for the sake of the article. Probably a bit on the high end. (My figures are missing some of the earlier months, but not really that much anymore.)
  13. Hmm...due to the use of a bird cage, I'd be more interested in whether or not there was some dark psychiatric play imposed upon her. Or maybe she just liked bird cages?
  14. Maybe his favorite movies got overlooked in the shuffle? 😁
  15. There is a different bit that comes to mind for me, which is part of an Osborne interview where he recalled Mickey Rooney becoming a bit unhinged. That may or may not have been the same question, or maybe one was a more updated answer than the other, but Osborne made it clear that Rooney made him most uncomfortable and disturbed on their segments together.
  16. Watched this stinker in my video editing program as I was setting the cut points. A most unconventional way to watch a movie. At first I just wondered what they did with John Ritter (Three's Company fan), but I watched the whole thing that way. Went into it with the understanding it was a steaming hot pile of but dayum it was fun. Take me back to 1916.
  17. There's nothing to see yet for July. As soon as it initially drops, I can think of at least a few who will be tripping all over themselves to post the requisite weekly links and then list everything in it.
  18. That might take some time. Being the oldest part of my project, I haven't seen the code for this in years. So I'd have to go in and see how it works again, make some changes, validate, make some more, etc.
  19. Everything is already there. All the project files are updated each month. Here is the most general yearly report. It only counts feature-length movies 45 min and longer, to prevent cartoons and highly repeated or unlisted shorts from skewing the results. http://www.moviecollectoroh.com/reports/1)movies-only.htm Here is a short term monthly report, my version of what some others do by hand. This counts using the same method as above. http://www.moviecollectoroh.com/reports/6)movies-only-Current-and-Future-Monthly.htm
  20. A couple of us noticed a two-and-a-half week period with absolutely no schedule activity whatsoever (unprecedented in recent years), but that has since resumed for the last ten days.
  21. Wow, I didn't see that one coming! 80 years!! Here he is in a magazine endorsement, with his Roland modular system: The shot here was prior to the Roland modular synth - a big improvement over his first one - a Moog - which was reportedly very unstable and difficult. An early album cover 😁 A more recent pic. With a tribute band at a music fest in the Netherlands. Once he got going in his music career, he admittedly preferred being a producer using his own creative ideas and instincts, over being a musician. He hired other people more specialized than himself to carry out the performances under his direction. This can clearly be seen in the Metropolis DVD extras as he is the shown conducting the classical musicians for parts of the score. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MaVp1cFERUY\ Arthur Barrow - a multi-instrumentalist who became a right-hand man playing keyboards for Moroder, can be heard playing the synthesizer parts here. He is also the one who plays for most of the 1980s movie soundtracks. Arthur Barrow relates a story in a speech: https://youtu.be/OQkyMVfmPgo?t=1237 Finally here is part 2 of a BBC story on Giogio Moroder. (Part 1 is no longer publicly unavailable, but that is okay, this is the better of the two parts) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G2VpXyishtE
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