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  1. 24 minutes ago, TikiSoo said:

    It doesn't matter who is asked to massage the Captain - man, woman, Vulcan, alien-it's still bad form/a violation of rights by 2020 workplace standards. One time the show got it WRONG.

    I love the creativity-on-a-budget props & effects in that era of TV. The Star Trek Studio Tour was charming to realize just how simple some of the props/effects were made:  the "floppy disks" were painted wooden slabs, the back wall of the transporter room was made from moire drum panels, the "spots" were Mole Richardson lights with glass heavy enough to hold a man in a big costume-




    "Futuristic" spray bottles (just introduced in the '65 World's Fair) were prominently displayed in McCoy's lab. Many of the props were just found objects in storage, old RKO  leftovers. A statue in Captain Kirk's personal quarters can also be seen in Citizen Kane and the original is on the Trekonderoga set.

    We definitely have some overlap in our interests.  In my corner it would be vintage stage and production equipment.  I have in fact noticed those very lights on Ebay before.  There is nothing like those, I have contemplated getting a couple myself, in addition to an RCA BX-44 and some other cool things like that.  But there is one problem...back in the 1960s, as you point out, this stuff was just old leftovers.  Now it is collectors items.  I have looked at the prices of these over the last 20 years or so, and they have only gone up.  Same exact thing goes for the gigantic old Goldberg film projection reels, except that was a more recent thing.  Should have purchased that stuff back then, but who would have known.

  2. 3 hours ago, Davehat said:

    No no no.

    You misinterpreted.  Kirk had asked Spock to do it.  The woman reached before Spock could react.

    So if this went to HR the captain would be found blameless.  He asked the male to do it, not the woman.  (And verified by security cam.)  

    BTW Star Trek season 1 is the only thing I have on Bluray because it was the best one.  It had around 30 episodes!  Today we only get 15 per season.  

    Season 1 was written by actual science fiction authors from the literary world.   Season 2 was okay but not worth buying.  (Season 3 was just bad.)

    For me, and I haven't done it yet, I need to get TOS on Bluray just because it has both the new CGI-restored version (as does the DVD), but more importantly it also has the UNRESTORED version where you can see some of the prop wires, gaff tape, and other implements that earlier TV couldn't clearly show.

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  3. On 8/4/2020 at 10:26 AM, lydecker said:

    Lousy drivers is right.  It was a young guy driving a giant SUV who was on his cell phone instead of watching the road (and those damn pedestrians who were crossing the road.) Thank God he (and his daddy) were insured.  But, I've got to say  -- great docs in Anchorage and after ****ing endlessly that "I came all this way and never even saw a moose," on the day before I flew home, I was wheeled out of the hospital, deposited in a car and taken out to SEE MOOSE.  Very nice people at Alaska Regional Hospital.  

    There's a winding section of country road a couple towns away from me where cars often veer off the road.  One homeowner, just after the crest of one of the curves, put up big heavy concrete blocks, set back about 50 feet or so in his yard.  Then he planted some foliage around that to make it look better, obscuring the concrete blocks.  If you look carefully on a sunny day, you can see broken pieces of cars all around that.  It was either that or his house. 

    @lydecker  Just some free association, based on the premise of your post being due to inattentive drivers.

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  4. 17 hours ago, skipd55 said:

    Lately it seems whenever I try to do a title search on the TCM search page, it comes up blank. The only way to search a film on the website is to click a title currently on the schedule. If you're trying to search a title not on the schedule, forget it. What is the problem?

    You talking about searching for a title on the TCBDB page?  That is just a bit slow, I use it at the end of each month to verify a few titles myself, and it still works. 

    It might seem like it is dead, but it just needs a few seconds.  Also it helps to not put the year into it, even if the year matches whatever year they have for it (whether their year is actually correct or not, it doesn't matter).  Using this method, you may need to scroll through a few pages of listings just to get to the movie you are looking for.

  5. 19 hours ago, EricJ said:

    That much, I sort of got the impression of, after "1300 VHS tapes".  🤔

    However, please go and tell Warner you still believe in digital-locker permanent-purchase VOD, have never let your faith in The Future of Home Theater waver, and feel a sense of joy at having your entire library of movies conveniently packed away in digital form in some imaginary space in the clouds because it's so much easier than all those cluttering disks..

    They've been sort of depressed lately, after they tried so hard to sell those ideas to the public for seven years, and LOST THEIR FREAKIN' SHIRTS on it, while everyone else on line was raving over Warner Archive disks...  😈

    HDD recording using a PC.  An average of 800 titles per volume for me, and just now I am rounding out volume #8.  Nice compromise if you can figure out how to do it.

  6. On 7/16/2020 at 7:49 PM, Ray Faiola said:

    SUGARFOOT was available for a while in a beautiful 35mm print on ok.ru but it has since been removed.

    As for DEATH OF A SALESMAN, the reason for the current absence is simple - literary rights reverted to the Miller estate (nearly all of the Kramer Columbia's except for THE CAINE MUTINY had limited rights. Many have been renegotiated. So far DEATH OF A SALESMAN and THE FOUR POSTER are still M.I.A.  I have 16's of the entire series and Kramer's admiration for Harry Cohn is justified. Despite being almost all box office busts, Cohn let Kramer continue because he was impressed with the pictures. And all the money came back with interest on the release of CAINE.

    Fredric March was just wrong for Willy. But Cobb refused to testify before HUAC and Cohn wouldn't use him.  I don't think Miller ever accepted the picture. Aside from Cobb, the picture is also missing two significant originals - Arthur Kennedy (replaced by Kevin McCarthy) and Willy's line "he's crying - why is he crying?". For some inexplicable reason, this line is cut from the feature but appears in the film's original trailer. The film still packs a wallop and the best thing that came from it was Alex North's score adapted for the screen (Robert Drasnin scored the CBS telecast with Cobb & Dunnock). I restored it from scratchy acetates and you can listen to it here:



    It's still there.

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  7. On 7/27/2020 at 3:20 PM, SansFin said:

    It remains so popular that it is a market niche on: Etsy.com:  https://www.etsy.com/market/long_neck_cats

    Hmm... did Etsy go away and then come back?  Their domain registration records indicate otherwise, but I could swear they publicly signed off at one point.  Their home page used to just have a pretty brunette wearing sunglasses, but now she is gone.  Then for a while nothing but a "farewell" message.   Maybe they decided to reboot due to the shutdown, so they could claim what is theirs and is sitting at home all around the country waiting for them?

    P.S. never mind, after thinking about this some more, I think I was remembering iOffer.com

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  8. 11 minutes ago, Dargo said:


    HEY, their sirloin and shrimp, surf and turf dinner special for $8.99 is actually pretty darn tasty as I recall.

    (...heck, you even got soup AND salad AND desert thrown in on the deal TOO!)  ;)

    Now yer talkin'.  Throw in the aesthetics of a cheesy cabaret show (just not Chuck E. Cheese), and I'd be all in.

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  9. On 7/28/2020 at 10:08 PM, midnight08 said:

         While going thru the August TCM schedule I noticed that they took "Steamship Round The Bend"  (1935) off  on Anne Shirley's day.  I was looking forward to it as it was the last film Will Rogers made before his untimely death. It is also a rare Fox film.  I knew it was too good to be true.

    Also, I noticed that they're showing "Mary Burns Fugitive" (1935)  as a TCM premiere on Sylvia Sidney's day. That's not true. They aired it several months ago in the afternoon as I taped it. 

    Click on the link to see our work on the premieres.  It is far better than using the online schedule alone, which contains all kinds of transient issues.  As far as Steamship Round The Bend, take a look at the 9:30 PM slot for August 25 on the schedule.  As I type this,  it doesn't exist.  You are most likely just seeing a false negative, as there is no evidence it has been replaced with something else yet.  So for now we are saying it is still on, and using this approach we have been correct most of the time.

    As far as declaring Mary Burns Fugitive a premiere, that is a false positive.  A human mistake.



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  10. 1 hour ago, cmovieviewer said:

    Same schedule issue that's been going on for over a year now - premieres tend to disappear leaving gaps in the schedule.  I added the schedule times to the list for the 'missing' films.

    Other premieres may disappear / reappear between now and when they are scheduled to be shown.

    The rule of thumb is that if there's a gap, the premiere will still be shown.  Of course, the trick is to figure out that there is a gap.

    (I wish I could 'pin' this answer to this message thread.)

    Thanks again for your attention to these schedule developments.

    You And Me (1938) already disappeared and reappeared.  I kind of rolled my eyes and chuckled at that.  This is one I am looking forward to.

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  11. 4 hours ago, SansFin said:

    I consider RF/AF an entirely different discipline from digital logic. It is similar to the difference between a painter and a sculptor in that each may understand the underlying concepts of the others' art but are not accustomed to implementing them in the same manner in their own work. It is true that some people can handle both with complete comfort but there are freaks in all professions.

    The only time I usually deal with any form of frequency variations is calculating the size and/or nature of the inductor or capacitor necessary to control ringing. 

    Very true.  In the past I did receive some microcontroller evaluation boards from companies like Analog Devices and a couple others for a side project.  We ended up bringing on a microcontroller specialist just to meet project deadlines, someone who was fluent in assembly.  In the end it all worked out, but barely.  Lesson learned.

  12. 14 hours ago, SansFin said:

    We came to the Arduino relatively late in our addictions. I built in the late 1970s a motorized arm which was controlled by computer via a Centronics parallel port. It plucked a metal button from a 6x6 grid using an electromagnet and dropped it into a bin on the side. This was a proof-of-concept invention. I hoped to one day expand its capabilities so that the unit would sense a change in the color of the contents of a glass tube and the arm would remove the tube from the rack and place it in a different rack and place a new tube into its former position. I am sorry to say that I had little time to work on it and parts were very expensive and I could not interest the right parties to adopt the project before a device which performed the same function was developed by a team in a laboratory where they needed such a device.

    He who shall not be named except to say that it is Capuchin was long interested in motor control and developed several circuits which integrated both stepper motor drivers and feedback response on a small PCB which could be etched and populated at modest cost by electronics hobbyists. 

    We were working together on a sort of X-Y-Z table, 3-D printer and milling machine hybrid when we were tempted to buy some Arduino boards at the closing sale of Radio Shack. We mostly played with simple circuits on them in order to learn their capacity and what we should not do. We were at the stage of integrating them into our project design when we were in a position to buy a house and so packed up most of our belongings in preparation for move. That was early last year and all of it has remained in boxes in a storage unit because the deal to buy the house collapsed and several other similar offers since then fell apart also and then 2020 began . . .

    But you can control a dial to select a radio station.  😁

    This all sounds like a good hobby, and a long term one at that.  Basically you have been thinking about this in earnest terms about as long as I have been thinking about audio, and that is saying something.   Hopefully everything works for you and yours with your housing search and we get past all this nonsense inflicted upon us that is 2020.

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  13. 10 hours ago, SansFin said:

    I believe that I understand the concept in general terms. I have no experience or education with audio circuits beyond being able to turn a dial to select a radio station. 

    I have used the PWM output of an Arduino to control the speed of motors and the brightness of LEDs.  

    The Arduino and Raspberry Pi are definitely "gateway drugs".

    I've mainly worked on analog filters (various resistor/inductor/capacitor circuits), and as they go together in professional sound systems and live production - past work for me.  When life on the road got to be too much, I switched fields and went into computer programming - a more cushy job at the time, but looking back production was more fun.

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