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  1. Re Neo noir: It seems to me that Michelle Pfeiffer played a few femme fatale rolls that might have been sort of "noir" ish. Also, does anyone else see some noir elements in the Godfather movies? I realize production values are way different, etc, but I kept seeing characters in the noir films who might have been models for Godfather characters. And wasn't the Pacino character pretty alienated in the end? Of course, there was never anything moral about him, so he wouldn't be a Raymond Chandler hero, at all.
  2. I completely agree! This class was way, way too short for me. They could arrange maybe 2 noir evenings a month, as well.
  3. I will miss Summer of /Darkness so much! Have now become addicted to black and white films, love their elegance, their intensity, how you can say so much so sparingly. And love noir more than ever. Thanks to TCM, Ball State, Canvas, Richard, Eddie Muller et all. My only complaint is the course was much too short. Should have been a semester of darkness, in my opinion. Why is there no "noir" channel in cable line ups? Or even an all crime/police/mystery channel, since there are all western channels, and all "chick flic" channels? If 20k people took this class, there would surely be an a
  4. I am trying to catch up on the Daily Dose clips. First, I no longer receive them in my email, so I went to Canvas, view them on youtube using the link in Canvas, and then post my response through Canvas. Are the responses being found? Secondly, the daily dose is not going to my email any more, and the ones on Canvas are not current. I find three or four from this week that are not posting to Canvas. Just wanted to try and touch base with someone about it.
  5. Lydecker is arguably the most important character in the film (aside from Laura herself) and the catalyst for the action. The film introduces us to him through his surroundings, and his voice over. Narration leading us into the character's world is a standard noir device, we expect the protagonist to be a Chadler style "hard boiled" detective, or cop, and we expect a dark, or high contrast, "street" type environment. In this case we see an elegant, expensively furnished apartment, letting us know that the narrator is well off, and a man of somewhat sophisticated and "refined" tastes. He contra
  6. Lawyer: Crossfire was an excellent film, but I wouldn't call it a noir film. It was more of a message film, and i would say noir films don't try to send messages.
  7. Victim is a British movie, 1961, ahead of its time. Protagonist was gay and by the end of the film accepted himself. Very positive film, I would say. Anotehr British film from the same year - A Taste of Honey - has a gay male character (not protagonist, but still) who is treated positively. I can't think of a US film of that era that treated gay characters fairly, including Advise and Consent.
  8. Three Days of the Condor is a good film, and agree it had noir aspects. The lighting, the main charater's situation, Faye Dunaway as the femme fatale. It's hard for me to see R. Redford as a noir hero, though. He's too perfect looking, too handsome, if you know what I mean. Fred McMurray and Bogey were so believable because they weren't overly handsome. They were more relatable As for neo noir - I've been trying to think of recent films that might qualify. The lecture mentioned some obvious ones - Chinatown, LA Confidential. I was thinking of some of the films Clint Eastwood produced. I'm not
  9. I have not found a way to respond to individual posts through TCM, but loved the reference to NightHawks. Maybe we can agree NightHawks is a Noir painting? The loneliness and isolation, and sometimes making bad choices out of isolation seem to be noir themes. At least in some films. For example, Gun Crazy, from a week ago. I had seen "the Killers" before, and it was better this time around. Very "you can't cheat fate" message, although am not sure I believed Ava Gardner as capable so much deceit. George Raft was good in Nocturne, agree with the person said wooden acting worked in this film.
  10. The opening scene of The Big Sleep introduces us to Philip Marlowe. We learn that, despite his somewhat ordinary appearance, and his need for business, he is still not initimidated by the Rutledge family's wealth and status. Apparently, he is not easily intimidated generally, as we learn, since he was fired from the police department for insubordination. He is also not an easy mark for the ladies, since Carmen, the youngest Retledge daughter flirts with him, and literally throws herself at him. He appears amused, but not taken in. Both these qualities - self assurance, lack of obsequiesness to
  11. Hope we are still allowed to reply to this particular topic: I watched Gilda again yesterday. Have seen the film several times, always loved it, but the more I see it the more I find to appreciate. I realize Gilda's "Put the Blame on Mame" scene is important because it underscores Gilda's state of mind and conflicted situation. But I really noted the opening scene in the film, with Johnny/Glenn Ford's voice over as the dice roll to the front of the screen. It's a great introduction to the characters and story, since Johnny, Gilda, and Ballin are all gamblers in their own way, each having left
  12. Why is Alec Baldwin no longer there? I agree that he is extremely knowledgable, experienced, and never boring. I have been a little disappointed with Sally Fields, but let's give her time. What would be the problem with someone from academia, like UCLA for example guest hosting? Or other members of families prominent in the industry - someone from the Carradine family, or the Quade family, or even Angelica Huston? Also, why not exploring "essentials" of French, Italian, Mexican, Canadian, German cinema? They could probably find guest experts without too much trouble.
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