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  1. This just happened, 7:00pm Feb. 23, I paused An American In Paris to answer a skype call and when I came back the sound was gone. Even when I went back to the tcm home page and then to movies on demand to An American in Paris, the sound was completely gone. What next?????? So many technical problems with movies on demand it's insane. TCM: FIX MOVIES ON DEMAND--IT'S A NIGHTMARE OF GLITCHES!!!
  2. This is a tcm problem. And I, for one have had it with tcm. I use comcast xfinity to stream movies onto my macbook pro osx 10.10.1 using firefox. When I first started using tcm on demand about a year or so ago, it worked perfectly. Then little by little, the freezing and stuttering started happening every once in a while during a film. Then there was freezing completely, forcing me to "rewind" it a bit to get it to run again. The freeziing started happening more and more frequently during the films. Then came the screen suddenly going black with the film unable to restart, forcing me to close out the tcm website and get back on for the film to start streaming again. Now the freezing happens every few minutes with almost every film to the point where I just give up in disgust. Please note: this never happens on amazon instant video and only rarely on youtube movies-- yes, youtube works better than tcm, even having exponentially more viewers. Since apparently tcm doesn't care about alienating its viewers and pretending to offer services (streaming, tech support, customer support) that it doesn't in fact offer, or at least usably offer, I see no reason to support tcm with dvd or book or wine or cruise or special event purchases. No loyalty=no loyalty.
  3. Agree, tcm doesn't care about the terrible platform it has for streaming movies on demand. It has only been getting worse and worse in the last year or so I've been watching movies on demand, to the point that more often than not, the movies are unwatchable. Just about half an hour ago (1:00 pm PST) Bachelor Mother froze at the tcm intro! When I watched The Americanization of Emily on Friday it took twice as long, at least, as the actual running time, because I had to keep backing up and restarting every few minutes. As I posted elsewhere I don't have this problem on amazon instant video or even with movies on youtube. Just tcm. And it happens with every kind of device, computer, browser and cable provider--that is abundantly clear from reading the all the many forum threads on these issues. So having a moderator come on and ask the same old questions about what kind of computer/device, blah blah blah is beyond infuriating. Just admit that tcm is out of its depth with its streaming platform--you've taken something on that you clearly do not have the resources to provide. So either fix it or drop it. But don't keep pretending that it is anything other than a tcm problem.
  4. Oh and as for the specifics of my viewing, I hardly think it matters since these problems are occuring across the board, according to the forum posts. But for statistical purposes: Macbook OS X 10.10 yosemite, comcast xfinity, firefox most recent version.
  5. This does still happen occasionally, but more often what happens is that every other minute (or so it seems) the film freezes and I have to rewind a bit to get it to run again. Sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn't. It's become so constant and so awful, that I have stopped watching movies on demand for the most part. And then there is the occasional screen going black and being unable to restart at all. I have to close out the tcm website and come back in again to get the movie to stream. It's all just too frustrating. And it *is* the fault of tcm. I watched Saving Private Ryan last night on amazon instant video and not one problem with the streaming occurred. Same thing with movies on youtube: no problems with streaming. Obviously, thousands of other viewers are having the same problems, since people who actually write complaints represent a very small percentage of the population who are having the problem. The question is what is tcm going to do about it? If you can't support a streaming service, don't have one is what I say. When you promise something and then there are nothing but headaches when a lot of people try to use it, you are going to really alienate viewers in this case. Same thing with advertising a "support" function and having none. If there's no tech support, just say so. It's way better to be honest about it.
  6. Today, for the first time, when I watch on demand movies I get image stuttering. The sound is continuous but the images move, then stop, then move then stop, making it impossible to watch. I'm connectied through comcast xfinity. I'd appreciate it if TCM tech people could check into this as a lot of films I want to watch are expiring tomorrow. Thanks
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