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  1. no nothing to do with his assassination at all. the ending of the movie shows him getting on the back of the train car, making a speach then the train departs, and the end of the movie
  2. Hello All, I have been wracking my brain on this one. and I am sure its a simple one. but here goes I remember a movie. (not John Ford's) one. and the main part of the movie was the ending itself. it told of Lincoln and his rise. there were parts of this debate between Davis and Lincoln, and him waiting for the election results and such. but the main part is the ending. it is him saying fairwell to his home state on the back of a train. then as the movie ends it shows the train pulling out of the picture. I did not know where else to put this into, to ask for help. except for here. can someone help me with this movie please?? I do remember it being a very very good movie. this is why I am looking for it. and I can not find the name using abraham lincoln in it anywhere. and its not a newer one either. I believe its a Black and White, but I could be wrong. we never upgraded our TV;s to color till way way past normal people did lol Thanks, Ray
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