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  1. Another hint: The song was sung by a Broadway veteran and was written especially for this performer.
  2. Akim Tamiroff was 'Uncle' Joe Grandi in Touch Of Evil Franchot Tone was Otto Koster in Three Comrades Erich von Stroheim was Captain von Rauffenstein in La Grande Illusion So the movie is Five Graves to Cairo Next: Christine Helm returns to work to help pay for her husband Somerset Maugham's medical treatment but has an affair with her benefactor Cole Porter when her husband is away.
  3. Yves Montand was Grigoris Lambraki in Z Ingrid Bergman was Paula Alquist Anton in Gaslight Anthony Perkins was Josef K, in The Trial So the movie is Goodbye Again. Next: Gypsy Rose Lee signs a movie contract with Rudyard Kipling and accepts a marriage proposal from Bob Woodward
  4. Thanks, Princess of Tap. Hint: The movie was adapted from a stage musical, but the song in question was written for the movie.
  5. Yes! At one time I thought that Joan Fontaine had won an Oscar for Rebecca, but learned that she won it for Suspicion. Good work, Princess of Tap. It's your turn.
  6. I love the song "Something Special" that Johnny Crawford sang on an episode of The Rifleman. I just happened to catch the episode on ME-TV and then looked for the song online. And later I discovered another of his songs that I now love: "Rumors." I've played this one over and over again!
  7. Only one person won an acting Oscar for a performance in a Hitchcock movie. Name the performer, the movie the performance was in and the category of the Oscar that was won.
  8. The movie was Foreign Correspondent. Hitchcock's first choice for the lead (Actor A) was Gary Cooper. Actor B was Joel McCrea. PS. I don't think Gary Cooper would have been better than Joel McCrea, but it would have been interesting to see Gary Cooper in the role.
  9. Edith Evans was Countess Ranevskaya in The Queen Of Spades Michael Redgrave was Maxwell Frere in Dead Of Night Joan Greenwood was Lady Bellaston in Tom Jones So the movie is The Importance Of Being Earnest Next: Veronica Fisher is engaged to Woodrow Truesmith but finds herself falling for Don Lockwood
  10. "If You Fee Like Singing, Sing" with lyrics by Mack Gordon and music by Harry Warren from Summer Stock. I love that movie!
  11. Marjorie Main was Baby Face Martin's mother's in Dead End Mary Astor was Edith Cortright in Dodsworth Harry Davenport was King Louis XI in The Hunchback of Notre Dame So the movie is Meet Me In St. Louis Next: Leo Hubbard convinces Ellie Banks to pass off Rico's paintings as her own
  12. Frank Morgan was the Wizard of Oz in The Wizard Of Oz Joseph Schildkraut was Captain Alfred Dreyfus in The Life of Emile Zola James Stewart was Jefferson Smith in Mr. Smith Goes To Washington So the movie is The Shop Around The Corner Next: "Papa" Hanson advises Eleanor Roosevelt to not reveal to King Rudolf V (who has recovered from amnesia) that that they were once in love
  13. Yes! "If A Girl Isn't Pretty" is the first song that's sung in Funny Girl . It's one of only two songs in the movie where Barbra Streisand doesn't sing. Great job, starliteyes. It's your turn. '
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