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  1. I notice that Comcast viewers got to see One Man's Journey on demand, but it was not available to Time Warner Cable customers. And furthermore, most of the time, only ONE or TWO movies are available at a time. If there are a half-dozen available on a given day, they disappear one-by-one and are not replaced, until there are none left; sometimes for days there will be nothing. it's happening again, in fact. We were blitzed with all that Weimar cinema, and then suddenly they all disappeared, and nothing replaced them. What is going on? Something new should be added each time something is taken a
  2. Well, now TCM has finally updated it's OnDemand offerings to Time-Warner Cable. I am grateful. But only to a limited extent. For now it has gone back to the old way of doing things. For the last 2-3 weeks, it was keeping up with Comcas, showing the same offerings and actually including the intros by Ben Mankiewicz & Robert Osborne. But now it's back to showing only half the offerings. Ace Drummond and Buck Rogers are there, but where are Phantom, Batman, Dick Tracy? They are appearing on Comcast. "Baby, the Rain Must Fall" is ther, but where is "Cincinnati Kid"? It's appearing on Comca
  3. So, right after I posted this, TCM OnDemand stopped updated on my Time-Warner Cable service. Then this morning, it completely disappeared. What is this, retaliation? Time-Warner claims that TCM is not giving them updates. Is that true? Please send the updates to Time-Warner. If this is not what has happened, will someone please tell me what is going on?
  4. Once again, TCM On Demand for Time-Warner Cable customers is showing how terrible it is. We haven't had anything new added in the last several days, but a whole bunch of things were removed at once yesterday. We are down to exactly three selections. One was removed whilst I was in the middle of watching it, so I'm extremely displeased. But please, it's not just quantity, but also quality and variety. I notice for Comcast you've made available "The Apartment" and "THe Magnificent Seven", but these have appeared on TCM and/or TCM On Demand A LOT lately. How about putting up some of the dayti
  5. It's nice that I get TCM on Demand via Time-Warner Cable, but I have two complants/requests: (1) The introductions by Robert Osborne or Ben Mankiewicz are not included (although I notice for "Caesar and Cleopatra" it was, perhaps by mistake?). Please include these! They add a lot of value to the viewing! (2) I notice a member listing the TCM on Demand choices for Comcast. It seems that Comcast gets more selections than Time-Warner Cable does, which is very odd since didn't Time-Warner buy out Turner a decade ago?
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