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  1. I'm not too crazy about Mr. Muller's intro to DOA. This is one of my favorite noir's. Having an innocent, and rather shallow, person discover he's been poisoned, and having a short time to find his murderer, is a great story and well executed by this film. Never thought to compare it to a "Looney Tunes Cartoon", or compare Edmond O'Brien's preformance to "Daffy Duck". I have an old recording (around 2015) of Ben Mankiewicz intro to this film and it is much more informative and appreciative.
  2. TCM also showed the dubbed version which was made for the American home video market. The original movie had a few scenes that were in Gaelic. Like when the two leprechauns announce the arrival of Darby O'Gill to King Brian. Or when King Brian asks for the Stradivarius. Both scenes were spoken in Gaelic in the movie originally, but were dubbed in English in the version shown on TCM. I've seen this movie many times and was disappointed to see that TCM showed the dubbed version.
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