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  1. We are looking for one more female to join us....a 59 and 74 year old who are easy to get along with. Contact me if you would like to get in on the very last TCM cruise! debi
  2. Hey, We're looking for one more female to join us on this very last TCM cruise. We are 59 and 74 years old and easy to get along with!!! Let me know if you'd like to join us!! I went last year and it was fabulous! Can't wait till November! debi
  3. Hello, I'm looking for someone needing an additional female. Thought I had sent you a reply yesterday. Went on last years cruise. Do you know of anyone needing an extra? I'm 59 years old and love life! Thanks! debi
  4. Hello, Thought I had replied to several folks looking for mates, but I don't see my replies. I was on the cruise last year and had a blast. I thought one would be enough, but since this is the last one, I'd really like to go. I'm a 59 year old female who is easy to get along with. Had 2 roommates last year and we did great! Please contact me if you're looking for an additional person. I have until Sep 15th to get on without additional charges. Thanks so much! debi
  5. Hello! Yipee! We have booked a "deluxe inside" cabin and have made our down payments. We are still looking for a fourth female to join us, thus making this a very affordable cruise! We have more bathroom space/amenities than the "standard inside" so don't worry about that. We're not in the room much anyway. We will make it work. Please contact me ASAP so we can get you signed up! We're so excited to be with folks that love the classic movies. Don't pass this up! Robert Osborne, here we come!!!
  6. Hello Classic Movie Lovers!!!!!!!!!!! (edited) and I are looking for one more female to join us on this exciting cruise! We are booking a "deluxe inside" tomorrow (Mon-3/23) around 12:30pm ET. If you are interested in sharing a cabin with us, we would love to have you!!! If at all possible, please contact me before noon ET so that I can pass on your information to Tina. Again, my name is XXXX and my number is XXXXXXXX. She will be the lead person. I'm 57 yrs old from TN, another is 47 yrs from MO and the other is 61 yrs from PA. The appeal to sharing a room is our love for our beloved classic
  7. Hey There! It's March 18th and it looks like Tina and Debi are cruising in November. We both would very much welcome a 3rd female to join us! We are wanting to book a room before this goes public. Tina has sailed before so we can book right now! We are wanting take the most inexpensive avenue for this trip, thus wanting to book the cheapest cabin (you're not in the room much anyway). If any female is interested in joining us, please PM me. We are both easy going and friendly! Thanks!
  8. I'm a 57 yr old female looking for someone to share a cabin with. This is my first TCM cruise. I replied to a request posted on Feb 5th....see my post there. I'm Debi and my number is (PM me) if you are interested! Thanks!
  9. Hello! I'm a 57 year old female who is outgoing and is dying to go on her first TCM cruise. Want to book the cheapest room or broom closet (ha!) available. My name is Debi and I can be reached at (PM me), if you want to talk over the phone about it. I live in TN. It's north of Nashville almost to the Kentucky border. Thanks so much! I need to know ASAP as TCM is booking now!
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