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  1. My favorite Dreyfuss movie is, "Once Around." In that one he takes a character most people would hate, a pushy salesman who always has to be the center of attention, and makes him vulnerable and loveable. He's just brilliant in that, as are Holly Hunter and Danny Aiello.
  2. I saw the thread and quickly thought of about five films I've seen more than ten times -- now that you've all reminded me, I have about twenty in mind. Stella Dallas Now Voyager The Letter A Letter to Three Wives Jane Eyre (all versions) Mildred Pierce Double Indemnity The Wizard of Oz The Music Man Easter Parade My Fair Lady Marnie Fargo Raising Arizona Howards End Remains of the Day Far From Heaven Heaven Can Wait This is not the same as my favorites list. Some of my favorites, like, The Last Pict
  3. I've always blamed, "The Goodbye Girl," for starting a genre of movie in which the female star acts like a self-centered, ill mannered, mean, nasty, crank throughout the entire film, while the male star scurries around like a nervous Pomeranian, endlessly trying to please her. By the end I always hate her and have lost all respect for him and think they deserve a long hellish marriage.
  4. I'm just catching up on this thread, way behind, but wanted to say I live in Ohio half way between Columbus and Cincinnati, thought Jim Jordan was some sort of comic parody when I first heard him speak, but my son said he was real, hated The Piano, love Fargo, own 3rd Rock, yes Julie Andrews looked particularly beautiful in that clip, and I thought I was the only person in the world who liked, Fear Thy Neighbor! Yes! Going to watch it right now.
  5. I'm looking forward to "The Picture of Dorian Gray" at six. I remember when Sally Field was the guest, she said she thought Hurd Hatfield's rather wooden performance was awful, but I kind of like it that way, and I absolutely love Angela Lansbury in this. Dorian's treatment of her is one of the most emotionally brutal things I've ever seen. "Pillow Talk" will be a nice refreshment afterwards. Tony Randall and Doris in the diner? Hilarious.
  6. We always needed this thread and didn't know it. It makes me think of one of my favorite movie lines, spoken by Olympia Dukakis, "If you don't have anything nice to say about anybody, sit right here by me."
  7. I'm not a particular fan of Judi Dench, but I would take that article with a grain of salt. All Marcia had to go on was that Dench, "didn't look happy," so for all we know Dench's feet hurt. Then Marcia uses the interview to humble brag. "However, I’m a big one for effusive congratulations. That’s who I am." Yeah. I wanted Julie Waters for "Billy Elliot," too.
  8. Great summaries, Lucky Dan. I wish I had found this while it was showing last week. I'm usually riveted by Ken Burns' documentaries, just the sound of Peter Coyote's voice puts me in a pleasant trance, I watched all 80 hours of "Vietnam," but this one interested and irritated me in equal measure.
  9. I love the movie and Joan Fontaine's performance. I think if it was remade today Lydecker wouldn't be the only person who wanted to slap her, she's the very opposite of the strong girl-power heroine of most modern films, but that's why I love the character and I can't really imagine anyone else being able to play her as well.
  10. What a beautiful picture of Tierney. I think I was calling that lean-to a cabin. As for "no contact," that's a good subject for debate. Something Charlotte says to her stuffy gentleman friend made me think they did have contact. It was a line asking him if he had ever had a moment of passion where he was just swept away -- I wish I could remember it exactly . There's also a moment when she tells Jerry she thinks she is immune to happiness and he says, "You weren't that night on the mountain." It made me think they did have that moment. Later on, they had to have a chaste relatio
  11. Oh I love that video so much, Lorna! It's awesome, AWESOME!
  12. What? You don't like the scene where Claude Rains tells the old lady how wrong she is about everything and explains that psychiatric hospitals don't have to be like Olivia D'Haviland's "Snake Pit"? You don't enjoy hating that awful niece? You don't gasp when the newly made over and glamourous Bette Davis walks down the steps on the ship in that fabulous outfit? You don't cry when she cries over the perfume gift from Paul Henreid? You don't like the romantic scene in the cabin in the mountains after their car breaks down? You don't cheer for her when she gets home and stands up to her moth
  13. Surely all that could have been achieved by putting those actors in a film that hadn't already been done so well just 12 years earlier. There are thousands of scripts and even more great novels that haven't been adapted to the screen. By doing this remake they not only lost potential audience who didn't care to see a story they already knew, they invited negative comparisons for those new actors they were hoping to promote. Eleanor Parker, in particular, was wrong for this part.
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