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  1. Thanks for the review of "I Know Were I'm Going," TikiSoo. I've only seen it once, a few years ago, but when it was over I felt like I was waking up after a wonderful dream. I went on line and found some beautiful versions of the title song to put me back in the mood. Another Garfield fan here. Nobody plays opposite his female stars like Garfield. He and Lana Turner almost set my screen on fire.
  2. In some biography or other Audrey gave the impression that she sort of fell in love with Finney during this. Poor woman, it was about the only time she was cast opposite a man who wasn't old enough to be her father.
  3. I'm not making any comparisons with Loren, but I think, "Splendor in the Grass" fits this category very well as a film that's almost too sad to watch. The ending, not just Deanie but Bud and his wife, Angelina, were all three tragic enough to make me cry and I don't cry easily at films.
  4. Is your name a reference to the ill fated pride of the Italian line? If so, cool. If not, sorry. I agree with your comment regarding the dating scene. I also saw Sayonara when it was first released.  Sure hope someone can help me with Sessue Hayakawa's speech as it wasn't subtitled and I don't speak or understand Japanese. Thanks for your response

    1. AndreaDoria


      Hi Tut,

      Yes my first name is Andrea and the kids at school used to call me Andrea Doria after the fated ship.

      I hope someone answers your question, too.  I plan to watch this one again the next time it comes around, it really was a powerful story.

  5. I had never seen it before and I thought it was really good on several levels. I just thought they could have cut the extra 15 minutes out of that long tedious "date" they had. I didn't think it was that important for us to know that the Italian man had snap-snap- clap-snap that night. I would have liked a reunion at the end with Guy and his wonderful adopted family and a few more lines from Miiko Taka the star of "Sayonara." She was the reason I was watching.
  6. I did the same and then one day my VCR broke on the VHS side, tearing up several tapes before I gave up. Next, I tried to buy a new player/recorder and couldn't find one. The Magnovox itself was fairly new and the other side should be able to record on blank DVD's but we can't figure out how to do it. I spent one entire day determined to get it right and never could, neither could my brother or husband, both with computer science degrees. So. I don't have any of the DVR/Tivo whatever things so I can no longer record anything at all and have to actually stay up to 4 A.M to watch Joan Crawford movies IN REAL TIME, too.! I have figured out that most TVNetworks give you a week or so to watch their things online. I refuse to pay anything beyond what I pay for cable so no Hulu or Netflix etc. for me. I still consider myself very lucky to have TCM and got it specially added to my cable package through begging etc. The cable man was here today, so I've been thinking about this very subject. I get several hundred stations and watch six. He said that was true of most people. If I just got what I watched it would look like this: TCM - checking it out all the time ABC -- Dateline NBC -- This is Us NBC --The Bachelor, don't judge, it gives good snarky message board. CBS -- The News CBS -- Jeopardy CBS -- Survivor PBS -- Masterpiece Theatre and almost everything else on Sunday nights. AMC -- Better Call Saul TVLand --Andy Griffith I do surf sometimes but rarely stop anywhere until I'm back at TCM.
  7. I must see this! I love Zachary Scott and I can't wait to see Kristine be evil! She just fascinates me , so tall, so beautiful and that long, gorgeous hair.
  8. I like my villains to be so over the top they're funny, think Alan Rickman: "Cancel Christmas!" and yes I want to see them get there's in the end. Two of my favorite villains are together in "Too Late for Tears," Lizabeth Scott and Dan Duryea. They have some wonderful villain vs villain moments. I love watching small time thug Dan go from bullying who he thinks is a timid housewife into becoming terrified of her. He gets his comeuppance from her and then she has a fantastic ending where her own greed causes that spectacular fall off the balcony. My kind of villains!
  9. Yes, I did see that post, that's what made me think of him. I think he's pretty hunky, but he's not in my top ten. Now John Garfield....swoon. He has a way of looking at his co-stars like he's 100% into them. He and Lana in, "The Postman Always Rings Twice," define screen chemistry.
  10. My favorite handsome face is Robert Taylor's, but I have no idea how beef cakey he is in his trunks. I figure if Lana is all over him like that his body is probably alright. My sister-in-law thinks my husband looks like Daniel Craig. I don't see it myself, but it's made me keep an eye on her.
  11. That's the thing. As special as Marilyn was, she never had to stand the test of time. We didn't see her age or attempt movies outside her type cast role of sexy, young blonde. Another reason I nominate Liz is that she was cast in so many big block busters like "Cleopatra," and "Giant" even though she probably wasn't the greatest living actress at the time. Over and over she was cast primarily for her box office draw -- that's pure star power.
  12. Elizabeth Taylor didn't go into seclusion like Garbo or die young like Marilyn, but she graced the covers of magazines for decades with the public following her every marriage, divorce, and illness from her childhood to her death. She's not my favorite actress but she's the number one movie star in my mind.
  13. Watched that last night and really enjoyed it. Jean Arthur's voice makes her such a natural comedic actress. There were also some very nice speeches from Ronald Coleman about the importance of the rule of law in our country.
  14. Wow that's sad. Those stars were expected to stay so thin, and that was the day of women using smoking as a diet aid, "Reach for a Lucky instead of a sweet."
  15. Yeah, sorry. I guess I've taken skimming to a new level and only read the first half of sentences now. Heaven help us if they do make a new one with one of the Ryans.
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