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  1. Until yesterday, I had spent the previous 30 days watching about 8 hours per day of Netflix online with a "Get 30 days free," deal. Then last night I kicked back in the recliner to watch a "real" movie and I was just blown away at how awesome that was.
  2. Well this is a fun thread. I've always been an Amy Irving fan, "Crossing Delancy" is a favorite and Leslie Howard does no wrong. One of my favorite TV scenes is from "The Andy Griffith Show " when Clara sings "Some Enchanted Evening " to a man from whom they hope to buy a new church organ. Andy cringes, hilariously. Those poor boys with the ice cream and licorice sticks. We should be giving those things to boys for free! There should be big bowls of them in men's restrooms.
  3. I like everybody mentioned better than John Wayne, but he's still probably the first name to come to most minds after, "western hero" so I think he should get the title. Even more important is that when "Electric Company" did a cowboy sketch every cast member, including Rita Moreno, did their John Wayne impression.
  4. Yes! I can hear Bette Davis saying it that way, about a hundred times, in "Now Voyager." It was either a mansion with a 4000 sq ft entry way and 50 ft ceilings or a 10 by 15 unit in one of those horrible rooming houses with dirty wall parer and a hot plate for cooking CANNED CHICKEN. Nothing in between. No wonder everyone was so thrilled with those little Levitt houses after the war.
  5. I missed it last night so I just watched it on YouTube . I agree that Sydney was GORGEOUS. Such huge eyes in that heart shaped face, sometimes she would remind me of Claudette Colbert and other times of Myrna Loy. Everyone seemed to have trouble saying "Joan". Fredric March kept calling her Jon and Cary Grant called her June. I think of all the gigantic staircases inside enormous entry ways, in a ll the films, Joan's father's house wins.
  6. I love this clip! Deborah's expression as Burt walks up at 1:53, is exactly how I look when he comes on screen.
  7. Am I the only person who saw the BBC version of "War and Peace" staring Paul Dano? It was aired on Lifetime TV, of all places, but I loved it for it's beautiful film and Paul Dano's perfection as Pierre. ------------------- Oddly enough, when I first saw the title of this thread the actor who came to my mind was the other star of "Reds," Diane Keaton. She seems like a lovely person but her acting always grates on me. She smiles through most of her lines the way some child actors do and her comic characters always seem like a grown woman playing a thirteen year-old. "OMG he ask
  8. I love two of the ones who've been mentioned, precisely because they are so good at their awful roles. I consider Shelly Winters a great, courageous actress because she's willing to take those roles and give it her all. I just love to hate her in, "A Place in the sun" and "A Patch of Blue." And Zachary Scott? He was born to play smarmy. "Mildred Pierce" wouldn't have been the same without him. I can't see a pair of two-toned shoes without thinking of him.
  9. In the past two days we watched Parasite which won the academy award this year and although it was interesting and worth the time, it just didn't seem like an academy award movie to us. Then we watched the other DVD I got from the Walmart bargain bin The Book Club with Jane Fonda, Diane Keaton and Candice Bergen. It was SO BAD we stopped watching after 30 minutes, but it ended up giving us lots of laughs through reading the two star reviews on IMBD. Then. Last night. We watched .... Elmer Gantry and were just so thankful for TCM and great movies with fantastic performances
  10. Agree it's a film that never gets old. My favorite scene is Doris and Tony Randall in the diner with all the rough regulars listening in and thinking the cad who's making her cry is Tony. I just watched "Susan and God," this morning. I've seen it before and I love many things about it from all the dachshunds running wild in the opening scene to the sweet, warm ending -- however -- the dress someone put Joan Crawford in for the long, final, dramatic scene is the single most ridiculous dress I've ever seen outside a circus. WHAT were they thinking?
  11. Should Shirley Jones have passed on "Oklahoma" because she couldn't do ballet? Movies make short people tall and Australians talk like Texans. They let people who can't ride horses make westerns. If action stars can use stunt doubles, why is wrong to dub a singing voice? If the only thing that matters is singing chops then why not just have Marni Nixon play the part? I don't doubt for a minute that Andrews was spectacular and the right choice for the play. or that she would have been fine in the movie, but slightly different qualities show better in films than on the stage and v
  12. I may be the only person with this opinion, but I'm glad Julie Andrews didn't play Eliza in the movie. I love Ms Andrews, think she was wonderful as a magical nanny and perfect as a nun turned nanny, but I don't think she could have conveyed the sexier, ever so slightly trashy part of Eliza as well as Audrey Hepburn. Julie has a sort of prissy way of holding her mouth when she sings and speaks that is a little bit off putting to me, while Audrey can be utterly desirable when she wants to and her beauty is spectacular enough to equal those sets and gowns.
  13. I saw an old screen test of hers where she spoke her line, then you hear the director say, "Softer," and right before our eyes her entire face changes as though a piece of chiffon had fallen over the lens. It was almost supernatural how she could control the softness of her face just by skill alone. While reading this thread I realized, I can not only picture her in all these great films, I can hear certain lines spoken in that wonderful, expressive voice.
  14. This is all very interesting. I just know I was rooting for Freddie all the way and couldn't believe she chose Henry Higgins over the beautiful young man who sang "On the Street Where You Live."
  15. Last night Ben and Eddie Muller introduced, Little Shop Around the Corner and I thought, what's Eddie doing here? Evidently it's one of his favorites which made me like him even more. A man who loves my favorite Christmas movie and Too Late for Tears is my kind of guy.
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