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  1. "A Simple Plan." The book has a short chapter that makes me far less sympathetic to the main character (Bill Paxton) so I was glad the movie completely left it out.
  2. I read a very convincing book based on Marilyn Monroe's medical reports that concluded she died accidentally due to a deadly combination of health practices. She had been on a strict diet and she had been following a fad at the time of giving herself daily internal cleansing practices. She then took what was normal for her but still heavy dose of her regular medications (I can't remember if it was diet pills or sleeping pills) and because her system was so cleaned out, they absorbed too quickly and she died. That's not a pretty or romantic story, but probably the truth. It makes more s
  3. Sounds great to me. The only Beverly Michaels film I've seen is, "Wicked Woman." It's on YouTube so I can watch it whenever I feel an urge to watch the mistress of sleaze working her wiley ways. I think I've watched it four times now. In the beginning of Wicked Woman we see a bus pull up and watch Beverly get off and start walking to town in hilariously sloooooow motion, all while Frankie Lane is signing the theme song about how wicked women can ruin your life. If that's all you watch you get the idea. It's like a 16 year-old's fantasy of what sexy is.
  4. I think Vivien Leigh was bipolar, not schizophrenic, but yes, I agree it makes some of her performances even more heartbreaking. I don't care about their politics, sexual orientation, or minor scandals. Even less about who had an affair with what other person. I draw the line at people who hurt children so Woody Allen and Kevin Spacey don't get any of my money. I think we have sort a moral obligation to send a message that we won't tolerate that. If we don't, we're telling the victims that they don't matter as much as someone's "art."
  5. I love certain parts of that, like Lizabeth Scott in her striped pajamas talking about how the soap makes her tingle all over and Kirk Douglas as a wimpy, nerdy guy for once.
  6. I just watched The Stranger with Orson Welles and Loretta Young. Wow. I usually can't stick with anything in the morning, too task driven, but work be damned today. The pacing, the acting, the fear -- all had me glued to the set. Edward G. Robinson played a Nazi hunter and Orson Welles the Nazi hiding in Connecticut as innocent Loretta Young's new husband. It was all very intense. Warning: An Irish Setter gets killed. It was almost too much for me. [Lorna should have watched it to take her mind off the Cliff Gorman shock.]
  7. Aww he's such a favorite of mine. I watched "Married to the Mob" over and over, mainly for his hilarious Tony the Tiger. His parody of every mob boss in every movie was perfectly on point. It didn't hurt that he was always so very good looking, at every age.
  8. Really. That's a definition of flower girl I hadn't heard.
  9. For Uncle Charlie. I don't think it's from Gilda but Rita looked beautiful all the time.
  10. Yes, majorly silly, and then Leslie Neilson got to copy it:
  11. @Misswonderly, I was not referring to you or anyone else but Sepiatone. I thought the first part of the above post, which was directed at Mabelnormand was rude to her and tantamount to telling her if she didn't like something she should leave.
  12. Oh thanks, I knew I had seen her in a silent film but didn't remember who it was.
  13. Spinning off Slaytonf's hat thread. Mary Astor's fabulous hair before she went all tidy on us. (I think my avatar is Mary Astor but I've never been sure.)
  14. No but this does:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-y3hHsgO3nM There is one characteristic evident in both videos. She's not very sensitive when it comes to the feelings of other people.
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