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  1. What a beautiful picture of Tierney. I think I was calling that lean-to a cabin. As for "no contact," that's a good subject for debate. Something Charlotte says to her stuffy gentleman friend made me think they did have contact. It was a line asking him if he had ever had a moment of passion where he was just swept away -- I wish I could remember it exactly . There's also a moment when she tells Jerry she thinks she is immune to happiness and he says, "You weren't that night on the mountain." It made me think they did have that moment. Later on, they had to have a chaste relatio
  2. Oh I love that video so much, Lorna! It's awesome, AWESOME!
  3. What? You don't like the scene where Claude Rains tells the old lady how wrong she is about everything and explains that psychiatric hospitals don't have to be like Olivia D'Haviland's "Snake Pit"? You don't enjoy hating that awful niece? You don't gasp when the newly made over and glamourous Bette Davis walks down the steps on the ship in that fabulous outfit? You don't cry when she cries over the perfume gift from Paul Henreid? You don't like the romantic scene in the cabin in the mountains after their car breaks down? You don't cheer for her when she gets home and stands up to her moth
  4. Surely all that could have been achieved by putting those actors in a film that hadn't already been done so well just 12 years earlier. There are thousands of scripts and even more great novels that haven't been adapted to the screen. By doing this remake they not only lost potential audience who didn't care to see a story they already knew, they invited negative comparisons for those new actors they were hoping to promote. Eleanor Parker, in particular, was wrong for this part.
  5. It seems to be Somerset Maugham day (yay). I just watched the Greta Garbo version of The Painted Veil. The2006 version with Naomi Watts and Edward Norton is one of my favorite films so I was very interested in this version. The plot varied a good bit, particularly the ending but this, older, version was still well worth watching. Garbo sometimes bores me, but she came alive in this one, alternately more joyful and sadder than I had ever seen her. I thought Liev Schreiber was a much better cad than George Brent. I missed his two-toned shoes. Of Human Bondage Comes on at 6 but it
  6. The only one I recognized last time was, "The Full Monty." Not sure what that says about me. These romantic photos of the leads remind me of how often the actress has to let her head fall way back on her neck like Rita in 2293. Ava Gardner does it, in her movies, to such an extreme it hurts me to watch her.
  7. 2278 is Troy Donahue (my teenage heart throb) and Claudette Colbert in "Parrish." I see Janet Leigh and Van Johnson, Spanky and Alfalfa, Eartha Kitt and Sammy Davis Jr, but don't know the movies.
  8. I see, "A Patch of Blue " is on this Monday afternoon. When I was young and liked to be sad it was one of my favorite movies. Shelly Winters is absolutely despicable in it. She deserves a lifetime award as the actress most willing to be unsympathetic.
  9. Love your theme of the same older actress in all of them. I can't think of this one's name, but I'll bet you could do the same with Beulah Bondi, who was just about everyone's mother at some time. I'll try some of her co-stars; 2261 Henry Fonda, 2263 Joan Fontaine, 2265 Lassie, 2267 Jimmy Durante, 2269 Judy Garland.
  10. TikiSoo, thank you for this review of my favorite film noir! You caught all it's greatness, from Dan's growing fear to Kristine Miller's fabulous hair. Loved It!
  11. Well no, I didn't say I would cancel TCM because of a few shows. I adore TCM. The channel "I would have bought" if I wanted to watch people have sex would have been the Playboy channel or whatever. Not really, you take me too literally, James. Yes, I do pay a special fee for TCM it's part of a deal I made to stay with Spectrum when I was thinking of switching one time. Thanks @ Lavenderblue19. I'm much better now, a week ago I never would have been able to sit up and put my two cents in which shows you how desperately ill I was!
  12. I'm sure there are many students of film who are interested in the early work of certain directors or the quality of the light in some film's final scene, or whether or not the director was a woman, but I have COVID right now which has made me even crankier than usual, so when I got up at five the other morning and turned on TCM to shake the nightmares and found several people performing oral sex on each other in Labyrinth of Passion, I was not best pleased because, you know, if I had wanted hard core porn I would have bought a different channel. Not speaking for anyone else, just putt
  13. Terms of Endearments. I think it's definitely worth your while. It was written by one of America's most esteemed novelists, Larry McMurtry, best know for his westerns like Lonesome Dove. This one is contemporary but still set in Texas and full of his wonderful understanding of human nature. It shows us how a group of interesting but rather selfish people can suddenly pull together during a crises and bring out all the best in each other. Jack Nicholson and Shirley MacLaine give us excellent performances, hilarious and surprising.
  14. Agree about "God's Own Country" and "The Crown." A friend told me about "God's Own Country" and Josh O'Connor's great performance , so I told him about Josh in "The Durrells in Corfu" and "The Crown." The trouble was, and this always happens when I recommend something, though I loved the first seasons of "The Crown," excepting a few episodes like the awful Kennedy one you mentioned, I thought it went way downhill in this most recent one. Josh is fine but the whole Saint Diana vs the Horrible Royals was not only inaccurate and largely invented, it just wasn't fun to watch anymore.
  15. Well, tonight at eight is Baby Face and I'm looking forward to watching it for the third time. I always wonder if the phrase "sleeping her way to the top," came from this film.
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