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  1. That's the thing. As special as Marilyn was, she never had to stand the test of time. We didn't see her age or attempt movies outside her type cast role of sexy, young blonde. Another reason I nominate Liz is that she was cast in so many big block busters like "Cleopatra," and "Giant" even though she probably wasn't the greatest living actress at the time. Over and over she was cast primarily for her box office draw -- that's pure star power.
  2. Elizabeth Taylor didn't go into seclusion like Garbo or die young like Marilyn, but she graced the covers of magazines for decades with the public following her every marriage, divorce, and illness from her childhood to her death. She's not my favorite actress but she's the number one movie star in my mind.
  3. Watched that last night and really enjoyed it. Jean Arthur's voice makes her such a natural comedic actress. There were also some very nice speeches from Ronald Coleman about the importance of the rule of law in our country.
  4. Wow that's sad. Those stars were expected to stay so thin, and that was the day of women using smoking as a diet aid, "Reach for a Lucky instead of a sweet."
  5. Yeah, sorry. I guess I've taken skimming to a new level and only read the first half of sentences now. Heaven help us if they do make a new one with one of the Ryans.
  6. Grace Kelly -- Rear Window Natalie Wood -- Splendor in the Grass Elizabeth Taylor -- A Place in the Sun Gene Tierney -- Laura Audrey Hepburn -- My Fair Lady Deborah Kerr -- The King and I Lana Turner and Donna Reed -- Green Dolphin Street Sophia and Raquel are great ladies but a little too earthy and fleshy for my taste, but I'm a woman and prefer the ones who are elegant and slender in clothes, rather than the ones who are most sexy out of them. {Am I the only one who noticed Sophia looks like she swallowed a cantaloupe in that bikini picture?}
  7. The one who made my skin crawl (maybe that's a different thread) was Marsha Gaye Harden, who seemed to be egging on all the violence and confusion while flirting with Sean Penn's character and baby talking through the whole film.
  8. "It's Love I'm After" is featured in one of my favorite Youtube bits. So I had to watch it and I really like it, too. Leslie Howard
  9. I love Wendell Corey in A Holiday Affair because his lack of sex appeal is a running joke through out the movie. Janet Leigh has been dating him for years when she meets Robert Mitchum after which Wendell no longer has any chance at all, even her in-laws and her little boy are rooting for Mitchum. Wendell's character accepts all this disrespect with so much good nature and humor I'd fallen for him by the time it was over. His most charming role.
  10. The mini-series version with Kate Winslet has all that plus what seemed like 25 sex scenes of Kate and whoever played Zachary Scott's part, and yes, Veda reached astounding new levels of evil. I thought the new version was interesting and I loved the meticulous period detail, but it didn't have the wonderful stylish film noir snap of the Crawford version. Anyone else see the Winslet version?
  11. I like all the movies taken from Cain's novels. I first read, "The Postman Always Rings Twice," condensed in my family's "Saturday Evening Post" -- or was it "Life", I'm not sure. Anyway, it was quite educational for a ten year old girl.
  12. We enjoyed it. Narrator while Nick and Debra were dancing, "Nobody thought to tell them that they weren't any good." We've found that line useful so many times.
  13. The thing that bothers me after my 20th viewing is Barton Keyes talking about the woman he loved and almost married -- until he found out she dyed her hair and had a mentally ill person in the family. Jerk.
  14. Never underestimate the power of a really hot ankle bracelet.
  15. I never get tired of it. The plot moves along at a quick rom-com pace that builds nicely. Doris's clothes are the period's perfection. The set decorations are a treat in themselves. The housekeeper is a hoot. The scene in the diner where Doris is sobbing and everyone thinks her friend, played by Tony Randall, is the cad who upset her -- absolutely hilarious. The part where telephone-Rock Hudson tries to convince her that Texas-Rock Hudson is gay -- is hilarious in a dozen different ways. You can see how much all the leads love and enjoy working with each other.
  16. Kim Novak must really be suffering for her art, sitting on her heels like that.
  17. There's a great scene in "A New Leaf," where Walter Matthau is talking to his blind date, who is a bit too forward. She is going on about freedom and starts to take her bikini top off when he screams, "Don't let them out!" Ma Kettle was usually braless, why haven't you guys posted her picture?
  18. I love watching Laurence Harvey and Elizabeth Taylor together in BUtterfield 8, because they were both so beautiful. I just have to suspend disbelief about things like men going out with Liz a few times and then dumping her and the ridiculous chase scene at the end where he is chasing her in her red convertible and every few minutes she turns halfway around in her seat to look back at his car while they're going 100 miles and hour. Foolish kids.
  19. No, my mistake. I looked back and it was Mozart who Miss Wonderly mentioned, asking if I would quit listening to him, and I mixed them up. My brain only remembering "some composer." I haven't heard anything bad about either one. Sorry Beethoven, didn't mean to start gossip about you. I'm not a big cancel culture person, people can go to all the Woody Allen movies they want and watch all the Cosby reruns they like. There's just a point where I give someone up if the sight of their face starts to make me shudder a little bit. That's both of those men, for me.
  20. "Howard's End," is in my top five favorite movies as well as, "A Passage to India" so I don't understand why I never saw this! With Judy Davis & Rupert Graves, it has to be good. I just saw The Goldfinch at the movies. Ebert hated it, Rotten Tomatoes gave it the lowest score I've ever seen it give anything. Maybe it's because I read the book first, but I loved it.
  21. While I agree that most pedophiles have a long list of victims, I'm sure they aren't all exactly alike. Woody's movies are often about men obssessed with women who are taboo in some way, a sister-in-law, a very young woman, a best friend's girl friend. If Woody did abuse Dylan it may have been a case of this sort of obssession more than typical pedophilia. I'm not worried about people like Beethoven. Dead people can't benefit from my money. With someone alive and well and able to profit from me I just make my own judgment call. Here's a few facts that helped sway me against him:https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2014/02/woody-allen-sex-abuse-10-facts
  22. Dylan Farrow, Woody's adopted daughter claimed, at the time and now that she's grown up, that Woody Allen molested her. https://kristof.blogs.nytimes.com/2014/02/01/an-open-letter-from-dylan-farrow/ She sounds credible to me. Now, his new movie starring Jude Law is about a man who has an affair with a fifteen year-old. Which sort of seems like Allen thumbing his nose at his critics and believing his fans will forgive anything. I agree with ignoring the private life of actors, directors and producers up to a point. I don't care if they have affairs or don't bathe on the weekends, but I draw the line at pedophiles and would feel complicit if I spent my money to make them richer.
  23. A few nights ago I discovered a whole sting of "B" movies on YouTube starring Beverly Michaels. They're awful, but I can't look away. My first one was Wicked Woman which begins with a song by someone who sounds like he's imitating Frankie Lane. Beverly gets off the bus and you can tell right away that she's wicked because she smokes on the street and she walks. real. slow. The whole time I felt like I was watching a Carol Burnett parody and wished I had someone to laugh with me. They're fun!
  24. I think maybe some people (maybe only a few) might like the silent films better if they didn't start with the big action movies, but tried the quiet dramas like Lillian Gish in, "The Wind" or Gloria Swanson in, "Sadie Thompson." There's something about them that involves me very deeply, almost as though I'm dreaming the movie and I tend to completely forget that it's silent. Maybe it's because I have to watch it more closely that I tend to get really lost in the character. I cry over Sadie Thompson every time and I rarely cry at movies at all. The silent version of "Stella Dallas," is another tear jerker but then so is the later Barbara Stanwyck version. As for being dated, I love that part. It's like stepping into a time warp.
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