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  1. Unfortunately, but this is an impossible "fix" for me, as I have never installed AdBlock on my installation of Chrome. In fact, I use Chrome only for WatchTCM and do not visit any other websites, so have not installed an add-ons. Nonetheless, I can usually watch at most one or two movies each day before I get the "CheckAuth Error". (Sometimes it's because I stopped in the middle, or it was a short, or who knows? other times it doesn't work the first time, and I have to re-open the browser.) I also have never blocked ads, javascript, etc. on the TCM site on Firefox. (Furthermore, it stopped
  2. It's the exact opposite for me! Five minutes ago, I tried to watch http://www.tcm.com/watchtcm/movies/3449/Dance-Hall/ on Firefox (which hasn't worked for me since April, and stopped in the middle of a movie, which is the oddest part), but I'd seen your post here and downloaded Chrome today. Wouldn't you know, that movie is playing RIGHT NOW in the other window on the same laptop, but I only get the black screen in the WatchTCM tab on Firefox. It occurs to me that I had been using WatchTCM on my laptop with the Firefox browser for about a year when it stopped working. Also, the WatchT
  3. 1. Any time of day, every day of the week since April 10 for me. I've tried 3am and midnight and 10am and 2pm and 5pm and 7pm... 2. Every movie I try to watch with WatchTCM. 3. I'm using the latest version of Firefox, and in fact made sure it was updated. Also have checked that I haven't inadvertently blocked important javascript and that my Adobe Flashplayer is up to date. It stopped working in the middle of a movie and hasn't worked since.
  4. Since I just joined because I'm going crazy not being able to use WatchTCM on my laptop due to what is apparently an xauth timeout between TCM and Xfinity, I thought I would browse the forums and maybe chat a bit, now that I've found them. But it's SUPER CONFUSING that all the threads are reverse chronological, so that I have to scroll and click back just to figure out what anyone's talking about, or to see the original question/topic. Is there a way to change this so that when I click on a thread title, the first post on the page is ALSO the first post in the thread?? To be quite
  5. ETA: My apologies, in my confusion with this forum layout, I posted to the wrong section.
  6. It's now been 3+ weeks since I've been able to use WatchTCM on my laptop (Firefox browser), and the part that is really confusing is that it stopped iN THE MIDDLE OF A MOVIE three weeks ago, with 5 minutes left. Sometimes that happens because my laptop's wifi adaptor is really crappy and decides it doesn't want to work for a bit, but refreshing the page did nothing and I haven't been able to stream anything since. In response to the October mod post about the issue: I just get the black screen right before the video loads and the status bar says "transferring data from www.tcm.com" until
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