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  1. Hi , I was discussing This post with a friend who loves movies as much as I do and she said she thought it might have been a Tuesday Weld film but she couldn't recall the name of it.Is anyone familiar with her films and would know if she was in something like what I am looking for because I am not familiar with her.Thanks again to everyone for trying to help,I really appreciate it !.
  2. Could it be "A new kind of love " With Joanne Woodward ??. I was given that suggestion by someone in a post I made about the same kind of movie that I am looking for. Its not the movie I am looking for but It might be yours since it sounds like what your looking for . I hope you figure it out .
  3. Does anyone know when the documentary will be released in the USA yet ??.I really want to see it, I want to see what the man behind the acting was like.
  4. Thank you for the suggestion,I really Apriciate all the suggestions I have been getting .It doesn't look like what I remember but I will watch it anyway because it looks like its going to be good .
  5. Mine was definately in color, Here is a link to my Message Board post if you have any Ideas.You'll have to go to page 3 for my original post : http://forums.tcm.com/index.php?/topic/53061-movie-clip-help/ , They also told me A new kind of love and Funny Face but it was neither.Its driving me crazy that I can't figure it out and I hope you figure yours out as well .
  6. Did you figure out your movie ??. if you did what is it because I am looking for the same kind of movie ,I made a post of my own about it if you'd like to check it out. So far I still can't figure mine out.
  7. Hi Everyone , I just wanted to say I am sorry I haven't posted here lately. My Aunt Passed away from cancer so I have been dealing with that. As always thank you to everyone helping me out, I still can't figure out the movie.If anyone has anymore ideas please keep them coming.The scene keeps replaying in my head and now I remember that it played out very comical when everything was happening to the woman.I know I have been annoying to everyone on this thread and I am sorry BUT I REALLY DO APPRECIATE ALL YOUR HELP !. I am going to go through all the movies that you all suggested and find them
  8. Thank you for your input But I watched that movie on youtube and It wasn't it, It was still a good movie and I will probably put it on my list of to watch again movies.I'd also like to mention that I wasnt able to watch The opposite Sex with June allyson because where I live it showed at 3 am this morning lol.
  9. I also saw you said Madame X and I researched it and couldn't find anything like what I am trying to figure out , thank you gain for your help .
  10. Thank you but I couldn't find anything about that movie having that scene except for twards the end when she is in a house with Ms.Loy and Rex Harrison and she screams and they hold her while she is on the floor . Thank you for trying to help me though its very much appreciated .
  11. It looks liek I will have to watch this one too because again I am not finding much on google or youtube.Thank you again very much for your help .
  12. NO it wasn't and I am looking it up right now to see if there is a makeover in it,Thank you for your help
  13. WOW guys thank you again !. I am not sure if this is it so I will have to watch it and I will let you all know but from the pics posted here and what I found on google this doesn't look like it but AGAIN I will wait for it to show on tv. Thank you all so much for the help.You've all been really nice to me and helpful on here.If you have any other ideas on what movie it could be PLEASE ! keep posting them because I have to figure this out.Its been making me slightly crazy (joking ) for years now trying to figure it out since that scene I first posted is the only thing that keeps randomly rep
  14. thank you forthe link but I don't think that was it , She looks much older in that then the woman in question. If it wasnt Doris Day I have no clue who it was.Thanks for all of your help.its truley apriceated
  15. hi Everyone, if there are still people looking at my original post to help me figure it out, I wAnted to let you all know that I changed some wording around including the color of the lady in questions outfit color because like I said before I have no clue why I put red lol. thank you to everyone who is helping me with this because I truley apriciate it. ( sorry if my spelling is a little off, I can't help it ).
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