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  1. I been loving this month and all the Lana though I've seen them all before but I'm curious why Flame and the Flesh wasn't included and they never show it? It's an MGM picture so I'd assume in the TCM library and the only one of her films I've never been able to track down. I'm not expecting some lost masterpiece but it couldn't be worse than The Big Cube!
  2. I would be great to see Glynis Johns or Kay Kendall get a day devoted to them. Kay did quite a few British films before hitting it big and her brief star period. Also Joan Bennett and a few probably impossibles, Alice Faye, Betty Grable and Rita Hayworth.
  3. I like all four of these performers and my vote would go to Claire Trevor first and foremost IF I thought that they would pursue her early Fox films like The Mad Game and Elinor Norton or her later freelance films like The Bachelor's Daughters or Hoodlum Empire but I'm guessing that won't be so. Key Largo, Murder, My Sweet and Stagecoach are great films but how many times can you watch them and she made so many films that never see the light of day. I'd rather see Peck than Grant chosen for the same reason although many of both of their films play the schedule frequently.
  4. The tribute to Debbie is well deserved of course and I was sure it would take place before 31 Days of Oscar began but I'm surprised they cut into another feature like Star of the Month instead of a regular day. I can see them choosing a weekend day, or one that runs into it but Saturday or Sunday would have worked just as well. Be that as it may hope they run the Wyman pics that were scrapped. A couple, The Body Disappears and You're in the Army Now I was particularly looking forward to since they would have been new to me and they don't seem to be shown often on the channel.
  5. As much as I do truly love The Thin Mans and her better know films what I love about the Star of the Month feature is the obscurities it brings out of mothballs. In Myrna's case there are about 8 that I've never seen and Man-Proof is the only Rosalind Russell film I've yet to see so that will be a two for one. I don't want to grouse since there will be so much goodness available but I had high hopes that they might finally show the Will Rogers version of A Connecticut Yankee with Myrna as Morgan le Fay. TCM apparently ran it many years ago and not since. Also the extremely rare If This Be
  6. Just saw Michael Phillips host for the first time last night doing the intro to Escape from East Berlin and he's a HUGE improvement over last month's irksome Michael Feinstein who made my eye twitch during every segment I saw him do. Looking forward to Phillips doing the rest of the month, hard to say at this early date but based on this I wouldn't mind seeing him become a regular host on the network. He was informative, concise and most importantly relaxed in front of the camera without the stiffness or overweening effort that a few have shown.
  7. Nice line-up of stars and films if it holds but wish their were some more obscure films for the bigger stars rather than their most famous films which are shown frequently. For instance more of Jean Simmons early British films like The Clouded Yellow or Cage of Gold, Spencer Tracy's early Fox pictures along the lines of The Mad Game & Goldie (which would have worked for Jean Harlow as well), The Pied Piper for Anne Baxter and so forth. But overall it will be a fun month of viewing.
  8. I'm delighted, though not surprised, that Olivia is the choice for SOTM and they are showing a goodly number of her films but one of the best things about this feature is the showing of the star's truly obscure titles. Most of which are missing from the lineup. I just managed to track down That Lady, which was pretty heavy going but still it was great to finally find it and I see it's not scheduled this month. What I was really hoping to see pop up was the equally hard to find The Well Groomed Bride that she made at Paramount with Ray Milland. They are really her only two starring vehicles
  9. Not the most exciting month but that's to be expected with all the Christmas programming. The troubling thing is the preponderance of repeats of some of the same movies within the month. Bachelor Mother twice within 24 hours? What's that about? Hope it's not indicative of an unhappy trend. Even with the holiday theme that's awfully close. They surely could have substituted The Lemon Drop Kid, which is missing from the holiday run of films, for one of them
  10. I meant that they were new to me, I never really know if they are new to the station unless they make note of it.
  11. While I wouldn't have minded seeing them skip Kate Hepburn, John Wayne and Joan Crawford, who are all great stars but their films are frequently shown, and substitute them with other more obscure performers, perhaps Joan Bennett or Ann Blyth, and films I'm happy with the overall slate. Again I wish they could have gotten Kitten with a Whip for Ann-Margret Day but Once a Thief is new and as someone else said The Pied Piper for Monty Woolley Day would have been wonderful but Lord Jeff is new to me. But almost everyday there is at least one film I haven't seen so yeah! And some days are a go
  12. I love Summer Under the Stars but I do wish they would program mostly the lesser known films for each star during their day rather then the old reliables, which I love but I'd much prefer to finally get to see say Housewife or Special Agent on a Bette Davis tribute day then the umpteenth showing of What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? or All About Eve. That being said here are my 31 (I'm using that template of including the performers who have the most unseen films by me) Kay Kendall Gail Russell Ann Sheridan Alice Faye Anne Bancroft Deanna Durbin Veronica Lake Glynis Johns Alan B
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