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  1. Hi - I've been trying to find a way to send a message via Canvas or the Noir podcast website. I'm curious if its possible to gain access to the materials for the Mad About Musicals program. PDFs or the like would be perfect. I know the course is close so I'm just begging to get what I can, if possible. Thanks so much.

  2. Please send me a message in Canvas inbox (you can access the course still through the 'completed courses' link) so I can send it to you. I cannot send it without a message in Canvas. Thanks, Richard
  3. By now everyone should have received their Certificates. If you still haven't received your Certificate, email me directly through the Canvas course inbox messaging system. You can still access the course messaging system by finding Mad About Musicals in your Completed course list at Canvas.net. Once you send me a message, I will send out your Certificate as soon as possible upon receipt of request. Thanks to everyone who completed the course! Best, Richard
  4. Hi Everyone: The Certificates will go out next week, starting on July 16, and will take all week to send out the Certificates to everyone. Below is the information on Certificates from the Canvas.net site (it was the last module published in the course): 1. Who will get a Certificate of Completion? In order to earn the Certificate of Completion, you must receive a score of 70% or higher on all four weekly quizzes. The Weekly Quizzes are the quizzes that appear in the Saturday modules and are worth 100 points each. Please note: We are only using the Weekly Quizzes for de
  5. Are you getting any of my emails through Canvas? Should I be just posting here?

  6. i had the same problem with Hitchcock so never bought one

  7. I believe this link should still work if you still want to buy a T-shirt: https://shop.tcm.com/tcm-presents-mad-about-musicals-tee/762184195308
  8. I just checked. I believe other sizes are available. It defaults to small, but if you click other sizes, it should add that size to your checkout cart. Hope this helps.
  9. It's been fixed. Thanks for the heads up. You may retake Quiz 4 as many times as you like.
  10. HI MGM Fan, Those instructions are not up yet. They are coming tomorrow on the last day of the course with new content. And I will fix those completion buttons. Thanks, Richard
  11. That module isn't open yet. I don't send out the instructions till this Saturday. It will continue to show as blank until we are ready to start awarding Certificates. Thanks!
  12. Thanks for catching this! Both misspellings have been now been fixed! Hope everyone is enjoying the games!
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