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  1. the impact of the this short is pretty big. Everyone has referenced it at some point even The Simpsons.
  2. I've only seen Detour and Gun Crazy but been meaning to The Gangster for years now. Personally I'm going to record them all and then watch them all.
  3. Since I yet to see all of Dark Passage I'm not sure if the voice over in dark passage was a true voice-over or just him talking to himself out loud, it was the first film in these Daily dose of darkness to have some kind of voice over in the opening. Voice overs is what I most associate with film noir. what do you guys think of voice overs in film noir?
  4. the opening could mean we the audience are in for a fast paced ride. Who is the beast? the train or humans? I haven't seen the movie or know anything about it so everything is literally what I thought from the opening. the 2 men do the train stuff like clockwork. it seems ingrained into the them at this point. no talking just gestures and whistles. Even the train whistles mean something. When going through the long dark tunnel, it nothing to the men nor the train but the audience its gives us a form of anticipation. Much like later day noirs do when someone runs in the dark except the run
  5. the use of children for me was surprising since when I think of film noir I think grown ups like typical noir male character and the femme fatales( unless thinking about the neo-noir throw back 2006 movie Brick). seeing the children made the whole thing seem more terrifying. I cant wait to see the movie on Friday.
  6. the 1,2 freddie's coming for you from nightmare on elm street is quite similar.the both deal with some murdering kids,
  7. as someone has very little knowledge about the movie, the sense of dread is mostly liking coming from the way its filmed with useo f setting, sound, etc. the children song going on the background when th mothers are talking gives the scene a fast pulsing feeling. as one learns more about whats going on one realized something bad will happen. i get feeling of dread when i watch certain tv shows.
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