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  1. That old saw: "you never get a second chance to make a good first impression" comes to mind with the opening clip of "Laura". We immediately know that Lydecker is vain to the extreme; he thinks he is smarter, more cultured and superior to everyone. McPherson comes across as self assured (he isn't impressed with Lydecker; he leaves his hat on inside) but also a "man of action", which is confirmed by Lydecker's recognition that McPherson was a hero. At this point Lydecker doesn't see McPherson as an adversary, but he will. I too noticed the smirk; a sign of the opinion McPherson has for Lydecker
  2. Train barrelling down the track = Fate.. Can't fight it. What's more it isn't obvious to the characters - just another day on the job. "But wait...there's more." The triumphful music as they reach the station suggests it was the successful end of a perilous journey. You get a sense of things ending when they are just beginning.
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