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  1. Thanks so much for this podcast! It brought all the pieces together nicely, and emphasized the context for the films which I found informative.
  2. I have to agree with the consensus that Powell was a better and more artstic performer. But I’m surprised to admit that I really like Keeler! She’s refreshing. She’s warm and enthusiastic and awkward and relatable. I do like the opportunity this course is giving me to compare and contrast their styles, and to examine the evolution of dance as depicted in film.
  3. I’ve not seen this one yet, and I’m looking forward to it! I do agree with the idea of a battle of the sexes: I see it in her wardrobe, her gestures, her manner. She is playing along, but demonstrating that she can do anything he can do. She is not easily won over, which is the fun of a romantic comedy. I think this also reflects the changing role of women: they needed to assert themselves more to help their families get through the depression. The rain and the gazebo setting remind me of The Sound of Music. In The Sound of Music a young girl was attempting to demonstrate that
  4. I agree, as a kid, this scene frightened me. I was more horrified at the idea of her being left behind. Not being from the midwest, tornadoes were more abstract for me. And as an adult, even though I know the story can’t happen otherwise, I still wonder if they were right to leave her behind! Haha. My least favorite scene was always the makeovers at the Emerald City. I was so impatient during that portion of the movie. My favorite scene is when the witch calls for the winged monkeys. So effective!
  5. Is there one aspect of Hitchcock's filmmaking that you feel he doesn't get enough credit or acknowledgment for?
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