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  1. I loved the Film Noir course in 2015 and would love to take it again or another. I was pleased when the Hitchcock course was announced. Although....I think I enjoyed the Noir course more. No offense professor!
  2. Saboteur, The Rope, To Catch a Thief...are they underrated? I still love them.
  3. Yes, the reason I sat through Jamaica Inn was actually because it was Maureen O'Hara's debut and I've always wanted to see it and never caught it on TCM. It was ok but agree that I don't find much Hitchcock in it.
  4. This is my list so far - I'm guessing it will be different at the end of this class. 1. Rear Window 2. North by Northwest 3. Notorious 4. Rope 5. Strangers on a Train
  5. Does anyone know if Ball State or TCM will be running something similar for the summer of 2016? I really loved this course and looked forward to my weekends of film Noir. I wouldn't mind taking it again to enjoy the movies I missed the first time around.
  6. The Daily Dose definitely piqued my interest and guided which movies I watched first. MANY of them I've alread seen and love so I'm rating my faves (BOLD) as the ones I HADN'T seen yet. And ones I love but had already watched in italics. I still have a full DVR and a lot of Noirs yet to watch!!! I haven't seen many from the last 2 weeks because of a busy schedule and no TV time. M La Bete Humaine The Letter Dark Passage Laura Murder, My Sweet Ministry of Fear Mildred Pierce Gilda The Killers Border Incident The Big Sleep Out of the Past The Mask of Dimitrios The Post
  7. I just want to add my thanks to Professor Edwards, TCM & Eddie Mueller. This was a fantastic course and exceeded my expectations. I'm sad to see it end. I learned so much about these films and time era. I echo the sentiment, "I will never look at films the same way again". I still have a full DVR to watch so I hope to continue to post here and share insights. Thanks!
  8. Gilda - can't believe I'd never seen it before now. Out of the Past - ditto Third Man - ditto
  9. As soon as he poured out that black? water - I knew something had happened. With the music and mounting tension I assumed there was probably a db behind the door. I was surprised that he just ran. Will definitely be watching this one.
  10. Exact same thing happened at our theater. I got up to complalin about the lack of sound and then when they turned the sound on, they didn't restart it so another person got up to request that. Seriously? The tickets were a premium price and the theater can't execute a simple start up??
  11. I was disturbed by the way he wrapped the necklace around her neck too - very creepy - and I have to agree with you. I felt that maybe it was symbolic for marriage = noose / death
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