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  1. I have to admit, having seen this film for the first time in this clip, I really didn't like the POV. Just seemed a bit off, but that is just my personal opinion. I guess it adds a bit of suspense to the scene, although I would have preferred to just see the back of the escapee, would have been more effective, and also you wouldn't see the face of the convict. (for whatever reason).
  2. I have a problem here in the UK. I get TCM through 'Sky', but the schedule for Friday isn't the Summer of Noir. maybe they have a different schedule for the UK to the US. Any Ideas anyone?
  3. One thing that struck me, Apart from all the excellent comments already, was the stark contrast between the workers and the big house. To start with you see them all in the one simple building, with few (if any) luxuries, then the contrast to the wealthy house and fine clothes of the people that own the plantation. Then the murder, we don't know why, but something is wrong in rich land. Maybe their life isn't all roses after all. The workers although poor, seemed content, if not happy, with their simple life. Nothing to trouble them, but where their next meal is coming from.
  4. No I haven't seen the full movie. In fact I'm a complete novice in the Film Noir world. I have liked this type of movie for ages, but now i get to understand them more. Looking forward to seeing this and many more. roll on Friday.
  5. I agree, the outside shots especially. although I would have preferred the camera to be on the other side of the train when the second train passed, maybe that would have enhanced the dramatic tension.
  6. I have to disagree with icrwjohn, the shot of the dark tunnel and the subsequent 'light' at the end, doesn't give that sense of optimism at all, it only further reinforces the building of dread for what lies ahead. The fact that the end of the tunnel shot is so long, and never really gets clear until the train is nearly out of the tunnel really builds on you. you expect there to be something dramatic happen when the train finally emerges, but it doesn't. Only then can you breathe easy. . . well a bit easier.
  7. I agree with the statements about the children, the innocence they have in the face of true horror, and not having a clue about it. This reminds me of us as kids, singing 'ring o roses' as children and not having the faintest clue it was about the Black Death. This and the Structure of the scene, with high cameras and shadowy angles makes the watcher fearful of their safety. Unlike the washerwomen/mothers who are stuck in their drudgery and routine and only annoyed at the children's song. When Lang moves onto the school, we know that we are about to witness a clue, and that only builds the ten
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