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  1. This opening scene sets the tone and mood of the film, much like in "M". The clock seems to be a device used to control the pace of the film. When we see Ray Milland's character is leaving a mental asylum, the clock instantly possess some sort of mental thinking; resembling the inner workings of his character. ('Inner' as in, within the brain with regards to the ticking sound). I found the opening scene to be a lot darker and with less dialog than "M", but in some way it gave the viewer a lot more to think about in terms of plot line and character development. Some connections between Ministry
  2. Marlowe definitely does not fit the usual profile of a detective. He is smart, sharp and has a "rough 'n tough" attitude when it comes to a lying woman. He is a bit less than cordial to her in the start, and once he suspects something is up, he takes to time in restraining her to then empty her purse to find her real identity. Certainly not your typical, run of the mill film noir detective. Marlowe put on sort of a veil of innocence in the beginning then tore it right off to show Ann Grayle he's no goof.
  3. This is such a crucial and important opening scene. The first time I saw this film, I knew from the very start it was going to be one of my favorites. When we are first introduced to Waldo Lydecker , the camera pans around the radiant and beautifully furnished living room. I love the sort of contrast it sets as he, the narrator, tells the unsettling story of Laura and where she died. This beginning scene gives the viewer a lot of classic film noir elements which make up this beautiful introduction. The face-less voice that grimly begins to tell the story of past events, with the signature
  4. First off, can we all just appreciate the magnificent queen that is Bette Davis? No one else could have done a better job at killing a man in the first three minutes of a film than her. This opening scene is superb and there are so many contributing factors, like the calm and cool atmosphere it starts off with. Then all of the sudden, bam! Bette Davis is filling a man full of bullets. The way he falls and how the camera follows her as she carries after him, STILL shooting him; it leaves the viewer with a lot of intrigue. But the one thing I love is the moon and how it reveals what she has
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