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  1. How does the opening of Frenzy differ from the opening of The Lodger? "Frenzy" starts with a peaceful and scenic overview of the River Thames. It almost feels like watching a travelogue. Then the camera comes in on a man giving a speech and then we see a body floating in the river. "The Lodger" starts with the murder right away and we see the crowds' reaction to the murder. It's not peaceful at all, it's chaotic right from the start with a screaming woman.
  2. In what ways does this opening scene seem more appropriate to a romantic comedy than a “horror of the apocalypse” film? What do we learn about Melanie (Tippi Hedren) and Mitch (Rod Taylor) in this scene? This opening scene seems more like a romantic comedy because it has a very light and airy opening-just a woman wanting to pick up a bird. There isn't any threatening music or characters. We get the idea that there could a romantic relationship in the cards for Melanie and Mitch. The only item that might be a little foreshadowing is the seagulls outside and the shop attendant telling Melani
  3. 1. Psycho opens with title design by Saul Bass and music by Bernard Herrmann. This is their third collaboration for Hitchcock, including Vertigo and North by Northwest. How does the graphic design and the score introduce the main themes of this film? The graphic design and the music have a choppy rhythm and look and some of the titles are in slices which is a foreshadowing of the shower scene. The music and the graphic design are very bold and "in your face" which I feel also describes the film. The music is quite unsettling, which fits the film as well. 2. Also, why do you think Hitch
  4. 1. Describe what you think this film will be about simply from the sounds and images in these opening credits. Even if you have seen the film, try to focus on these sounds and images themselves and “the story” (or if not "the story," the mood and atmosphere they are establishing) that this sequence is communicating to the audience. Based on the sounds and images, I would think this film would be about someone's psychological problems.The way that it focuses on the woman's eye and zooms in, it's as if we enter her mind. The images give it a very science fiction vibe. The music sounds threat
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