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  1. One of my favorite noirs is actually British. Time Without Pity, starring Michael Redgrave as an alcoholic recently released from a sanitarium, who learns his son is about to be executed for murder. He has 24 hour to prove his son's innocence before the boy is executed. It's fantastic(and I think I might have recommended it in another thread on here already). I watched a couple movies today in a DVD set of British noirs. Women of Twilight and The Slasher(original title Cosh Boy). I wouldn't recommend seeking them out, though. They weren't bad, but calling them noir was incredibly misleadin
  2. There was an issue with the email system due to the class size, so for awhile they stopped emailing them and hosted them exclusively on the Canvas site.. They've since restarted the email system, though it goes to a different folder in my account now. Check your spam folders. Also, the website for the daily doses is: https://learn.canvas.net/courses/748/pages/daily-doses-of-darkness-main-page and when I open it up I see all of them. It appears we're taking a bit of a hiatus this week. The Canvas board is, from what I hear, not as active as the TCM board. I believe it was set up as an opti
  3. I haven't used the Canvas boards yet myself. I had assumed the TCM board to be the more active and quote-unquote official page. The official posts will be pinned, and say as such to the left of the thread name. They also tend to be the first ones you see. But some people still post standalone threads for the same thing, though, which tends to clutter the page a bit.
  4. That I couldn't tell you. I'm just getting situated here myself. I looked around and couldn't find a way to do it. My advice would be to just use one of the 'contact us' buttons and explain the situation. Probably they'd be able to fix the problem.
  5. No problemo. I think you read the post where I was editing something in. I forgot to say that if you click on that icon instead of the thread title, it will take you immediately to the first post since your last visit. Edit: Nope, you didn't, just looked at my quote in your response. Disregard.
  6. It's actually a little easier than that. When you come to the board, instead of clicking on the thread itself, look at the little icon to the left of the thread title. If it's a circle, that means you've never posted in that thread but there have been new posts since you last looked at it. If there's a small star, it means you've posted but there's nothing new since your last visit. If there's a big star it means you've posted, and there are new comments since your last visit. There's nothing that will easily take you to replies to your thread, but clicking on those icons instead of the th
  7. Yeah, this is just the first week to get used to the forums and daily discussions. Next week will have lectures and reading material and quizzes, apparently.
  8. I agree completely. Yesterday the problem seemed to be getting better, but then today there were even more posts about the same thing. The problem is people begin to think that posting to an already-crowded thread will cause their post to go unnoticed. I wish this forum was a little more like disqus or other comment boards, where replying directly to one persons post opens up another little mini-thread beneath it. It would make it much easier to keep track and engage in ongoing discussion. Right now, if I reply to someone, or they reply to me, there's no notification. It's easy to miss.
  9. I think the problem is mostly in the process of fixing itself, as more people read this thread and get the hang of the comments. There are already a lot fewer separate threads for the Daily Dose. More moderation might be the answer, but I would hate to see someone's comments get deleted. And also there have been some good "off topic" threads as well. I think the idea of folders is pretty good, as it would be an immediate sign of organization, but would hopefully leave room for branching topics. Also, what tripped me up on the first day is that there doesn't seem to be anything denoting whi
  10. Hah! I'm such an idiot, I just noticed the 'guest' who posted the first topic was Richard Edwards, the person teaching this course. So my entire argument is invalid.
  11. That would make sense, too. As it is, I'm not minding the clutter too much. The setup makes it easy to see which threads have new replies and goes immediately to the ones made since you last looked. So at least you don't have to keep rechecking old threads.
  12. Was there an initial post? So far the only official post from TCM or any officials has been the 'Investigating Film Noir' post welcoming people to the course. Every post so far has been from 'guests' and students.
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