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  1. I think the rough and dark character of the hard boiled detective is another facet of what makes a film a noire film. Marlowe's character is suspicious of everyone and evokes that same feeling of dread and suspense as the eery song of the children in M or the opening monolog of Laura.
  2. I agree with what dan_quiterio said, "This type of detective works within the context of film noir because it adds to the grit and darkness already demonstrated within the genre/style as a result of unorthodox camera angles, lighting, etc. This type of detective promises to take the audience on a thrill ride, and the sights along the way may not be so pretty."
  3. The opening narrative immediately drew me in to the story! It has the same atmosphere of foreboding as so many of the other noire movies we've been talking about but the effect is accomplished through the mystery of the narrator rather than shadows and lighting. Wonderful!
  4. I have never watched this movie before but after seeing the clip I am very excited to see it on Friday! I felt a sense of dread as the scene opened with the children singing their macabre little song and the exchange of the two women. The camera angle suggested a hidden menace lurking just off screen and the drudgery and fear of the working women inspired a depressed, helpless feeling. As if tragedy was imminent but could not be averted. And all of this in just the first few moments of the film! Genius!
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