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  1. 1. I will have to say that I have not seen many Hitchcock films so I am still learning what the "Hitchcock Touch" is. So, I would have to say from my limited viewing experience that I do not see early signs of the "Hitchock Touch". 2. Again, I would have to say I don't see elemetes of his themes just yet. 3. From the movies that I have seen by him I really pay attnetion to his dialoug. So, not being able to have that really did make it a Hitchock film for me. What I would love to do after the end of the course is to come back and watch this scene again and see if I see the elements that I didn't see before!
  2. I would have to say I love how much personaility was gained in such a short amount of time. I love that he took the time, as he did more films, to make really think out what he was going to do. He thought more of a show stopping perfomance than a quick laught. He was genius as both but he seemed that he took great care to master his comedy craft.
  3. It wasn't until that you put this up here that I realized that I haven't thought about the comedians at all. I would have to agree with you Comedians that are the greatest of the great are really willing to put everything they can into getting a laugh. They are not above their own jokes at all.
  4. I do agree with a lot a people who have already said on here that they love slapstick because it is simple. I would like to add to the fact that I love slapstick because it's childish. This clip is a great example of what I mean. A lot of the tricks that are being played on the characters are childish tricks that kids play on eachother when they are young. People who make films are often inspired by events and people around them. I would like to beleive that someone saw kids pulling this prank on eachother in the middle of summer and them laughing like crazy. When it comes to these pranks you think that they would be predictable until you are at the receiving end of one of them. Yet, even as we grow up and we still pull the same lame jokes on our friends it's still funny. We still also don't tell the friend that the joke is being played on because we want to laugh at the simple stupidity of it. I also believe that with this film we can't really pick who is the protagonist or the antagonist because we don't really know what happened before this clip. Based off the information that we have the Antagonist would have to be the boy stopping the hose and the protagonist would be the one that is getting the water on his face. I would have to say that being one of the first movie pictures to come about not only does this open the door to future slap sticks movie but for comedies in general. Since there weren't that many movies at the time it's still uncharted territory that is looking to be explored.
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