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  1. Having just watched this film, the first person POV is not only an intriguing way to make a film but also a necessity in this scenario. I was concerned they were going to use this camera angle for the whole movie because it does get old after while. But to begin the film this way works. Several of the clips we've watched begin the action right away, there's not much in the way of build up and I like that excitement. You are frantically trying to answer questions you have as the story moves ahead at a fast pace.
  2. Bette Davis! This movie jumps right into the story, there are only a few moments to set the scene, that of a rubber plantation under a full moon. The quietness as men (who will soon become witnesses) try to fall asleep is quickly shattered by surprising repetitive gun shots. Is it an accident as Davis's character claims or murder? She did shoot the dead man two or three more times after he had fallen down the stairs to make sure.
  3. Like the train itself, I wonder where this film is headed. For almost the first four minutes, there is only the sound of the train and its whistle. Then, we hear jolly music. There must be some crime about to be committed, but for those first few minutes there is nothing sinister. Because of this class, I expected something to happen in the dark tunnel, but nothing did. Very intriguing.
  4. The tone is set right away in this clip that this will be a dark story. Kids are innocently singing about a killer, playing as only they know how. The feeling I most associated with this clip was a sense of hopelessness. The adult women want to protect the children from the child murderer but they also have to continue working in order to provide for their families. They can't be with the children every second of the day, but as the one woman points out, if they can hear the children, they are safe for that moment. It may have been drilled into their heads to look both ways when crossing
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